Friday, 25 March 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

So what is making my World a Rocking place this week?


Conjunctivitis in both eyes - GONE.

My poor inflamed eyes didn't look as bad as this, but they felt like they did!
Thankfully with lovely eye drops my eyes no longer feel like they have half a sandpit in each.

Thank you for all your get well wishes.


Spring sunshine.


This photo (nicked from is now my desktop background.  It is so like a place along one of Rosie Mae's walks that we have called "Bluebell Wood", for obvious reasons.  

Just beautiful.


Gorgeous Artsy Mail received all week, including yesterday.

As you will have seen over previous posts, I have been so lucky with the beautiful mail I have been receiving - altered matchboxes, tins, ATC's, Mail Art, postcards etc etc.

Yesterday I received some sweet gifts from one of my 
Pay It Forward ladies, Susie J.
This was a bit of a surprise because I'd kinda forgotten that I'd tagged along on her PIF (at her suggestion, I don't want you to think I muscled my way in there!).
Poor Susie has been without her pc for a few weeks (oh, the agony of that) and I have really missed her lovely comments and sweet blog posts.
So she's Missing in Action at the moment, but you'll be pleased to know she no longer has an ironing pile and she's fully up to date with her PIF gifts;0)

This is so lovely.  Susie did the Collage Coterie class and is also in the Collage Club (buttons on sidebar), and this is a wonderful example of the lessons learned on Mary's classes.  I love the original vintage image of those two little chaps.  This is 8" x 6", so bigger than I have attempted.

I don't know how Susie knew about my secret stash of many many shoes, but she clearly does if this fun ATC is anything to go by!

Now I don't know what this is made of - but it looks like Susie has stamped into something (you probably all know what it is).  I adore the coppery shimmery colours.  It is so pretty 
(prettier than the scan shows).

This tag is so lush - lots of different textures to stroke lovingly!  The metallic copper coloured stamping is gorgeous, and the charm attached to the (Tim?) pin is so sweet.

Thank you, dear Susie, for ALL these treasures.

I'm liking this Pay It Forward game!


Lunch today with my oldest-est friend, Dawn.
We met when we started work aged 18 and took the same 
'A' level Law course and have been friends ever since.  
Dawn, being the clever one, went on to be a solicitor. 

I didn't:0)

I think it's really funny that our daughters now go to the same secondary school.

Sadly, with life being so busy for both of us (and having different days off work), we don't see each other much so I'm really looking forward to catching up with her and what's happening in her life.


I'm looking forward to going to the 
Spring Country Living Fair tomorrow, with DD Hope.
It doesn't seem that long ago we were going to 
the Christmas Fair.

The fair is taking place at Islington, London.  
I'm hoping we won't get caught up in the huge TUC demonstrations with the public sector workers protesting about the Government cut backs, also on in London. 
(I'm with you in spirit Brothers and Sisters)


We all enjoyed 'Unknown."

I only had to have a little bit explained to me by the kids so that was ok.

Generally, the official reviews haven't been great but our personal opinion was that it was very entertaining, with some great twists that I didn't see coming.


I enjoyed Zumba-ing twice again this week.
My mad friend Lyndsey (and she really is nuts) is now looking for a third class to go to but I think twice a week 
is enough for me.
Another work friend, Margaret, came with us this week.  The look on her face was just like the look on mine 6 weeks ago!


We all looked at the 'Super-Moon' - or Perigee Moon to give it its proper name - which was 31,000 miles closer to the Earth than usual, so it was bigger and brighter than it has been for 20 years.

The image above means absolutely nothing to me but might 
to you clever scientific people.

It WAS brighter, much brighter, but I can't say it was any bigger.  I was expecting, WOW-in-your-face-BIGGER.
Maybe it will be bigger in another 20 years time.


I'll post my Rocking link with Virginia - see button on side bar - and then I'm having a coffee in Costas with DH Grant before going for lunch at Dawn's. 

I'll be back later to see what the other Rocking ladies have got to be grateful for this week.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get to see some of that Spring sunshine.



missy k said...

Hi Jo

You were up even earlier than me this morning!

I love being the first up, that early morning peacefulness is so nice.

So glad your eyes are better.... thank goodness they never reached the lows of the photo!!!

Your PIF gifts from Susie are lovely.

Hope you have a great time with Dawn.... and enjoy the Fair tomorrow with Hope.

ps Your desktop pic is gorgeous(reminds me of The Dell!)

Love to everyone


pps had an email to say my book has been dispatched :)

Virginia said...

Ah bless a beautiful list of things Rocking Your World - glad you finally managed to get to the piccies to see the film - which still sounds intriguing - might have to wait til DVD comes out me thinks! Loving you mail art I've been green with envy all week LOL!

