Tuesday, 17 May 2011

She'll be wearing pink pyjamas

Picture the scene, if you will.


The Master bedroom.

The Master and myself are getting ready to go out for 
a coffee in a local coffee bar.
I like to look presentable at all times, but particularly 
so when I am going out with my husband.

I am wearing a pair of Gap jeans.
And have yet to change out of my 
old comfy baggy pink pyjama top.
It has no shape.  It has no style.

My husband looks at me appraisingly and says,

"Oh, you're ready.  That's a nice top, darling, is it new?"

Should I bother any more or just slop about in 
my old comfy pyjamas?!



Lululiz said...

Thats too funny!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Comfy old jamas every time for me .... mmm, could that be the reason I don't have a husband? Chortle! Love this post Jo, I'm in need of tissues ... from laughing you understand! pen x

Gina said...

That made me laugh out loud! Thanks for brightening up my day when I needed it!

sugar Creek said...

Don't ya love how they don't notice anything? That is too funny!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh Jo that is so funny!!LOL.
Have a wonderful evening.

SusieJ said...

ROFL! Typical man! I'd go for the comfy pj's - in fact I think I'll do just that now. :)
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Be patient with him. He's a man, and he can't help it! He meant it as a compliment! Hugs, Valerie

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Funny and tremendously sweet! What a cutie pie he is. I would have tucked the pyjama top in, and "Let's go, baby!"

trisha too said...

Wait a minute.

Are we married to the same man?????

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh Joanna! At least he is TRYing to be observant and complimentary, even!! I would say, you could probably get away with wearing your comfy pj's!!!! : ))))))) xo lenna

Susan T said...

Listen don't be fussy - he is taking you out and he called you Darling - give that man a kipper.



Monica said...

"No darling," she says "i am going like this", ripping off the top

Serenata said...

Wonderful! I think everyone else has said if for me! ;-) Hope you had a good time out.

Joanna said...

I'm laughing at all your comments!

Monica, I don't think the world is yet ready for me topless!

And for all you pj lovers out there -it's time to GET DRESSED!


Sandra Hall said...

Funny ha ha! A great post - and a warning to us all - I'm a great PJ fan myself x

Letticeleaf said...

'Give that man a kipper!' I love that quote. Sorry but I will shamelessly snaffle it - just hope Susan T doesn't mind?

Great post Jo. Men are priceless - for everything else there's Mastercard!


Lizbethem said...

What a fun post! He sounds as observant as my DH!

bad penny said...

Oh how funny !

Carmen said...

Hahahahahahaha! See I cover up and mine moans I'm not flaunting enough so he would have been complaining muchly.

Virginia said...

LMAO! That's so funny - I would have gone in the PJ top just to amuse LOL!

Linda said...

This is SO funny...I run into this kind of thing with my DH too...he tries to be so sweet. I guess it just means they love us they way we are!