Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Anyone Seen My Brain?

Has anyone seen my brain?

It looks a bit like this (pretty, huh?).

Last known whereabouts: between my ears.

Noticed MISSING this morning when


So if I've suddenly disappeared from your Followers list, I'm on my way back.  

I just gotta find you again!

In the meantime I'm thinking of going in for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.........

I think I've got what it takes.

Have a great day!


EDIT:  Made use of daughter's brain before she left for school and have now located blog list.  

Now be really worried - I'm in charge of a bunch of 9 year old school children going for a walk into town today........!


Virginia said...

Thank goodness you found us LOL! Was a bit worried that I'd lost another follower - I managed to lose one last week and if I knew who it was I'd have blogged stalked them til then re-engaged with my blog - be afraid be very very afraid LMAO! Have a great day and don't lose any of those kids!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

What a pretty brain!

Glad the other pretty brain in your family found your blog list! Yes, and very good luck with your trip today!!!!!


Serenata said...

Have fun today and don't mislay any kiddly winks. ;-)

SusieJ said...

Pleased you managed to find us again Joanna!
Have fun with the littlies today.
Hugs xx

Heavens2Betsy said...

Ha Jo! I love the idea of you being the one who is lost and rambling and the 9 year olds needing to get you home!Happy Hope was able to resurrect us all! Love Pen x

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
so glad DD found us again:)Have fun today.

Susan T said...

What a lovely brain. I can tell you are the creative sort! mine is painted WHITE! which is sort of appropriate as it goes blank often enough.

I think those children are lucky to be going for a walk with you. I bet it won't be boring!

Very glad you refound your blog list. I would have missed you terribly.

Sue xx

craftattack said...

Well, at least you have got a brain! Some people never had one!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

What would we do without our kids?
I think I heard my brain say it was going to meet your brain for a latte.

Irish3 said...

Well I hope the rest of your day goes on without as much excitement as you apparently had this morning!!! Have a beautiful walk!! Hopefully the brain will stay engaged throughout!!!

Susan Allan said...

You probably have got what it takes with a beautiful brain like that!

Mine is about the size of the pink section.
Sue xx

frederique from france said...

=) if you know where my brain is , please send me it back! I thought this day wouldn't end as I spend all my time to remind me what I should have done and thought of what i could have forget !
but a sunny day was welcome today=)

ps/ I started to prepare my patterns for my little book I wanted to make for a friend of mine!

Katie said...

pretty brain lady! Glad you didn't lose all of us. My brain isn't too high functioning today, so that's all I've got. :0)

Menopausal musing said...

Easily done! Glad you got it sorted in the end.

Carmen said...

Yeah, yeah.. We all know you were just trying to ditch us. Hmmf!

Oooh pretty brain!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I know that it probably was not funny for you, but it made me laugh a whole lot. I am glad you found your brain - it is a neat looking one!

You are lucky to have your precious daughter to help you when these accidents happen.

Children LOVE adults that loose their brains... you should not worry. They will have a great time!!
Love ya!

Lorraine said...

your post made me laugh..I am very scatty and that is why I have numerous lists and calendars all over the house..enjoy your walk today hope the sun shines

sugar Creek said...

hey I loose my brain sometimes too! Sometimes I even loose it on purpose when I tell the kids,"pretend mom isn't here today!"

trisha too said...

Well, if you seen mine around, let me know . . .

Glad to know I'm not the only one, right?


Dogwood said...

That so sounds like something I would do.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh Joanna!! Thank you for the smile you have produced on my face. you really have a brilliant sense of humor!! How'd the walk go????? ; ^}