Friday, 8 April 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

SPRING is HERE, hooray!
It is with a spring in my step (ugh, bad pun) 
and a song in my heart that I write this week's 
carefully chosen list of things that have helped 
to make it a good week.

The gorgeous smell of freshly cut grass.

Here's  DH Grant busily cutting the grass while his wife 
skips around being very important with a camera. 

Don't you just love the smell of freshly cut grass?
I wish you could do a scratch 'n' sniff thing with this photo (although you'd have to be careful which bits you scratched!).
Do you think the kids will ever play in their playhouse again?   Luke is 16, Hope 14


Getting reacquainted with the garden, 
and actually enjoying the jobs that need doing.

Froggy pond needs clearing of dead vegetation.
I wonder if we'll get frogspawn this year.
DS Luke seems to think there's a 
Giant Anaconda 
living in the bottom... 
(not just any old Anaconda, but a GIANT one, 
you understand).

The Ur-barnette. 

(why is it called that?  Because we are Urbani's, we think of it as a barn and it's rather small.  A convoluted reason why it's called what it is but there you go).
It needs sweeping, airing and enjoying.  
Grant and I seek sanctuary there from MTV, Zombie massacres and multiple episodes of NCIS/Family Guy.  
In previous years we've had a quiet meal for 2 in there to celebrate our wedding anniversary (in June).  
Lovely and quiet, all you can hear are the birds chirping.  
And the occasional train (we back onto a railway line).  
And squirrels, who run around on the roof.  
Only quite quiet, then.
We have a wedge shaped garden and the very end is only 8' wide so this summerhouse fitted in perfectly, 
allowing space at the back to put the junk that we don't know what else to do with!

There's lots of weeding to be done.

"Oh Granteeeee!"

I thought I'd throw in a picture of Clifford the bunny. 
She looks quite ridiculous (rather Fraggle Rock-esque) 
and we love her with all her funny little ways, 
such as being allergic to hay.  
A rabbit allergic to hay, I ask you!.

Mother's Day last Sunday.

I received such a sweet home made card from DD Hope 
and an Empathy Monster that I know she'd shed 
blood, sweat and tears 
over for me.

DS Luke gave me the most appropriate card ever 
(many mothers will be nodding at this right now), 
and 2 cd's - 
Michael Buble 
Adele (19, I've already got 21 and love it).

Gob-Moi (Carmen at Whoopidooings) and I swapped 'stuff'.
I was admiring some of her hinges, as you do, 
and she said she'd send me some.  
Goodie goodie, thinks I, but oh, what can I send her back?  
So I promised her I'd send her some of my old tat, 
and was true to my word - 
sending manky old tat 
(which meant it wasn't going in my bin).

Then yesterday I received her bag of, er, 
really lovely wonderful stuff and now 
I'm feeling a bit bad!

Thank you, Gob-Moi!

I'm having my hair cut tomorrow.
Goodbye Mrs Haystack.

Yes, that's me on the right.
But not for much longer.

I'm excited about a new online class being run by Claudine Hellmuth.

It starts in June, 
lasts for 4 weeks, 
and is all about 
collage composition.
The $30 fee includes 20 pdf image sheets.

Want to know what it's all about?  Click where the arrow's pointing...


Gotta go now, lovely people.

I'm going to link this with Virginia, Rocking Queen 
(button on sidebar), 
and then I'll be going out into the sunshine.....

.....but I won't be looking like this!

I hope you have a sunny weekend too.



Susan T said...

Joanna, I love this post and everything in it. The playhouse, the summerhouse, empathy monster, bunny - who is allergic to hay! bless her little tufty fur. Are you sure Clifford is an appropriate name for such a sexpot?

You look like you are going to have some fun in the sun after the new hairdo. Kent watch out!

Jane Housham said...

Hi Joanna. Loved this post. I dream of having a summer house!! Yours looks lovely.

Serenata said...

Another really enjoyable Friday post. It is certainly a gorgeous day today so I will be outside enjoying the day as well. Have a good weekend, and enjoy your cut haystack! ;-) Oh and your rabbit is sooo cute.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

What a totally wonderful post to ease us into the weekend.

I love the photo of Clifford he looks like he is smiling!

Livi and I are going into Winchester this morning for a little shop before she has better go and get myself ready :)

Have a fantastic weekend.... I may even get around to a 'post' myself soon!!!!


SusieJ said...

