Saturday, 14 May 2011

What Was Rocking My World Yesterday

For bloomin' Blogger reasons I wasn't able to compile yesterday's Rocking post, 
but at last here it is.


A shopping trip to Bluewater with DS Luke.

Never thought I'd write that sentence!
A necessary shopping trip turned into such fun with Luke's constant and extremely funny commentary on me, his world and life in general.

For a start we were overtaken on the motorway by a vintage car.  It must have been fitted with a jet engine because it purred past me with no effort at 80 mph.
Luke was, of course, mortified that we should be overtaken by what appeared to be a 100 year old car!

Then, my mobile phone rang as we entered the shopping centre but there was no one there when I answered it.
This has happened to me before when I have entered other shopping centres and so I just said, 
"Oh, that's just Bluewater ringing me."
"WHAT??!!" says Luke, "Are you MAD? Shopping centres don't ring you!"
He wittered on for ages about that one, and will no doubt have been laughing about it to his friends.

Well I think they do.
Has this happened to anyone else out there?


These happy smiling faces have greeted me at my front door for a couple of weeks now.
They really cheer me up at the end of a day at work.


This magazine.

I bought its first ever issue from WHSmiths 
and it is WONDERFUL 
- sweet, fun, beautifully presented and ever so slightly mad.

I mean, crocheted jackets for apples?!
See what I mean?

It's all about making, thrifting, collecting and crafting.
Which just about sums me up really.

Anyway, pop along to the website for a better idea of what it's all about

I also bought this magazine

mainly because it is sold as 'The Paper Issue'.
I TOTALLY enjoyed this issue - it has lots of quirky articles on fantastic artists and clever do-able ideas.
I will definitely be looking out for this magazine in the future.

Their website is

I have almost finished my Little Books for Lenna's swap.
I had a couple of false starts (you know when you just don't love what you're doing?), but finally got on with them.  I MUST get them in the post on Monday so they get to Lenna in time.

Quite a few lovely Little Books have been received by Lenna already, click here to see them.


DD Hope and I are making a cake this afternoon.
I found a recipe for Lemon Drizzle Crunch cake, and I'm hoping it's going to be like the one I had last week at the Vintage and Makers Fair.

I'll let you know.


I'm linking this post with Virginia at Celtic House and I'll visit the other Rockers later.
Got to make CAKE now!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Sabrina said...

Ohh, I have a dear friend who just blogged she is in the Mollie Makes issue. She blogs by the name, Lola Nova and does all kind of wonderful things (those may even be her apple covers). You would love her blog too. Have fun flipping through the magazines this weekend. One of my favorite pastimes.

SusieJ said...

Interesting magazines - shall have to look out for them.
Interesting shopping trip too - I love watching rubbish films with my DS as he gives a running commentary that's usually better than the film! Boys can be such fun!
Hope the cake turns out OK - just send a slice my way please!lol
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, in spite of blogger! Actually, my shopping centre has never rung me....are you feeling quite well apart from that?? Hope your lemon cake turns out well! Hugs, Valerie

Monica said...

Joanna don't you sometimes feel that women who make those kind of items have time on their hands? They would make a great gag gift!

sugar Creek said...

Well it sounds like you had a fun time! Nothing better than getting a new magazine! I did get one the other day and came in the house to find Rosco had chewed the front cover off! Man he's lucky he's cute! Good luck with the cake it sounds yummy! xx

Letticeleaf said...

I've always promised myself I will NEVER go to Bluewater. I now have a new promise to myself - I will never, EVER make an anorak for an apple. LLX

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You really did have a rocking week Jo! Your magazines look wonderful as do your stunning flowers! Happy Weekend!!! Katie

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I'm back now, after a visit to the Mollie Makes website and I am smitten to the very core of wanting that mag! Especially when it has an article on Dottie Angel (a fave) Thank you ever so much for enlightening me to it!!!
Just the reason I keep coming back to your blog ~ you have wonderful ideas and suggestions!

Virginia said...

Oh what a lovely list - giggled at the idea of the shopping centre calling you! The magazine that you bought about the paper issue I saw today and was tempted but didn't was wondering if it was any good and now you say it is grrr - will have another look out for it! Loving the jackets for the apples even if it does seem a little mad LOL! Glad you've had a good week and thank goodness we're back with our blogs - missed it sooooooooooooooo much yesterday!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Hope the cake was yummy.

Your shopping trip sounds like fun.... and I'll have a sneaky peak at those mags.... though I am trying to be good in the magazine purchase department!!!!

Ps we are all moved in now :) ..... I am sitting in my new 'space' - the move went really well. Exhausting! Thank you for your gorgeous card btw!

I've never been called by a shopping centre either! I guess you just must be VERY special :)


missy k said...

hi Jo .... me again

did you realise your 'I sent mail art' post hasn't appeared on your blog? Or is it me?


Joanna said...

No, silly Blogger deleted it yesterday with all the hoo-ha (did you know that Blogger was 'down' all day yesterday, Karen?) and haven't found it again yet :o(

Serenata said...

Glad you had fun with Luke shopping! Some interesting magazines as are you REALLY going to make apple cosies?

Susan T said...

Those little apple cosies look adorable. We have just bought a new apple tree for the garden. I may have to make some cosies to ripen the fruit up here in the wilds of the North.

SHOPPING with Luke!! come on what did you bribe him with?

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I am glad you had a great week, Joanna. It must be wonderful to have a son to take shopping, and a daughter with whom to enjoy baking a cake.

I want to see the new haircut!
Love ya!

Carmen said...

Ooh now those magazines look interesting. I think those bonkers jackets actually have a purpose, I'm sure I read somewhere they prevent bruising to your apple while it's in your handbag... I may be wrong - they may just be yet another mental thing we crafters have made up :P

Love that you were over taken by a vintage car. I hate being over taken by bycicles!