Glad your poorly eyes are better - mine are constantly red and dry at the moment, too many hours staring at a VDU me thinks!

Have a lovely coffee at Costas and enjoy your catch up with your friend!

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend.


Susan T said...

You really have had a delighful week Joanna - culminating in the Country Living Fair. I would so love to go to that, a bit too far though. I too am glad that your eyes feel better, conjunctivitis can be a real pain in every sense of the word. Plus you can't see the goodies at the fair properly with that.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...
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Dogwood said...

I love your spring sunshine photo. And, those ATCs and tags are precious.
Sounds like you had a fabulous week with lots of fun things going on!
Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful time.
Hugs, Dogwood/Cory

Susan Allan said...

I am so glad your eyes are better...that is so nasty!!!
I hope you have fun at The Country Living Fair tomorrow. I wish I was coming with you. It is my favourite magazine!! Is it yours?
Yes, I heard about the moon too. It looks fantastic all the time to me. It is always big in Oxford, I have noticed!!! Weird!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. For some reason I don't have you on my sidebar, but I will change that.

Have fun and thanks!!!
Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I had an ultra fun day with Fiona today and when I got home 'Collage Unleashed' had arrived. Perfect day:)

Wasn't that quick btw?


Katie said...

Another rockin' friday Jo! You got some amazing mail this week. I like that butterfly too- what is that done with?
You're right, the moon picture means nothing to me either. ha! Moon...bigger. got it. :0)

Scrappy Grams said...

My eyes itched and burned looking at those. Glad you are better!

Carmen said...

Fabby list and lots of gorgeousness received again :D

Radio 1 described that film as a bit ubelievable but because it's Liam Neeson and because he is so brilliant you forgive the bits that don't make sense and love it anyway. Must admit yummy Liam is why I want to see it. He could just talk into a mic the whole way through and I'd be happy.

Fiona said...

Lovely list! really enjoyed reading, I am so mad I missed the moon! You are a right Zumba queen! I have always wanted to try it! x x

Hope you have a lovely week!! x

bad penny said...

Catching up with a week of posts - you've been busy. I love my PIF gift from you & it was lovely seeing the others.
Hope you had a great time today & so glad your eyes are better.
I must get back to Zumba as I've eaten way too much while I was away ! xx

Relyn said...

So very glad to hear your eyes are better. What a fun and inspiring list.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, I am SO glad that your eye is feeling better...and oh gosh, Zumba--it looks so fun!!

SusieJ said...

I'm BAAAACK! and loving your list! So pleased the PIF arrived safely and that you liked them. The butterfly was stamped into 3 layers of UTEE after the cardboard had been coloured with perfect pearls. HTH.
Hope you're having a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Susan Allan said...

Thanks Joanna.
It is good to know it is not just me.
Any excuse to disgrace myself...
Sue xxx

Beth Leintz said...

The Spring Country Living show sounds like fun- we sure don't have much spring here- hope you took pictures to share!

Lorraine said...

like the tags that you got have a great time at the country living show that is one of my fav magazines

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Beautiful, thoughtful post! I love reading them and "catching up" with you, even if I am a little late sometimes!! Love the photo of the place that you say is like your "Bluebell walk". so lovely & peaceful. xoxo

frederique said...

hello joanna , oh I just click on your blog via a name list on another blog I was visiting , and ..... what beautiful things you are making creating ,and showing! I am also handcrafting a lot , crosstitching , and sewing are by the way my favourite , and I had to let you some words to say that your crafts are just a sunshine to see on the net !
as i read you are linving in kent , and may i can see you over the channel, as i am from boulogne sur mer (france ) in front of you=)
have a nice and creative week end joanna ,

frederique from france =)

ps/I had to let a comment as couldn't send you an email ... I dont know why! =(

Joanna said...

Thank you Frederique! I would have liked to visit you but couldn't...I don't know why either!

Please visit again, maybe we'll have better luck then.

frederique said...

dear joanna, thank you for your answer =)
I couldn't send you and email, and couldn't let my email too! it's just a mystery...
anyway I don't have any blog yet, just because a lake of time between job housework,a teenager at home ,and my crafts...
internet is a wonderful thing of course but it takes a lot of time in our lives now! =)
I have a facebook and was thinking to create a blog ...finally it will only be a thought fot now
this week I planned to start some handmade presents for easter mother day and some birthday which will be in a few weeks and months . I wanted to create some fabric books , using some old and funny fabrics , buttons laces etc,and realized that my craft corner was a little mess ;before starting anything I have to clean it!
I can let you my email adress if you want to become a craft friend =)

have a nice day joanna, my coast side is sunny and the see is blue=)