Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I Got Mail Art (from Laura Hummel)

 The next eagerly awaited Mail Art envelope from my 
Mail Art swap group arrived today, and this one was created 
by Laura Hummel.
The theme is 'Where I Live' and Laura lives in Bethesda, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington DC.

The vibrancy of the colours on this envelope indicate 
the lively nature of this capital city.

Laura enclosed a letter outlining the many attractions to head for, two original vintage postcards (one dated 1930, and from Howard Wood advising Mrs Fred Brandt of Ohio that he was now in Washington!), and, to symbolize the close relationship between the Japanese people and those of the USA, some Japanese stickers.  The local area is passionate about their cherry blossoms, which were a gift from the Japanese people.

Thank you, Laura.
Your beautiful Mail Art gave me a real flavour 
of where you live.


Now I'm the last one in the group to send off mail Art envelopes (Lenna's have been posted and are starting to be received). Mine haven't got to be sent until the 30th of April and I started them today, so I'm on schedule.  
So far 
(except the printer has now run out of ink so I'll have to go out
tomorrow and get some before I can do the next bit, grrrrrr!).



Dogwood said...

What fun.
I love what she has done.
The Post Office must love all of us who are creatively decorating our envelopes!
Have good times.

craftattack said...

Looks like great fun with the mail art swap! But why do printers always run out of ink just when we need them most? Hugs, Valerie

missy k said...

Hi Jo

What another brilliant piece of mail art you have received. These are going to make such a special collection.


Lorraine said...

love those envelopes and hasnt this weather been gorgeous ideal for walks..long may it stay as it definitely lifts the mood

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! You know, this is my neck of the woods--We're on the other side of the Potomac from Maryland--But I really enjoyed seeing all the fun treasures you received!!

Irish3 said...

Sweet! My favorite part of Maryland are the homemade crab cakes!!!!!!!! Ohhhh I might even have to make some this week, thanks for sharing your mail's inspired me too!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a great job you do sharing our mail art exchange that sue is hosting, joanna. I am impressed!!!! I cannot wait to receive yours, do go get that printer ink!!!
; ^ ) lenna


Have a lovely Easter weekend
Spring blessings
Carolyn ♥

Heavens2Betsy said...

Fabulous Mail Art you've been gifted Jo. I'm sure yours will be just amazing. Enjoy your Easter weekend in the sunshine. Pen x

Nathalie Thompson said...

Colorful indeed! Love it!
I get concerned about being too artsy with envelopes going overseas-- like they might draw too much attention and get detained in customs. ;) Apparently it's not an issue!