Sunday, 29 May 2011

The story of sweet Rosie Mae

Kath emailed me to say that she had come to 
Fiddlesnips! via a mutual blogger 
and was taken by how much our darling Rosie Mae looked like her dear dogs, Roobarb and Ellie.  
I had to go and have a look, of course, 
and WOW, they are very alike. 
 Kath's dogs are Bedlington Whippet Lurchers, 
whereas darling Rosie 
is not quite so posh and is just a Lurcher crossed with, 
the vet suspected, something like a Collie.

I thought this was a good time to tell my sweet girl's story.  
If you're not a dog lover then I suggest you move on now, 
because this has LOTS of dog photos!


We were heartbroken when we lost our last dog, Pepper Daisy, to leukemia at what we considered to be a premature age (about 10 years old).  To this day I am convinced that Pepper Daisy got this dreadful cancer as a direct result of being attacked by another dog when she was out with Grant for a run.  Pepper had not provoked the attack and we subsequently heard that the owner of the attacking dog was bragging about it in the local pub.  Nice.

We really didn't think that we could cope with another dog.  Luke was 2 years old and I was pregnant with Hope so we lavished our love on the children and our rescue cat, Susie (not the Susie we have now.  We are destined to always have cats called Susie!).

By the time Hope was 18 months old we felt the time 
was right to bring a dog into our family.
We talked about it with the children.
"I want a dog," 
said 3 year old Luke. 
"and she must be called Rosie."
Very specific requirements, and I fluffed and waffled 
about seeing what was there.
Down we all went to the local animal rescue centre.
We were confronted with so many dogs, 
all desperately wanting a home.
So upsetting.
Most of them were too BIG, 
many of them were snarling, 
and lots could not be homed with children or other animals.

And then there was Rosie, not too big, not too small.
(Tick the box)
She was actually called Rosie.
(Tick the box)
She could be homed with cats and children.
(Tick the box)
She was sitting quietly and patiently waiting for us.
(Unlike her mad kennel companion who was throwing itself round the enclosure like a soul demented).
We asked for more information on her.
She had been on 'Death Row' 
in a dog pound in Wales 
before being brought back to Kent 
by the lady who runs the rescue centre.

Rosie was initially rehomed to a lady 
who lived in a high rise flat.
Rosie (now renamed Scarper) 
had eaten all this lady's furniture and
was promptly returned to the animal centre 
(she reverted to being called Rosie).

She was now about 18 months old.

She went for a 'test walk' with Grant.
It was love at first walk!

Once our house had been checked 
and we had been vetted, 
Rosie came home with us.

She soon settled in.

She loved this bench in the kitchen (although the cushions were later shredded by her).

She also ate her way through a 3 piece suite when we went out for a couple of hours.
It took her a while to understand that we would always come back to her.

Susie the cat wasn't too sure, and in fact had to let Rosie know quite clearly who was Boss 
(cats have claws for a reason!).
But they developed a relationship, of sorts 
(at least they shared a bench!).

Rosie and Hope have grown up together, 
looking after each other.

Both the children can't remember a time 
when we haven't had Rosie in our lives.

She's never far away from food!

Rosie Mae (we added 'Mae' when she came to us)
is now about 14 1/2 years old.
She is a loyal friend.
Quiet, so quiet (she only barks when she's getting excited to go out or playing in the garden)
and a constant shadow at our feet.
She has some totally disgusting habits (most of which involve poo) which we have been unable to shake off.  The vet said she picked up these ways when she was traumatized in her early life.
As a result, however, she has the constitution of an ox and has never had to go to the vets for anything other than her yearly booster and once she had a sore ear.

She hunts for hedgehogs in the garden
(but they are too clever for her).

and she and 'new' Susie the cat have a kind of friendship too.
Can you see Susie keeping a watchful eye in this photograph?!

Now she is deaf,  partially sighted, and quite elderly, Rosie spends a lot of the time sleeping,
dreaming of chasing bunnies
(she's caught a few in her time).

But she always has one eye on us.

And food.

Rosie Mae really is the best dog in the world.


What's the story of your dog or cat?
Go on, write a post we'd love to read all about it.


marigold jam said...

This beats Colin Firth hands down! She is lovely and I am not a dog person so that is praise indeed! What a sad story but what a happy ending to it. I hope she will go on to enjoy many more rabbit filled dreams with you.

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

First of all, thank you for clarifying who the "Yummm" man is..LOL

Now, Joanna, what a fantastic story about Rosie. And what a lucky girl she is to have been found by you and your family!

I had to click on the picture to be able to see Susie behind the plants. Sweet and funny.

Finally, please give them both a kiss for me, will you?

SusieJ said...

I'm sitting snivelling here - that is such a lovely story. Rosie-Mae might have had a traumatic start in life but she's had a loving home since then. She's gorgeous and cuddly.
Max sends doggy hugs - he's been with us since he was 8 weeks old.
Hugs xx

Jewels said...

Hi Jo - I posted about our Miss Gwendoline (still with us and like Rosie Mae absolutely fixated on food and us). Hard to believe she will be 14 years old this summer. Her brother, Master Gryphon, was hubbies "best boy" who left us (thankfully on his own terms) last year. I loved your story about RM - they all are very important to us...thanks for sharing :)

Susan T said...

What are you trying to do to me, I am now awash with soup and little happy tears. I don't know who was the luckier party - you, to have found Rosie Mae or her to have found you.

