Monday, 23 May 2011

I got mail art (from Sue Emmerson)

The little Mail Art group I'm in has started the second round of mailings, and this time the theme is 
'Birds, Bees and Butterflies.'  
First to post was group leader, 
Sue Emmerson from Australia.
Her stitched envelope is SO pretty, with its rich profusion of pretty images and rubber stamping.

 I really liked the little rhymes on the back of the envelope.

And inside the envelope Sue had so kindly enclosed a beautiful handmade Nature Journal, which is gorgeously lush with ribbons and lace and lovely lovely pages.

Sue has put so much thought and work into 
this beautiful artwork.

Thank you, Sue!



craftattack said...

Ooooh, what lovely work! Lucky you, enjoy! Hugs, Valerie

Susan T said...

With a name like SUE I would expect no less than high quality work! Ha.

Monica said...

Love those envelopes. What a pleasant arrival.

SusieJ said...

Gorgeous - both the envelope and the journal.
Hugs xx

Irish3 said...

What a perfectly springy and beautiful package!! A little blast of birds and butterflies and cool springtime days. I love it! Lucky girl!

Jewels said...

Wow this is just gorgeous Jo - and the neat thing is when it comes from somewhere far away you get such a variety of images. Sue did a wonderful job on her envelop!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
what beautiful mail art you received.The journal is gorgeous.

sugar Creek said...

That's beautiful! Much better than getting bills in the mail!! xx

Linda said...

I received mine too...such a pretty envelope and such a treat to find in my mailbox!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said... really enjoying seeing all this beautiful mail art!
Such a delight to boring 'ol mail days!!
Thanks for sharing.

missy k said...

What beautiful mail art..... so so pretty :)

Bunty said...

How exciting to receive this beauty! Enjoy.


Virginia said...

Wow that's some serious mail art - what a beautiful creation to receive - hope you're having a great week!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I have received mine from sue as well and find it amazing she made 5 of these envelopes & little books, especially while packing up to move house! Just gorgeous! You have showed sue's work off beautifully, Joanna!!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

What a thrill it must be to receive such a precious bundle!

(Thank you, Joanna, for thinking about us last night. We are not out of it yet - more to come later this afternoon/nigh. Oh, my friend, I am too old to be this scared - but I am!)

I send you a big hug!

Marian said...

Joanna, thanks for your kind comment. I always love visiting your's so artsy in a happy and colourful kind of way. Thanks again.