Sunday, 29 May 2011

Colin Firth in a wet shirt

There you are, ladies.  
A little bit of Sunday pleasure for you.
(Ugh, no drooling into your keyboard, please).

I just wanted to get you over to my blog and 
thought this would work..........

Oh look,
it did!

If I can drag you away from Colin/Mr Darcy for one moment,
I just wanted to say that I think I have sorted 
the Comments box problem
and it will now be a pop up.


Please leave show me some love
leave a comment.

I've been very lonely......

Thank you to those lovely people that have emailed and others who have left comments for me on blogs they know I visit (how cool is that?!).



Menopausal musing said...

Yup! you've sorted it. I left a comment, went away and came back to check it had been left and here you are all sorted and I have a hunk to look at to boot! You've made an old girl very happy.

Susan T said...

Another old girl cheered up too!

Just looked in while I was having my morning green tea - Helena is trying to improve my health!!

There was Colin looking ever so loveable in his little damp shirt bless him, cheered me no end.

Not happy you are feeling lonely at all. You need a permanent house guest, can I move in? the weather up here is bl---y awful!

Susan Allan said...

So glad it is sorted. Well done you!!!
Sue xxx

Jane Housham said...

Is it wrong that I only like the shirt?

SusieJ said...

Yahoo!! I'm signed in so can leave a comment! I was going to resort to email today.
Thanks for the gratuitous hunk...sigh.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Hurrah hurrah it works! I changed to this last week, too, which improved the situation a lot! Kept trying to leave you a comment last night, but the comment box kept disappearing - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Loved your mail art sent and received!
Havea nice Sunday,

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

You've got us all (old ladies) stirred up, Joanna! I am so outdated that I have no idea who the good looking young man is, but still. The only thing that bothers me is his collar. I feel like fixing it.

Now, now... don't you be feeling lonely. You KNOW we all love you, don't you?

Susan Norwood said...

Thank you for the picture of Colin Firth this morning. Sadly, I can't wake up beside him but at least I can enjoy his picture while I drink my morning coffee.

Jewels said...

Too late - my keyboard is soaking wet (LOL) Lovin the new graphics (while the cat was interesting it slowed down loading your site!)...J

Monica said...

just catching up with blogs so may have missed problems. Tidying my studio for 3 days and so far the stuff on the work table is now the stuff on the window seat.

bad penny said...

I seem to be able to comment on some blogs & not others. ooh la la My Darcy !

Clarky J said...

Well who could resist the invitation to drool at such eye candy and share some love with someone in need of some? Sending you huge hugs - love the story of Rosie Mae too so thanks for sharing xx Janet

Virginia said...

Sending you a message hun! Hope you're having a good bank holiday weekend!

Nathalie Thompson said...

What IS it about Mr. Darcy? Swoooon! Or is it Colin Firth? (double swoon!)

Sorry I haven't been visited in so long (ages and eons!) I have had computer issues beyond Blogger glitches.