Friday, 29 April 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Just this today,

Prince William
Catherine Middleton
29th April 2011

Such a happy day.
Wishing them much love 
and happiness in their life together
(and the sun came out!)
I'm off to crack open the bubbly.  
Raise a glass with me 
at the moment of 'The Kiss' on the balcony 
(of Buckingham Palace).



Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

I wish them love and happiness as well!
Have a great weekend.

craftattack said...

Let's hope their love last a lifetime! Valerie

Irish3 said...

Just beautiful!! I'll be raising a glass as well!

Carmen said...

Even grumpy me had to smile when he said what looked supsiciously like "you look beautiful" as she met him at the alter.

Jeanie Callaghan said...

Wasn't her dress lovely? Such a lovely couple and such a difficult life ahead. I wish them well.

Pixie said...

I wasn't going to watch, but here I am. It was gorgeous and aren't they sweet together? i hope they are married forever!

Susan T said...

Aah wasn't it all lovely. I got a lump in my throat as the two Princes appeared. I loved the dress, classically beautiful.

They look a very happy couple and I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

Virginia said...

oh I'm back home finally - catching up on the all the lovely parts of the day! I absolutely agree - I'll raise my cup of tea on this one!


she dreams big! said...

You mean you didn't get an invitation to attend? Would love to see you in one of those fancy hats! We really need more pomp and circumstance in the US. Enjoy the memorable occasion!

bad penny said...

It was wonderful. I loved it when Harry turned to see Kate & whispered something to William who wasn't yet to turn & see her. Beautiful. Thinking of Of Princess Diana & how proud & beautiful she would have been there today.

SusieJ said...

What a beautiful wedding. They are obviously so much in love. I shall be raising a glass to them this evening. :)
Hugs xx

Monica said...

They better know each other after living together. Just love Kate's style and the dress was gorgeous. Oh to see the lace close up

Lenna Young Andrews said...

just lovely. Thanks for the photo Joanna, I still have not gotten to see coverage yet! They look beautiful, happy and in love. I am happy for them and the UK!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Ah Jo, this is the only bit of the wedding I've seen so far. Kate does look lovely. Glad you and your DD enjoyed! Pen x

Susan Norwood said...

Well worth getting up early for! It was a beautiful wedding!

sugar Creek said...

Well since it came on here at 4:00 in the morning, I recorded it and watched it when I got the kids up for school this morning! It really was a beautiful wedding! LLLOvve the dress!!!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I wish them well also. But, as I said before, I could not attend - or watch. Had to go stock the grated cheese.

Prince Harry is my favorite, though!

Gina said...

Wasn't it such a happy day!