Friday, 1 April 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Pinch, punch first day of the month,
no returns!

Welcome to my first Rocking list of April.  


First off, The Spring Country Living Show which DD Hope and I went to last Saturday.
We had a lovely day and bought a couple of things, one of which is this superb potato print.  
Yes, I did say potato print.  
I had read about the artist, Julia Barnes, in the Country Living magazine and was pleased she was there to see her artwork.  They're not like any potato prints I did at school!

I chose this picture because I particularly love blackbirds.  
There were so many pictures to choose from, each one different due to the nature of the medium.  
Julia was so lovely, and chatted to me and Hope like it was the first time she had had that conversation, when in reality she must have been saying pretty much the same thing for 3 days solid!

You can see her website at

Thankfully, we managed to avoid all the hoo-ha surrounding the big TUC march. 
This leads me onto my next grateful.


Carmen, at Whoopidoo....ings (and fellow Friday Rocker), affectionately known by me as Gob-Moi (it's a long story), emailed me on the Saturday evening, rather concerned that Hope and I were home safe having seen some rather ugly scenes of violence and destruction on the tv.

I was really touched that she bothered to email, especially as she'd had a long day visiting family in Hastings.

Thanks, Gob-Moi.  
You warmed my little heart.


I was doing little skips of excitement leading up to the posting of my first postcard for the new 
Postman's Knock postcard swapping group I'm in.

There are 12 of us in the group.
The theme for my first card was 'Coast/Seaside' and I enjoyed making it.  When I know it's been received I'll show it to you.
The postcard HAD to be posted today, and I almost couldn't wait and was tempted to post it yesterday.  I resisted the urge.  I hope it gets to its recipient, Jane White, safe and sound.


I'm looking forward to a girlie night tonight - just me and DD Hope. 
 DS Luke is at an all night party (!) and DH Grant is going out for a meal with some work colleagues to say goodbye because everything's changing due to restructuring.
I'm not sure what Hope and I are going to do - but I'm thinking a chick flick, popcorn and snuggled up on the sofa:0)

 FANTASTIC book found in the Charity Shop yesterday for 99p.

I'd been looking at it on Amazon but could never quite justify buying it.  So it really was meant to be when I spied this BRAND NEW copy of 
Secrets of Rusty Things 
by Michael de Meng.


My gorgeous hardworking man.  
A bright ray of sunshine who shoulders so much responsibility while his silly wife plays 
with a gluestick and scissors.

Top man.

Tuesday Zumba - done.
Thursday Zumba - done.


One more week at work and then it's the Easter break - hooray!

I'm off to link up with Virginia (Rocking button on right hand side-bar) and then I'll pay the other Rockers a visit to find out what they've got to be grateful for this week.


Susan T said...

What a lovely print Joanna. You are so lucky being close to London - so much to see and do, on a regular basis.

Girly night sounds great - who gets to choose the film?

You have got a good one with that boy Grant!

Two night of Zumba my goodness. I need to sit down. Mind you I can't type very well standing up - can't type well sitting down either, but that, as they say is another story.

Have a great weekend. Hope the sun peeks through in that gorgeous part of England. x

Serenata said...

Looks like you have had a pretty good week to me! Have fun with your girly night and have a great weekend.

bad penny said...

That book had your name on it ! I've seen these potato prints on another Blog will go & look. Love yours.
Jess is going to a party - there are 82 Vodka Jelly shots in the fridge ! They are quite diluted.
My postcard is posted. Want to swap husbands now ? Mine in the dog house or rather the boat house !

Gina said...

I can see why you loved that print - it's gorgeous. Enjoy your girly night in!

Virginia said...

the print is gorgeous - can't believe it's done with potatoes - must check it out! Glad you had a good day - glad also that you didn't get entangled with the protests! Good for you doing the two zumba classes and very envious of your charity shop find - it's a seriously gorgeous book - seen it once or twice in Hobbycraft but can't warrant the cost LOL!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend - enjoy your girly night in!


Jane Housham said...

Ooh, that book's a good find. And what a gorgeous fat blackbird too.

SusieJ said...

Great find with that book Joanna and I love your blackbird - potato prints were never like that at my school either.
You've obviously had a good week. Enjoy your girlie night and your weekend.
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

sounds like a good week. You go girl!

Katie said...

What an amazing potato print! Great find on the book too. Sounds like a nice week. Take it easy,Jo!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Beautiful potato print! I checked on the artist's site and it is amazing what she does.

I hope you and Hope had a great "girly night in"! Let us know how it went, what mischiefs you two girls got into, like too much popcorn, lots of ice-cream and tons of laughing. Sweet. I wish I had a daughter.
Love ya!

missy k said...


Especially impressed with your great book find and gorgeous print!

Have a great weekend


missy k said...

ps I had a fun little blog hop :) and now I am off to hang out the washing!


Carmen said...

Ooh you just made me go all teary eyed you silly woman!


But I love that print and can see why you had to buy it. I love those black birds you see around with the black beaks - are they ravens? Or crows? Bliddy noisy and go "KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" I just googled - they are crows. Anyway I think they are gorgeous. No-one else does. But there you go, we have loads round here for me to go "Aw look aren't they beautiful?" and then for people to sidestep around me.

Am so jealous of that book - brilliant find!

Postie bought me a lovely package today. thank you missus. Yours is all bagged up in my stu-stu-studio but keep forgetting to get a jiffy - I shall now use yours. I'll post it Monday :D Thank you, lots of gorgeousness!

OMG - I just took it all out the bag to have a proper look and saw the birdy pics, hadn't seen them properly earlier before as girls were all over my shoulder. How weird! Are they crows? You are psychic! OOh love the fungi piccies. Ooooh!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Sounds like a perfectly awesome week my dear! I adore your blackbird print as well! Looks like you are being blessed. Your swap sounds so fun and promising for amazing art ~ I'll be checking back to see what else shows up in your mail.