Saturday, 19 March 2011

Yet MORE Gorgeous Mail - altered matchbox

The quantity of gorgeous artsy mail I'm receiving is almost (but not quite) getting embarrassing.
I wasn't expecting anything today.  Just a bills and junk mail day, I had assured my DH Grant, who is somewhat amazed by the treats being delivered on a daily basis.

Well, hold onto your hats, girls - wait until you see what I got today!

I'm going to be a tease and not tell you yet who it is from.  
Some of you might recognize her shabby style (that's a big clue).  She is truly the Queen of Shabby.
The tag alone is just stunning - a fabric dressform with ecru coloured lace and taupe tassle skirt, sweet sweet buttons with dark red threads.  All of this is on top of a stamped and collaged tag, sprayed with old gold spritz (?), and the edges coloured to enhance the vintage look.

Inside the sewing pattern wrapping was an altered matchbox (de luxe).  The box is the larger matchbox size, often called Cook's Matches size.  Now, if I go over the top with my description then I have to say, it totally deserves it and I make no apologies.  
On the top of the box is a vintage fabric dressform with gorgeous toning waist ribbon, fastened with a (Tim?) pin, and lace trim at the hem.  A cute ivory coloured heart shaped button adorns the bodice.  The wings, oh those wings, are divine.  Stiffened lace, they fit the dressform beautifully, making her truly angelic.

The box itself is covered with fabric look paper,  collaged with dress pattern paper and lace edging.
The handle on the drawer is a little spool, attached with wire through the spool with a button on the end. Round the spool is wrapped fabric measuring tape.

Any ideas yet who created this beauty?

Inside, the box is crammed to the brim with treasures.  Where on earth does she track them all down?!  I'll run through some of the contents.... a key, a domino piece, winged cherub, a fabric flower with pearl centre, a wonderful plastic ballerina (very retro), mini tags, a dolly peg 'wearing' broiderie anglais, a bingo piece, miniature roses, buttons, beads, brads, pictures, superb vintage photos, etc etc etc

Can you now imagine how stunned I was to receive this.   
DH Grant's exact words were, "Bloody hell, Jo.  That's amazing!" 

And the creator of this sweet gift?

Jan, of course, from Jan's Arty Journey.  

She made this for me as a 'little' thank you for the Pay It Forward gifts I sent to her recently.  This altered wonder is far superior to my gifts (which I haven't yet shared because I'm not sure that everyone has received theirs), and is totally NAUGHTY because she's not supposed to give anything to me!  

Dear Jan, thank you so much.  When I think of the box  I am skipping and singing.  When I look at the box I am dancing and smiling.  When I touch the box I am sighing and dreaming (and ever so slightly drooling).

If you haven't been introduced to Jan's blog then click here and go and enjoy a wander through her posts.   


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Pure gorgeousness,Jo!! Enjoy your treasure.
I would be dancing too.TFS.

missy k said...

I guessed it was Jan!!!

Totally awesome :)


Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Is it Christmas again over there, my friend?


Virginia said...

Wow that is totally gorgeous Jo - what wonderful post I think I need nice post at the minute because this has obviously made your day entirely!


Sabrina said...

The tag alone is amazing!!

Katie said...

wow! a beautiful gift for sure.

Carmen said...


Can I just add...


Amazing post, just gorgeous - the winged dressform on it's own is a stunning work of art - then to open it up and see all that. Bet you were like the Cheshire Cat :D

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I had no idea who the creator of such a lovely package could have been--What a real treat to receive!!

Julie Forest said...

Wow! What absolutely gorgeous gifts!! :)

Miss Iowa said...

What a beautiful creation! Don't you just love naughty friends? LOL!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

enJOY your new treasures, just lovely.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

OMG Jo, you are making me BLUSH here with your lovely post! :)Thank you.
I'll think I'll be NAUGHTY more often if you write lovely things like that.PMSL
Anyway,I'm so glad you liked it, and good to see a hubby out there who has good taste as well!! ALOL !!
...Oh, and thanks once again for the beautiful altered scrabble tiles and postcard that you sent to me, I adore them all!
Jan x

Cindy Adkins said...

OMG Jo, this is beyond GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!! I'm going to pay her a visit now...such a blessing!!

Dogwood said...

So adorable.
You are a lucky lady.
I love all the sweet details.
And, oh my all those treasures inside the matchbox.
Be Silly
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood