Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Great post!

Look what arrived in the post today!

I recently won a giveaway by Marie at Lost Bird Studio.  
If you don't know this lovely girl's work then 
may I suggest you hot foot it over there by clicking here.

This is the package I received,
 wrapped beautifully in vintage (1895) hand written notepaper.
a sweet tag
a perfect white feather
some wonderful old ribbon tied in a perfect bow
and inside....

this beautiful little lavender pillow.

back, with tag
It's so pretty and smells gorgeous (surely you can smell it where you are?!).

Thank you so much, Marie.

(When you pop over to Marie's blog, make sure you look out for her '200 post giveaway' - that girl just can't stop giving!)


Further to my post about my 'gone missing' ATC's and Mail Art (click here for a reminder), guess what?  I got an email today from Kristin to say that they have arrived!


Me of little faith (in the postal service).
I'll be sending off my next Postman's Knock postcard 
on Friday 
(with the theme of 'Rust')
 and I'm hoping that it finds its way quickly and safely.



Susan Allan said...

Lucky you! What treasures!!
Sue xx

missy k said...

Wow! What a lovely, lovely parcel of perfection.

If I sniff really hard I think I can just get a faint whiff of Lavender :)

I am so glad your treasures turned up safely and your faith has been restored in Postal Services.

I've paid quite a few registered post charges £5 plus a time, to ensure stuff really does arrive. (Not my 'art' - that would just have to take its chances (!) Livi's birth certificate, solicitors letters with important docs etc)

I do like a happy ending though!!!!!


Enjoy the hols!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
so glad you like your prize:)Thank you for your lovely post! It is wonderful that your ATC did not get lost and arrived safe and sound.
Have a wonderful day.

SusieJ said...

Beautiful pillow Joanna and I love the mail art.
Three cheers for the Royal Mail.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

What a lovely present! Glad your post arrived, too!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Lovely little pillow. How gorgeous Jo! I'm so pleased your post found its way in the end. Thank you for your lovely, encouraging comments on my writing. I was very touched. Pen x

Carmen said...

Oh what a gorgeous parcel to receive, I wouldn't have wanted to open it!

Irish3 said...

So sweet the lavender pillow!! And the packaging makes it even that much more special.
Pat to Rosie! Has that picture of your bunny always been there? I don't remember seeing that before.. we have a bunny here too! Funny the similarities with the animals we have.. don't tell me you have a snake as well...

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Lucky you, what lovely gifts from the lovely Marie!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow! Lucky you!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

very beautiful and I am not surprised, marie creates wonderful things -lucky you!!!! : )

Susan T said...

Will those pressies never end? and beautifully bound too. I will try and contain my envy - but its getting difficult!



Jane Housham said...

Gorgeous gift -- lucky you. The Postman's Knock posting date seems to have come round quite quickly, doesn't it? I have the same slight nerves about sending off my effort as the first time!

Linda said...

How gorgeous...Marie creates such lovely things! Congratulations on winning her giveaway.

Virginia said...

What a gorgeous gift and I had my fingers and toes crossed for the missing mail art items - I was a bit worried as I had decided to send a little mail art out this last week as a test and my first item arrived at its required destination - phew!

Hope you're having a great week - mine has been mental

Katie said...

what a beautiful gift! truly! I will go check out her blog too. And glad to here your parcel made it at last!


It was so lovely to hear from you today. Your post looks divine. Lucky lucky you. Yes ... I can smell it in Cornwall. Most deserved. The erosion bundle was a lot of fun. I expect I will do it again next year with different ideas. Mark your calendar for 1st January. Have a lovely week Joanna x

sugar Creek said...

you lucky ducky! I love everything you won!!