I can imagine her sitting in the pound (Death Row? - sob!) and thinking, if I stay very quiet and ignore that twerp over there making all the fuss, they may notice just how beautiful I am .

The photo of Hope and Rosie Mae on the pink rug is so lovely - you have a beautiful daughter.

Give RM a pat and a cuddle from deepest Lancashire. I have to admit I am a dog person through and though. Cat's I can take or leave, yes I know I might get hate mail, but dogs truly are our best friends.

Fancy your little boy wanting a dog called Rosie and there she was - pass me the tissues someone will you. I can hardly see to type!

bad penny said...

aw Bless her. She was meant to be with you

Heavens2Betsy said...

Ahh Jo, she really is such a sweet looking creature. All those years together - growing up with your children - they are such important times spent making memories. A lovely post Jo and a lovely waggy tale! pen x

missy k said...

What a lovely shaggy dog story!


Kath said...

Oh how lovely, I was very teary when I was reading this as it is very similar to the story of how we got Roobarb.
Thankyou for coming to my Blog to meet my 2 lurchers,I'm sure they are distant cousins LOL.
It was lovely to meet you and your beautiful girl, she obvioulsy has a wonderful home with your family and is very much loved.
I wish you all many more years together xx

craftattack said...

Now I know why I fell in love with your dog at firat sighT! Huga, Valerie

Serenata said...

Wonderful story Jo, she is a similar age to our dogs, one of whom has a rather disgusting eat his own pooh habit if he gets the chance...and then of course he pukes it back up - always on the carpet mind! So now he isn't allowed out on his own... we have to watch him like a hawk, and we tried everything! Can't blame on a traumatic 'childhood' either. It's just what he likes to do!

Gina said...

She's lovely!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Jo, you know how I love dogs and a story like this just warms my heart and soul! What a treasure your precious Rosie is!! How wonderful that you were there for her at a time when she needed someone and her long life is certainly a tribute to your devotion and care for her!

Tracy said...

What a sweetheart Rosie is...and she certainly found a place in your heart and good for you! I grew up with cats and just adore cats and we also have our golden who is a doll...pets are aawesome!

SusieJ said...

Hi Joanna. Thanks for tips re blogger.
The mini book is all real and all made by my own fair hand. Couldn't believe I made it and it actually folds as it should! Looks complicated but isn't.
I can scan and send you instructions if you like.
Hugs xx

Miss Iowa said...

I love dog stories like this! Rosie Mae is definitely a sweetheart. Reminds me of our Honey Girl, who was a stray found by my brother and his buddies. Honey was a cute but silly looking dog, a "Heinz 57" who we think was maybe a cross between a Corgi and a beagle. Her formative years were spent living with a bunch of rowdy college football players (and she had the personality as proof). She eventually ended up with my mom and dad when my brother moved across the country after graduation. She was an awesome dog who traveled well, loved to go on walks, sit on laps (even though she weighed over 50 pounds), and knew the sound of the cupboard that held the Cheetos. She lived to the ripe old age of 14 and we still talk about her as one of the best dogs ever.

Miss Iowa said...

HURRAY!! I can finally post again. :)

Virginia said...

Ah hun that's a fabulous post you should turn it into a mini book just as it is!

Susan Allan said...

I really enjoyed your story and laaughed a lot and ahhh-ed a lot too. What a fantstic faamily you are and Rosie Mae too, not forgetting Suzie. Did she have massive indigestion after consuming the sofa??
So funny!
My friend's daughter's dog eats cowpats!
Sue xx (little imperfections)

Susan Allan said...

Loads of laptop and keep mis-hitting!
Sue xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh dear joanna . . . . I so loved hearing your story of Rosie Mae. Thank you so much for sharing it! I almost couldn't finish reading though, because when I enlarged a photo to see if I could find your cat susie, watching over -which I did, that was hard to see- well, blogger sent me back to a place a few paragraphs down where you had cunningly placed Mr. Colin Firth in a wet shirt looking rather steamy!! Oh my, I was ever-so-distracted!!!! I had to read about him FIRST and then go up and finish your rosie mae's story!
Maybe i can calm down now, phew! My husband just doesn't understand my love of English movies that star colin firth, but I bet you do!

hensteeth said...

Dear Rosie Mae...your head was made for stroking and it fills me with great pleasure to read all about the last few years of your life with your lovely family...a perfect match and meant to be. x

Irish3 said...

I saw this the other day and didn't have a chance to comment until now, I'm so happy you posted the history of your sweet Rosie Mae!! I love all the pictures!!! What a sweet sweet girl and she always looks so very content. Good stuff!! Have a fantastic week!!

Privet and Holly said...

Lovely, lovely
Rosie Mae.....
What a peach
you found and
how wonderful
that you were
able to accept
some of her less
desirable traits,
knowing it was
from past trauma.
We had a dog like
that, as well.
Her name was Winnie.
Half black lab,
half great dane.
She had issues.
But, we loved her.
Thanks for this
darling story!
xx Suzanne

Bunty said...

She looks so sweet and very characterful - I bet she gets her own way a lot!

Thanks for the hug. :)


Ruca said...

Thanks so much for sharing Rosie May's story with us. Being a street dog myself I feel like my lifestyle is better than that of a collared dog but seeing the love you have for each other makes it clear that Rosie May's life as a collared dog is perfect. Give her a nuzzle from me in far away Portugal.