Saturday, 7 May 2011

Been there, done that!

DD Hope and I set off for Cranbrook early this morning, 
in the rain.

Despite Hope's map reading skills 
(no, Hope, the A299 is not the same as the A292 
even if they do both have 2's and 9's in them) 
we found the pretty bustling little Kentish village 

and parked up in the oh-so-rare-nowadays FREE car park. 
Whereupon the rain stopped and the sun came out. 

The Fair was lovely, full of lovely stuff and lovely people.
I tried to take photos but all you would have seen was 
the back of people's heads and I guessed you could do 
without that image.

I bought this lovely bunting made out of pretty recycled fabric (for the dining room) 
by 'Pretty Goods' 
some sweet carded buttons and 
some scraps of fabric and fibres 
(I have a particular project in mind......).

I also bought this gorgeous shleppy bag, which is really so much nicer than it looks in the photo.
It's a lovely casual dumpster of a bag.  
I'll never be able to find anything in it!
Turns out it is made by the mother of one of Hope's Latin class friends.

Small world, huh?!

From the same lady, Suzanne Sharp, Hope treated herself to this lovely bag, which again is so much better in the flesh.  Can you see the pretty sparkly vintage brooch on the front?

From another stall, Teeny Tiny House, Hope bought herself these pretty felt flower hairclips.
Teeny Tiny House also had really pretty little 
book shelf bunting, 
which I thought was very sweet.

Hope found the turtles in a bargain basket and just 
HAD to have them (!).

We then had a drink and some 
Hope had a cute chocolate loaf shaped cake and 
a very strong orange squash.
So strong it brought tears to her eyes.
With my coffee I had a slice of Lemon Crunch cake, 
which was so delicious I bought some more to bring 
home for the starving men of the house.
Proceeds from these very reasonably priced 
refreshments were going to 
The Hospice in the Weald.

We then did a charity (thrift) shop trawl and this is what I got.  
The wire thing is a lovely bird, but you can't really see that!

And this is Hope's treasure.
She's going to make the candles for a friend who has a birthday coming up soon.

Cranbrook has a wonderful art shop too, stuffed with EVERYTHING, 
just like an art shop should be 
but rarely is now.

and we spent some time mooching round there - 
so much more interesting than Hobbycraft which we had planned on going to on the way home.

So that was our day out.

As Pa says in The Darling Buds of May




SusieJ said...

But did you get the t-shirt?lol
Sounds like a perfect day out to me - both of you made some lovely purchases.
Hugs xx
p.s. Hope sounds about the same level as me when it comes to map reading. :)

Virginia said...

Oh that looks like a lovely day out - really really jealous now - crafting stuff, charity shop finds - CAKE - I keep hovering over the word Cake in case it leads us to a mystery picture of said cake LOL!

You look like you had a fabulous day! Loving the windmill in the background - gorgeous! Also loving the gorgeous look of your blog - seriously beautiful!

Have a lovely evening - I'm scrapbooking, hubby Craig out in garden making a cross bow for said 10 year old - I don't know whether to celebrate that he's getting on with it - or start to worry about the windows LOL!

And said 10 year old parked up in front of the TV with Doctor Who blaring - blissful family life I tell you!

craftattack said...

It all sounds good, and then even a free parking space, wow! You got some nice shopping, too, and I very much like the sound of lemon crunch cake! Tomorrow I am going to bake your flapjacks, I'll send you one! Valerie

Tracy said...

Wow, What treasure and great finds! How fun! I'm glad the rain stopped and you had a lovely time! I like that green satchel...can't wait to see your finished products :)

missy k said...

Hi Jo

That truly sounds like a 'perfick' day!

Glad the sun shone for you.

ps maybe you could buy Grant a Sat Nav for Christmas!!!! Joke!

bad penny said...

Don't ever ask me to map read either ! What a wonderful day out - totally 'perfik' I love the bags & bunting ( still giggle when I think of the woman who had me searching for bunting in the CS when what she actually said was 'bun tins'! )
What a pretty place too very picture postcard. Show us a pic of Hope's candles when she's made them.

bad penny said...

Ps LOVE the new blog design & the cat ( why do cats do that ?! )

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

What a wonderful day you had! I am happy for you, Joanna. You found a lot of lovely things and, best of all CAKE! LOL...

I want to wish you a Wonderful Mother's Day!! Lots of love, lots of caring and laughter. And, perhaps, CAKE too, right? Who knows?

A big hug!

Jewels said...

Sounds like a lovely time - and you got to thrift Ladybird books! I can never find those here to add to my very modest collection. Great way to spend a weekend...J

Carmen said...

Oh it sounds an amazing day! Love all your buys and can't wait to see what you have in mind for those fibres!

Your Charity shop hauls is fantastic the pair of you - the ones round here have been naff recently.

I just found out that Hempstead Valley shopping centre does a monthly craft fair on the last Sunday of each month so I may go check it out one of these days - I think the key is to actually remember!

I love your new look blogeroo! Espesh the cartoon at the top! Teehee!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a perfect day captured beautifully in your words and photos! I would love to go with you sometime. Mother's Day Blessings to you sweet gal!

Letticeleaf said...

And the turtles were from my stall... Thanks for the lovely post about our first ever K & S Fair. You're right all my photo's are of crowd scenes as well. Backs of peoples heads and the insides of their purses - a winning combination I say! LLX The kitsch one.

Monica said...

What a super place.

hensteeth said...

Aw I was there too and we could have had a coffee together...never mind maybe next time!
The Fair, Cranbrook and the weather were definately perfick in every way.

Linda said...

This sounds like such a perfect day! I love your thrift shop finds, especially the old books and that little spotted cup. I love days like that!

Letticeleaf said...

Just looked at the cartoon, it reminds me sooooo much of Hubs and Lettice our dog. She does exactly that.

Wish you'd said hello when you bought the turtles. Glad you enjoyed the show and have given our first K & S fair such a glowing write-up. Thanks a bunch, LLX

teeny tiny house said...

so glad your daughter liked the hair clips