Friday, 18 March 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Good Morning, everyone.

It's Friday morning and time for me to consider how life has been good this week.  Focus on the positive, give the negative the short shrift it deserves.  There's lots of terrible stuff going on in the world of which I am fully aware, but this little slot every Friday is a moment when I recognize what has been good for me.  

A personal thank you to the good things in life.


I went to the dentists yesterday, just for a check up, and I'm so happy that I didn't have to have anything done.  I've always been lucky with my teeth, they are very strong and healthy.  So why do I get my knickers in SUCH a twist when I go to the dentists?!  Once the dentist gives the word that all is well, I'm up out of that chair like a rat from a drainpipe.


I'm now a 2 session a week Zumba girl.  
You would think that
a) I'd be getting better at it by now
b) I'd be losing weight
Wrong on both counts.
However, I can now clap when everyone else does.  
Improvement is slow but precious.


Wonderful Artsy Mail

As you may have seen from my previous few posts, I have had beautiful post coming through my letter box every day this week.

They really have brightened my day, as I hand the bills to DH Grant.


My first blogiversary.

Monday was the first anniversary of my blog being born (with the expert help of midwife DD Hope) following encouragement from my SIL Karen.  I've loved this year of blogging - all the people I have met, all those blog posts - funny, sad, emotional, inspiring, helpful, wise, honest, and friendly.  I have made many wonderful friends, no less a friend because they are at the end of a computer cable.

As a thank you for all I have gained over the last year I have offered a little giveaway.  Click on the cupcake picture above to enter.


I really enjoyed our meal last Sunday when we met up with DH Grant's family to celebrate his 50th birthday.
We marked his half century with a slap up meal which was kindly paid for by John and Barb, his parents.   
Karen and Barry gave Grant some theatre vouchers - I'm looking after them, he he!
It had also been Barb's birthday a couple of days previously, so it was a double celebration.


I'm off out soon to meet up with a dear friend for a coffee and catch up, and I'm looking forward to hearing about what she's been up to.


We are finally going to see Unknown at the cinema.

We didn't get to see it last week when DH Grant was off, but we are going en famille on Sunday.  
DS Luke will be happy (we are paying).

Oh yes, you might want to check out 2 websites I've just discovered through other bloggers.  If you don't have photoshop (I don't) then these are free and fantastic!

I've had a play on both and they really couldn't be easier.

As I pop over to Virginia (link button on right hand sidebar) to give her the link to this post and see what she is smiling about this week, I wish you all a safe and happy weekend.



Carmen said...

I know what you mean - I was dithering about doing a Rocking post this week with all that's been going on but then I realised I have a lot to be grateful for. Am still writing mine.

Dentists make me shudder - haven't been for years - I know it's awful but am so scared of them!

Carmen said...

*whoo! little early morning first to post dance*

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I love the picture of that cat!!!!

They've started a couple of zumba classes at my gym... I may go peer through the window and check them out! Some of the 'girls' at my dance class were saying that with zumba you just keep going, no breaks, no instructions you just follow..... OMG! and well done :)

I'm meeting up with my bf today.... having a day out.... so i'd better get off this computer and finish getting ready!!! Enjoy your 'catch up' with your friend.

Have a lovely weekend.... report back on the film!


joy said...

Enjoyed reading your Friday post again, Joanna! Yes, none of us can get around what's been happening this past week, but there are things to be thankfult for.

Am meeting my oldest daughter for breakfast this morning and some retail therapy - gotta' love it!

Have a great weekend!

quinn said...

Thanks for starting off my morning with a smile :)

Susan T said...

Good teeth - swinging hips - little postie pressies and parties. Sounds like you are in The Pink m'lady.

Son went to see 'Unknown' yesterday, he really enjoyed it - said it was Good! high praise from him.

arts4all said...

Oh, Joanna!

You have managed with your beautiful Friday post to put everything into perspective. Sorrow and gratitude are such opposites, but we live multi-dimensional lives and can't escape the sorrows. We can, however, keep ourselves physically and creatively strong so as not to add a further drain on fragile emotional resources.

Your wise words, your sense of humor, and general can-do attitude, suddenly reminded me of the film, "Mrs. Miniver."

I love what you say about the cyber friends you've made during your year of blogging - I have my happy share of 'real' friends, but the virtual ones are just as real, just as valued, just as important in every way.

Hope your weekend is a lovely as you are ;-0

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Dear Jo,
There is always sorrow and pain somewhere in the world, but we can never forget how to laugh. Thanks for making me laugh.
enJOY a beautiful weekend, my friend,

Irish3 said...

Ha! I'm picturing you last week in Zumba class clapping on all the off beats! I just started doing kettlebell workouts, loving it so far and the weather is finally nice enough to take Riley out running, yeah!!
I'll have to check back to see how you like the Unknown movie, I finally saw the King's speech and loved it.
Have a great weekend!!!

Claire said...

I'm so with you on the dentist thing .... avoid them like the plague!
Have a good weekend
Claire x

K said...

I think due to Tv among other things we are kind of raised to fear the dentist, and probably the thought of having teeth ripped out!!! aghhhhh!!!!!!!

I've heard such good things about Zumba that I am rather curious about it ... may have to borrow my MILs dvd of it to have a lil go at it myself.

Miss Iowa said...

"However, I can now clap when everyone else does."

This made me laugh out loud! Baby steps...LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Virginia said...

Oh a lovely list this week - congrats on the blogiversary! I've been envious all week of your mail art - it sounds wonderful! Glad you've got your family outing to the cinema - don't forget to let us know what it's like DH is wanting to see that one!

Love the zumba comment about you clapping in time now - made me really smile

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend.



Lenna Young Andrews said...

Thanks for concentrating on the positive, Joanna! I think it is important and needed. I always enjoy your Friday posts - they lift my spirits! So thank you for keeping us in tune. You go you Zumba Girl! I try to get there 2x a week too. It does get better and your attitude will keep you smiling.
xoxoxo lenna

Privet and Holly said...

Happy B-day to
your hubby! I
hope your weekend
will be full of
celebration and
all that makes your
family happy. Love
that you are giving
Zumba a go. I'm a
yoga and cycling gal,
myself! And the good
news is, we'll be able
to cycle outside in
comfort in about another
month ~ hooray!
xx Suzanne

Privet and Holly said...

PS: Congrats on
your one-year blog
anniversary! Mine is
coming up fast. Where
did THAT year go??
xx Suzanne

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Your Friday posts always make me think about my own week, and all the things we usually take for granted, thus forgeting to be grateful.

A lesson I've learned from you, for which I thank you lots, Joanna.

I hope your days continue to be as joyous, your life complete and love a constant.

You are absolutely precious!!