Oh wow! What a fabulous Friday post! Very sunny!
Had to laugh at rabbit allergic to hay. Sorry Clifford!
Envy you the summerhouse - a romantic hideaway.:)
I am NOT looking at the Claudine Hellmuth Collage thingy...I'm not. Honest! Looking forward to making my mini-books - the instructions look easy enough to follow..famous last words!
I totally empathise with your Mother's Day card - DS Nick dismantled his wardrobe and turned into a computer table, so when he's home the only place for his clothes is the floor.:(
Love Hope's Empathy Monster - what a wonderful present.
Hope your weekend is as sunny as your week.
p.s. I have Adele's 19 too. Wouldn't thank you for the other CD though. Michael Buble is a pet hate of mine - sorry!

Virginia said...

Oh that was a breath of fresh air that I sooooooooooo needed your week sounds amazing - love all of it - love the summer house and the kids playhouse made me giggle. Love how big your garden is I'm green with envy ours is the size of a postage stamp! Love how you pixalated your photo - made me giggle quite a lot. Love the empathy monster - will be checking out the class later and now I've run out of time to check my other Rockettes so will be back later - might have a re-read of yours to brighten my day!


Carmen said...

Oh don't tell me about another clas. Don't... oh you did. To late, I now have to go check it out!

I LOVED the stuff you sent me, I really did! I felt bad at sending mine AHAHAHA!

Love your monster and the cards... I've got 19 but not 21! She's brilliant isn't she? Sounds so old & wise (but not in a crabbit old way) before her time. Some of her stuff makes me quite teary.

Love your garden - we have a teeny tiny yard that is made even teeny tinier by Craig's double shed full of birds!

Love your week - had to snortle laugh at the pixelated shorts. Craig has some cut down denims that he calls his Croc Dundees. He wears them in public. I die a little every time.

arts4all said...

Your posts are my favorite part of Friday!!!!! This one is especially appealing in it's variety. Your ability to laugh with the world and to make artful connections between your life and pieces of art (like the haystacks and your haircut) is so very clever. I'm a way-too-serious person, and you help me to remember to lighten up ;-0

Enjoy your spring warmth........

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi Jo, this post had me guffawing aloud ... doesn't happen often! Love your mothers day gifts, couldn't agree more about the grass smells and love your Barn!!! I have a beach hut version but its very tatty made from recycled wooden parts that don't match but hang together well enough anyway. Good luck with the haystack removal altho' I do have visions of you, tousled with hay in your hair and your bunny at arms length! My weeks are not quite rockin yet but they are beginning to sway slightly so its all going in the right direction. Happy Summer! Pen x

Nathalie Thompson said...

I cannot get past the pixelated shorts. I am still laughing! That play house is ADORABLE. I'd be tempted to move in myself.

Jewels said...

Heh Jo - I love when you have Canadian Content (Fraggle Rock!). Totally jealous about the cut grass (snow "almost" gone here and the peeper frogs have started up). PLEASE unpixelate the shorts - I'd like to compare on a scale of 1-10 if they or better/worse then Hubbies (LOL). Have a great WEEKEND! Jewels

Katie said...

such a funny post! your garden and little house are so nice. That bunny cracks me up- yes, very fraggle rock! So was your slight underestimation of what gob-moi would send...I've done that!hee! Enjoy your weekend!

Monica said...

Nothing like an English spring day. We missed spring and went from winter to summer, back to winter and now summer. We are in drought so no pretty grass or flowers. What nice kids you have. you could paint DH's shorts. That little house would make a true summer art retreat for you

Dogwood said...

oh my gosh and i will say that again oh my gosh.
i am totally in love with your garden.
i am over the top in love with you little
ur-barnette. that is positively the cutest.
i would live in it all summer.
a cup of iced lemon tea and a book.

Tracy said...

this was awesome...You have beautiful areas in your gardens...I love the little what we'd call a shed. I hope you have a fine weekend...I plan on it!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Joanna, I love this post! ... and everything in it. I've got a feeling that your hubby and mine may have shared the same shorts suppliers!! LOL!! Awww at Clifford the fraggle, Wow at the Ur-banette , we have a mini summer house (OK shed!)at the bottom of our garden (similar colour too!) which was the boys drum shed (through their music/rock star phase!!) I may just have to put the drums on ebay and have a tidy and a re-fit, so that we can enjoy our little barn, just like your beautiful one!
Jan x