Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Yes, Yet MORE Gorgeous Mail!

This STUNNING postcard arrived today as a wonderful surprise from a dear blogging friend, Joy.  
I 'met' Joy through the Your Vintage Gluebook class and have been following her lovely blog for a while now.  Her blog, Fifi's Daughter, is so inspirational because she has a go (and is successful) at so many different techniques.  
She is also very supportive of anything I attempt.
I saw this postcard on her blog recently and something about it just went 'ZING' to me.  
The background is just gorgeous, the colours, the stamping, the patterns - there's so much in it and yet it isn't overly busy.  I love the white touches too.  And with the sweet sweet bird and party girl, it all just 'works' in a slightly surreal kinda way. 

Thank you so much, Joy.  
Sweet lady, sweet blog.

If you don't know Joy and her blog, please pay her a visit by clicking here.


missy k said...

Hi Jo

This is the sweetest postcard.... I love the tones and with the white it really does 'pop'

ps congrats 100 followers!!!!! Wow :)

pps still mulling over which book to pick!

Love Karenx

Luna and Luzie said...

Love the beautiful postcard.
The background with the stampings is great.
You are lucky to get such a wonderful artwork mail!

Carmen said...

It's gorgeous - I can see why it spoke to you.

I got happy mail today so am not jealous and am in a forgiving mood for being called a brazil nut :D I had my gauche kit arrive that was full of gothic lushness and a couple of surprise pressies. Most unexpected! Doesn't it just make your day?

Kind regards,

Gob Moi x

Susan T said...

Lovely postcard Joanna. I would like to try something like that with some old photos.

Scrappy Grams said...

I visited Joy's site. Oh, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your gift.

Jewels said...

Okay stop it already Jo - I am GREEN with envy with all the artsy things you've received lately. You lucky, lucky girl! Jewels

joy said...

So glad to know the postcard arrived safely and that you like it!! Thanks for posting it on your blog, although it wasn't necessary :)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joy is certainly a JOY! She has always felt that way to me :) Lucky you!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
what a beautiful catd and so sweet of Joy to send it to you! Enjoy and have a great day.

Virginia said...

So envious more of the gorgeous art dropping through your door this week - nothing through mine apart from bills!