Sunday, 10 April 2011

ATC Swap - Women and Travel

What seems like 100 years ago (ok, I exaggerate), 
Kristin from Rurunews and The Scrappy Tree 
and I talked about doing a swap.  
But then we didn't. Both too busy.
 We share a birthday (December 8th) so ok, 
we'd do it for then.  
But then we didn't.  Both too busy.
 Finally, we got round to sorting out what and what about.
Two ATC's, one with the theme of 'Travel' the other with the theme of 'Women.'

With the 'Travel' ATC I did a blended paper background, gessoed and then distress inked over a Tim compass mask.  
I stamped a Tim car onto brown parcel paper which I cut out and stuck on the background, stamped 'Enjoy The Journey' and then I paper clipped an original vintage UK bus ticket to the side. Finally, I swiped the edge of some card in black ink and framed the ATC in quite a grungy way.

With 'Women', I again used the blended paper background, using a flock paper pattern this time, which I then gessoed, wiping off the excess.  I used the image of the girl which I'd cut out from a book, lightly chalking her to add a tint of colour, added a real diamond (oh ok, a stick on gem) brad and the quote. I framed the ATC with black ink in the same way as 'Travel'.

 I popped them in a simple Mail Art envelope.  
I thought 'Fly The American Way' was particularly appropriate:0)

UNFORTUNATELY, this has gone missing in transit having been sent off a month ago.

Very unhappy face






SusieJ said...

So sorry to hear this Joanna - apparently posties don't like "Mail Art" (seriously).
Both ATCs are wonderful.
Hugs xx
p.s. would it surprise you to learn that I have,after all, signed up for the Claudine Hellmuth classes. :) I fancied doing some more modern stuff too (and the mini-book swap will be over).

Monica said...

it is probably circulating through the PO as they all ogle it.

daisy said...

They are both gorgeous so I do hope someone ... somewhere ... is appreciating them.

daisy xx

Scrappy Grams said...

How disappointing for you and the receiver, who didn't... :(

trisha too said...

UGH!!! At least you got pics before sending them off into the great unknown . . .

Ugh again!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
both ATC's are wonderful and so you!You might be lucky and they will be send back to you.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Fabulous ATCs Jo. Sorry for your loss in transit as its a wonderful piece. I hope it turns up somewhere, soon. Pen x

Susan T said...

Oh! NO NO, Original Urbanis lost in transit! arrange a search forthwith. It is that beautiful woman who did it - she has gone on her travels, probably ran off with a French Count!

So much work to be lost, you must be annoyed.


Susan Allan said...

Love your techniques, Joanna. You get all different effects, don't you? with mixing gesso and parcel it and love both pieces.
Sue xxx

Tracy said...

What I have to say is I'm sorry it was lost in package Heaven...I've had some things do that I bought on e-bay and it is infuriating!
for what it's worth, the artwork is great!

missy k said...

I don't really understand why so many things go missing.... in the 'old days' you had faith that what you dropped in the letter box would actually arrive safely and it did. Bills always seem to arrive ok don't they?

I think your lovely envelope was just too tempting...your atcs are great.


craftattack said...

Sorry it got lost, after my strange encounter with a post office lady this week who accused me of having DEFACED my parcel with pictures, I think there are some out there who don't like art!

Virginia said...

Oh that's sad - but let's think that some posties must actually like them - and hope that those who can do actually post them on to the correct recipient - you never know they might turn up!

Katie said...

there is nothing more sad than lost mail...okay, there is...but this is sad too. There is still hope. My Mom once sent my brother applesauce w/in the states in October...he got the box in March the next year! And it was still good. fingers crossed.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fab ATCs Jo. Sorry for your loss in en-route! (Thats what you get for putting real diamonds in the mail.) No seriously, it's so annoying when mail goes astray I hope it turns up somewhere, soon.

Gerri Herbst said...

Great atc and mail art. Just my style too. I love vintage images! Beautiful work! gerri