Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rosie Mae and a family walk in the Spring sunshine

Grant striding ahead
As the sun was shining this morning we were able to persuade the teenagers to come with us to take Rosie Mae for a walk.

Rosie breathing in the sweet smell of spring grass and rotting carcass
 It was so warm, everyone wore shorts.  
Except silly me who wore jeans, phew!

My 50 year old man trying hard to impress our 16 year old 
son with his 'keepy-uppy' skills.
16 year old son suitably unimpressed.

Oh no, Rosie Mae found a muddy puddle..........

........and wallowed!  


DD Hope photographed this beautiful blossom,

and these sprouting buds.

'Our' Bluebell Wood, where the scent is so sweet.

It is so pretty in the dappled sunshine.

Cooling off in the shady stream at the end of the walk.
We had 'lost' DS Luke by now as he had gone off in a huff (football related!).

He made his own way home.

I got to carry the football.

I hope you are enjoying some sunshine too.



craftattack said...

Looks like you had a great family outing through the lovely countryside. Why do all dogs love dirty puddles and rotting carcasses? Lovely pictures! Hugs, Valerie

Irish3 said...

If Rosie hadn't already stolen my heart.. that picture of her laying in the mud puddle would have done it!! I can just picture what she looked like after slugging out of it, that's classic! I wish you could send some of your warm sun over my way.. we're still in the April showers stage, although I do have a single hibiscus blossoming.. Well, I'm off to walk the Riley boy.. we'll be scooting in between and around the rain drops. Take care!!

Jewels said...

I am green, green, green - it is snowing here AGAIN today - I appreciate Rosie's roll - Gryphon used to do it all the time - the dirtier, smellier the better 'cause he knew we would have to give him a bath (little stinker). I'll be thinking of your bluebells as I am scrappin flakes off my car (sigh)...J

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hey Jo, 'your' bluebell wood looks very appealing. Rosie Mae's state does not! Isn't the blossom gorgeous? Aren't the buds amazing? We walked in Shoreham today. You and I love the same things it seems ... even photos of the backs of people which are my favourite! Thankyou again for your lovely, encouraging, supportive visits to my blog. They are so much appreciated. Ooops - huffy boys can be a handful but thankfully they seem to snap out of it fast enough, hopefully. Pen x

Susan T said...

Rosie Mae seems a rather impetuous lady. Mind you she is probably still yearning for Mr Tennant and decided to cool her ardour. Looks like it would work too. I love the shot of her submerged in the puddle.

Your photos are gorgeous - ahh Kent in the Spring Sunshine. I remember it well, with great fondness.

Shorts are not an option here until well into Summer - you would freeze your little kneecaps orf! But it is sunny here too - love it.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! I hope this isn't the 2nd time you're reading a comment from me--Blogger gave me some kind of crazy message...But I wanted to say that your walk really does look lovely!! I think spring is the best time to take a walk and enjoy the blooms--But there is never a good time of the year for dogs like your sweet Rosie Mae to roll in the mud--What a cutie!!!!

Enjoy your day!!

SusieJ said...

Ooh! Fabulous photos - but I really, really love the one of Rosie-Mae wallowing. That's my girl!!
Hugs xx

Serenata said...

Have to laugh at the football huff! Had the same thing happen to us in the past. Still at least you were walking distance from home.

Rosie-Mae is such a laugh, although I certainly don't envy you having to clean her up afterwards!

sugar Creek said...

Such beautiful pictures! What a way to relax on such a great day! Thank you so much for your warm and kind comment on our dog. I really appreciate it! Lot's of hugs,

missy k said...

I really enjoyed your post.... love Hope's blossom and bud photos. Gonna be hot for the next couple of days at least.... enjoy :)

Hope Rosie had a bath!!!!!


Scrappy Grams said...

Tickled my funny bone to see Rosie Mae in the mud, but glad I'm not the one to clean her. You have beautiful grounds on which to walk. It makes me miss our small woods of our home in the country. On the other hand, I couldn't handle the work any more. Thank you for sharing your walk.

Carmen said...

We went to Port Lympne (prolly spelt that wrong!) VERY hot but lovely day. My eldest took the best piccie of the day - managed to get a piccy of a slumbering lion and blurred the cage out of it. She had seen me trying and trying for ages. One shot and she got a cracker! Hurrumph!

Love Rosie Mae up to her belly in mud :D who got the enviable job of bathing her?

Joanna said...

Having read Scrappy Grams comment I realize that by referring to the Bluebell Wood as 'ours' I've given the impression that these are our private grounds. Not so, these are some fields nearby where we like to walk Rosie Mae. We are so fond of the Bluebell Wood that we feel that it is 'ours'.

So in case any of you think we're loaded, we're not. And don't bother sending me begging letters!


Katie said...

Oh, what a wonderful walk in the blubell wood and all. That shot of Rosie rolling in the mud cracked me up!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun,Jo!!Love your photos and the one with Rosie Mae rolling in the mud is my favorite.TFS.
Have a wonderful week.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I would love to take a walk with you in Bluebell wood, Joanna. Oh mY! I would not even mind football huffiness or rosie mae muddiness -I'd just wear some old clothes! I am impressed with Hope's photographs, very, very lovely. thanks for sharing this . . . xo lenna

bad penny said...

Lovely post Jo & great photos Hope ! Aww Rosie Mae.. Dillon would be there with you xx