Saturday, 28 May 2011

Postman's Knock - sent and received.

It's Postman's Knock time!

This time I was creating a postcard for Gina, whose chosen theme is 

'Concealment and Revelation'.

I made a double postcard, 
2 for the price of 1,
Whichever you prefer.

On the front is a gel transfer caterpillar 
(with a face only a mother could love) 
on a blended paper background, smeared with gesso.  
The edges are Distress Ink Stained 
(Peeled Paint and Weathered Wood). 

The front opens up to reveal the transformation -
Ugly Bugly is now a Beautiful Butterfly 
(I always have to say this to myself using the German accent used by the caterpillar in Bugs Life!).  
She, again, is a gel transfer.

The sentiment, printed on vintage paper, reads

'One day, one day very soon
she would reveal her inner beauty concealed within.'


I received my latest postcard this morning,
this time from
My chosen theme, if you remember, is
'Yee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy' 
and I really love her interpretation.

(rear of the year)
Cute bum, 
great jeans, 
softest of soft suede chaps,
 perfect buckle 
wonderful fringing.

(rear of the card)
Yee Ha!
Thank you, Chrissie.


ps As many bloggers know, grrrrrr, there's a problem with Blogger and, as I write,  
it doesn't appear to be possible to leave a comment on this post.
Hopefully the situation will be sorted soon.

I have now changed my comments box to coming up in a pop up box
this seems to work -
so please show your love and leave a comment!!

Thank you


Menopausal musing said...

Hi. I've dropped by and am (hopefully!!!) leaving a message. The card you produced was beautiful, such a look your work has, a style of your own. Loved the card that you received from Chrissie.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
your card is just beautiful and so you!!Lovely card you received from
Chrissie.Have a wonderful Sunday.

Susan T said...

Ooh I do so love this one, the colours you have chosen are my favourites. I always like your messages too.

Sweet little cowboy pants, how clever.

Susan Allan said...

This metamorphosis posting is brilliant. I am really taken with it. Clever and a great technique.

Sue xxx

SusieJ said...

Finally able to leave a comment.
Love your bug/butterfly and the very clever take on your cowboy theme!
Hugs xx
p.s. could you email me details of how you solved the profile/comment problem - I'm able to post on your blog and one or two others but not all. Thanks xx

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I fell in love with your double post card! The surprise as you open it is special. And Chrissie's cowboy pants are sweet!

Virginia said...

Oh those are gorgeous loving the butterfly!

daisy said...

Love your caterpillar postcard Jo. You'll have to give us a lesson in image transfer & your lovely blended backgrounds ... pretty please :o)

daisy xx

Nathalie Thompson said...

Great postcard by you (wonderful quote!) I love your collage style (why don't you ever submit anything for publication?!)

Clever cowgirl interpretation!