Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Use what's close at hand" ATC swap.

You know when you've got so much to do and really shouldn't be taking on anything else, but you just can't help yourself and say, "YES! I'll do that!".......?

Or is it just me that does that?

There's something about the inspirational ATC swaps that Kimberly from ArtJoyStuff suggests every Tuesday that just reels me in every time!

Like a moth to the flame.
Every time.

For this swap she suggested a theme of
"Use what's close at hand."

I have to confess here that, being very lazy, I rarely put anything away hence, embarrassingly, 
most things end up being close at hand!
However, I was very strict with myself and used;

sweet wrappers (thanks kids!)
gesso (always close to hand)
watercolour crayons (in tin on table)
picture of young cowboy actor (sitting waiting in a pot on table)
Little piece of string (from tag)
scrap of paper (table littered with them)
rubber stamped letters (stamps on table)

As you can probably tell there isn't much 
working room on my crafting table, 
but luckily I tend to work small so it usually doesn't matter. 

I popped that sweet l'il cowboy in a Mail Art envelope and off he went to Kimberly, who has now received him, 
safe and sound.

And what did I receive from Kimberly?
This little beauty.

Her ATC indicates a much more ordered mind 
and tidy environment!
Can you see the subtle sparkle on that sweet bird?
She's used a great combination of images and finished it off with her lovely trademark stitching.

Thank you for swapping, Kimberly!
Please don't take this personally but I definitely will NOT be joining in for a couple of weeks, and when I see your tempting swapping post I will stick my fingers in my ears and sing, 
"La la la la!"




Heavens2Betsy said...

Love your cowboy creation Jo. I, too, have a disorganised work space but I think thats the way it should be - when its tidy I feel I shouldn't mess it up - how berserker is that?! And you are definitely not the only one who takes on too much. But, I'm glad you did. pen x

Carmen said...

Both are gorgeous again. I love that sweetie wrapper background. The kids? Really?

And no - you are not alone and wont be the only one lalalalaing for a good few weeks.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
both are beautiful!!!! Oh, you want to see my table? Very messy and not too much room to work on. Have a lovely evening and I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Dogwood said...

Very nice. I adore both of your creative ATCs.
ATCs are so much fun to make
Have a nice evening...

missy k said...

Great swap idea....

Loving your 'sweet' cowboy, great upcycling of the sweet wrappers.

I LOVE the envelope! It's so pretty with the flowers and little blackbird..... beautiful. Glad it arrived safely.

Cute atc you got back from Kimberley :)


Virginia said...

Oh I'm disorganised and my space gets smaller and smaller and smaller and then I fire everything back in the cupboards to start again. However, I'm with you on the working with things on hand - it's amazing how something you've had 'forever' can challenge you to be 'used' and help make a stunning piece of work! I did this yesterday in fact and I'm really pleased with the results!

Hope you have a great day!

Susan T said...

Now I wonder what you could come up with if I let you loose in Paddy's room - I could sell the result to the TATE and hire a decorator and cleaner.

Sweet wrappers, crisp packets, smellorama socks, 4 tons of warhammer bits. Just getting you fired with enthusiasm!

craftattack said...

Great work from both of you. Love your mail art envelope! And you are not alone in having everything and a bit more on your table....Hugs, Valerie

SusieJ said...

Love both the ATCs - I dread to think what I'd come up with - mainly because I can't actually see my table any more - I really am going to have to tidy it.
Hugs xx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
So it worked, I have fooled you! My environment is not at all tidy, I cannot even work on my art table, I generally sit at my table with project on my lap-so sad.
Love your cowboy and mailart envelope too! Thanks for joining again and I hope you don't stay away for too long, my friend.
enJOY a lovely day!

Jewels said...

This is very cool Jo - my problem is I have TOO much on hand and I end up taking too much time to pull things together (ARGHHHH). I love everything and the envelope is really neat to! J

Monica said...

My studio(what a wonderful pretentious description of a work room)is overflowing with the attempt to make new curtains for the RV. The originals, male colors, are horrible. My measurement challenged brain is addled and it is taking forever. I finally had to put all unrelated stuff away so I can use the cutting table.

Susan Allan said...

Love the techniques you have used here!
Lots of inspiration here, thank you!
Sue xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

So lovely, Joanna. I always enjoy seeing what you have been creating and especially if it is mail art envelopes. You have a real flair for making them! The ones that landed here are some of my favorites . . . ooooh, I think another one should be arriving soon for Sue's exchange?? I can't wait! I am enjoying your new blog look too-love that Simon the cat. I always like the one where Simon points to his open mouth when he is hungry!!! : ^ ) lenna

bad penny said...

A good idea & both lovely results. I'm beginning to get on top of the houdework & what do I do ? take on an extra stint at the charity shop !

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

You ladies have too much fun!

If the result of getting involved in another activity, when you already have a lot to do, is this lovely art... why not, Joanna? You do a great job and the pleasure that you ladies provide to one another should be priceless!

A big hug.

Privet and Holly said...

I'd say Kimberly
is one lucky gal!
I just LOVE what
you created for her,
Joanna! Exactly my
style. I may just
have to add it to my
Pinterest craft board.
I'm longing for space
to create and have to
get working on that!
xx Suzanne

Katie said...

Haha!I never put crap away either! And I can never say No to another thing! Definately relate to this post! Love what you've done! xoxo