Saturday, 2 April 2011

Postman's Knock, given and received

Me and the other girls have got started on our Postman's Knock postcard swap.
Every two weeks we will send out a postcard to a designated person on a list, based on the theme chosen by that person.  The first card I made had the theme of "Coast/Seaside" and was for Jane White

Jane received it today almost safe and sound (the lady on the right lost a leg in transit.  Maybe those are shark-infested waters?!).  I sealed the card with a couple of coats of Mod Podge but next time will use more in the light of her limb loss.

I also received my first postcard today.  The theme I have chosen for the other girls to make for me is 
"Yee-ha! Ride 'em Cowboy" 
and I'm so happy with Joanna Teague's interpretation.

by Joanna Teague

I just love the quote....
"The best way to avoid housework is to live outdoors."

I think it's time to get a tent......!



Carmen said...

LOL! See now you might have got something a bit more...erm... different from me with that theme! But then my mind does dip into the gutter at times!

Both fabulous cards, what a fun swap! Love that puffin stamp!

craftattack said...

Great stuff and the quote is an absolute hit, just made for me!

marigold jam said...

I did wonder about the small mark on the card but didn't mention it in case it was intentional as the colour showing through ties in with the stamp! Shame but I love it just as much anyway.


Virginia said...

oh they are both lovely - what a fabulous thing to do!

SusieJ said...

Love them both - although like Carmen I could well have interpreted your theme a bit differently (esp. after a few of the ebooks I've read recently!).
Hugs xx

daisy said...

Sounds like a fun swap & your postcard is lovely. The stamp is a wonderful match.

Katie said...

I saw this link on your blog last week and think it sounds so fun. You are always doing the coolest swaps!

MaygreenFairies said...

Hi Joanna, thank you so much for your comment on my blog, not only was it lovely but now I have found you too!! And it's great that your so close in Kent!! The Wealden Fair will be quite close to you, it's in High Halden, I have put a link to it in a previous post on my site, but if you Google Wealden Mid Summer Fair 2011 you should get it, it's a fantastic day out, and it would be great to meet you there if you get the chance to come on over!! Keep in touch. Mandy x

bad penny said...

Two super cards to start of this lovely swap. We could all live in a crafting tent together !

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Love them both,Jo! TFS.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Irish3 said...

What a great idea, I can spot your style now a mile away! Great postcard you made and I hope you get a great assortment of cowboy postcards back!

Susan Allan said...

Love your postcard...those were the days, hey!
You managed to get the leg back on then....can't even see the join!
Love it !!!!!
Sue xxx

Joanna said...

Sadly, surgery was not possible! The picture shown here is of the postcard before it went on its journey.


Enjoy your lovely swaps ... they sound wonderful. I wish I wasn't so busy so that I could join in too :o)

Have a fab and happy creative week

Carolyn xo