Friday, 15 April 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Good morning to you all.

Being Friday, it's time for me to come up with a list of what I think has made the past week a good one, and this week I'll be picking out these gems and giving them a Smiling Ladybird Award, avoiding the not-so-good things that have happened which deserve a Grumpy Stink Bug Award.


My first Smiling Ladybird Award goes to..............

My shiny new washing machine.

The old brave warhorse Zanussi has served us well but she finally collapsed last week.
I had a pile of washing growing by the minute, threatening me with World Domination.
But it is with great relief that the new Siemens is now in place, with its yummy 5 year guarantee.
It has been on non-stop since yesterday afternoon, when it was plumbed in, and I suspect that the 5 year guarantee will be sorely tested!
As an added extra the old machine was collected by someone on Freecycle who wants washing machines, even if they don't work, for an art project she's working on.  So it's not destined for landfill.

Now I'm really sorry everyone but I must just slip one tiny Grumpy Stink Bug award here.

When the washing machine was delivered it was a man on his OWN, in a truck with NO tail gate lift, and NO trolley.  Grant was at work, DS Luke has torn a ligament in his knee so immobile.  
Therefore, it was up to me and skinny twig-armed DD Hope to help get the machine, which has to be the heaviest thing IN THE WORLD, off the truck and into the house.  It was either that or it went off again in the truck and who knows if I'd ever see it again!  I could hear the growing washing pile laughing at me.
My back is now really GRUMBLING and NOT HAPPY!

Think positive Joanna, think positive......

My next Smiling Ladybird Award goes to..........

School holiday time.
We have enjoyed the later mornings and being relaxed.
DH Grant has got some time off work next week and the weather is looking good, yeah!

The next Smiling Ladybird Award goes to..........

Previously known for her creative flair in rubber stamping etc, and for her observations on life, she has been largely absent from Blogland for a few months.  So it has been a real joy to see that Penny is back and she's come back with some fantastic creative writing.  For me to explain it further would spoil it, so may I suggest you pop over by clicking here and read her first offerings?  

Next up for a Smiling Ladybird Award is...........

I'm really enjoying this book, The Long Song.
It's written by Andrea Levy, who wrote Small Island, and follows the story of a female slave working for the 
owners of a sugar plantation.
Not many laughs, as you might imagine, but very well written.

My final Smiling Ladybird Award goes to.........

All of YOU sitting there reading this.

I REALLY appreciate you reading it and 
really LOVE it when you comment.

I had an email conversation with Sue 
 I love this girl and her blog and I urge you to go and have a look - if I could recommend a particular post to give a real flavour of her style it'd be this one;

Anyway, I digress.
In our conversation we discussed blogging and agreed how important it has become to us.  

On so many levels you all encourage me, make 
me laugh, nod, marvel at your skill, think, try harder, 
inspire and offer real friendship.

So yes, all 105 of you deserve this Smiling Ladybird Award with love from me:0)


Wishing you all a sunny and happy weekend.

I'll be posting this with Virginia (button on right hand sidebar) before putting on another wash! 



Pixie said...

Our washing machine died a few months back. It made me sad, but the new one os wonderful as it has a delay setting that allows me to set the wash to start at 3am (when rates are cheaper). Hubby took the old washer to bits and sold it, piece by piece, on ebay. Not alot of money made, but every penny counts!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Hope your back improves quickly.... and Luke's poor knee.

Have a lovely weekend..... not much sun forecast here for the weekend *sad face* - but at least its not going to rain (much!).

Barry and I are going to be in the garage - sorting!!!! Wish us luck :)

Love Karenx

Virginia said...

Oh I'm late - I'm sorry week from hell - if I'd have seen this before I posted I've have borrowed your bugs but it might have not had many ladybirds on it to begin with - managed to resurrect it at the end but hell fire it was a struggle! Love your list - I absolutely understand on the washing front - I was without one for over a month over Christmas and New Year - my dearest sister helped out but it was a huge pain but when the new one arrived I couldn't believe it - she does an amazing 39 minute quick wash cycle which is good for most washloads and she doesn't walk across the floor or sound like a Chinook helicopter when she's operating!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

craftattack said...

Oh dear, how awful to get your washing machine delivered like that! Hope your Siemens will serve you faithfully for many clean and sudsy years! Love your lady birds! Have a great weekend, Valerie

bad penny said...

We rent our washing machine - last time they upgraded me to a more " robust " one - not sure what that says about me ! That's outragous about the delivery !
It's lovely to see Penny back and I might read that book too as I liked Small Island.
Have a great week Jo with no more heavy lifting involved !

SusieJ said...

Love the bugs!
Hope you and Luke are feeling better. Are those delivery people mad? One man for a washing machine?
Enjoy the rest of the holidays.:)
Hugs xx
p.s. thanks for your comments on my collages - sometimes I feel as though I'm uploading just for the fun of it. :(

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
Wishing you nothing but ladybugs next week!
enJOY the holiday,

Susan T said...

Oh dearest one - do you want me to be awash with tears all week Hmm! You are the kindest, you really are. I won't need a washing machine soon at this rate. I can just use my ever leaking peepers HA!

Have THE BEST weekend - let's hope the sun comes out and shines on us all.

Oodles of hugs.


frederique from france said...

wishing you a very funny and shinny week end dear joanna , I am on the way to my little days off at my friend's in the south of france =)

hugs from france , fred

she dreams big! said...

I'm so glad that you had more smiley ladybug days than stink bug days this week! My wish for you is ALL smiley ladybug days from now on!

Relyn said...

Oh, I do love hearing about good new books. thanks!

Irish3 said...

I like your bug awards, great way to frame the happenings in your days. Thank you for the sweet post about Bear, made me feel better to read your encouraging words.. Talk to you soon and I'll get a picture of our bunny up soon.

Carmen said...

Not good. Not good at all - bad washing machine man. Well - what a pillocky plank! Really!

Loving your ladybirds I am.

Joni James said...

Happy washing, and thanks for the lady bug award wishes!!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Hurray for the new washing machine, Joanna! I hope you did NOT hurt your back seriously. That is not neat.

Another week of smiling ladybugs is what I wish you, my friend.

Love ya!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

it is very easy to follow you and read your posts Joanna . . . sometimes i am a wee bit late these days as I have been busy-busy, but I so enjoy coming to your blog to view and read. It is a treasure in more ways than one! xo lenna