Friday, 6 May 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Friday again, but no Royal Wedding today 
so this post is all about 
and what's been good about this week.


My blogging friends

who have sent me lovely mail (see previous posts)
left lovely comments on my blog
emailed me
shared my happiness at DS Luke's job success
and just been there.

Thank you,
you know who you are!


Really fruity flapjacks.

These are just so delicious and get wolfed down in a day (I caught Luke sneaking up to his 
bedroom with 4 - beats the usual rubbish he 
shoves down his throat).
 I've kinda mixed and matched various recipes 
to find the perfect flapjack.
Want the recipe?  
Let me know!


Tadpoles in Froggy Pond.
 (Pond? It's actually a large bucket!).

We couldn't wait any longer for the local 
frog paramours to provide spawn, 
so we were given some by our next door neighbours, 
whose pond is stuffed with frog spawn.
So far so good, we still appear to have live little wrigglers.
However, a frog has also appeared.  
It looks hungry :o(

The good news is that there is no sign of the 
Giant Anaconda
 that Luke is convinced lives at the bottom of the pond.



Charity Shops (again)

I got a pair of Laura Ashley curtains, 
BRAND NEW (rrp £189)
 never used, 
fully lined 
and really very lovely.
Go on, ask me how much I paid for them......

- for the pair!

Admittedly we had to buy a new pole and rings to take the weight of these beauties
but I am so pleased with them.

Even if Luke does call them 'old lady curtains'.

paper chains still up from last week's celebrations
I'm looking forward to going to the Kitsch and Stitch, 
Vintage and Makers' Fair tomorrow
 with DD Hope 
( it's always fun spending time with Hope).

click on picture for information

I'm not sure that there will be much there in our (limited) price range, 
but apparently they will be selling cake.


So it won't be a wasted journey, right?!

I'm off to meet a friend for coffee now 
so I'm going to post this with Virginia
and then I must dash!

Have a great weekend.



craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a yummy week in all respects! I would LOVE your flapjack recipe, haven't had them in ages! And your curtains are a fantastic bargain - they would look great in my living room, too! Have a lovely weekend, Valerie
PS Giveaway on my blog today!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Firstly thanks for the blurring info!!! I just wondered :)

I love your (not) 'old lady curtains' - what a bargain!

Have fun at the the Fair tomorrow- sounds like lots of fun, I will think of you shopping and eating cake when I am packing yet more boxes!

Have a great weekend..... love to you all


Susan T said...

I love your curtains. What do teenage boys know about style - nuff said.

The fair sounds great, there doesn't seem to be a lot of that sort of thing up her in the North. I wonder why. I would love to go. Course I wouldn't eat the cake!

Susan T said...

Oops I meant up HERE of course!!!

Virginia said...

Oh what a lovely post! Where to start - loving the curtains - so homely - not old lady like at all and a bargain to boot! Love it! Can I have the recipe for the flapjack - anything to stop said child eating his usual nonsense plus it might be a good stand it for hubby who seems incapable of having breakfast and then grazes all evening which isn't good for me!

Let us know how the show is and hope you have a fabulous girly day out - most envious!

Hope you enjoy your coffee with your friend! and keep us up to speed on frog watch LOL! Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!



Susan Allan said...

Thank you for such an interesting look at your world. It really was very enjoyable.
You and I have similar loves!!
Yes please, the recipe would be great!!!
Thanks for your sweet comment!!
Sue xx

joy said...

Hi, Joanna! Your week's review is always so interesting - love those Laura Ashley curtains! And, I love that Luke imagines a giant anaconda in the pond!!!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - I just finished a canvas for a friend that I will be posting soon, too. Woohoo - two posts!! LOL

SusieJ said...

A good week by the sound of it Joanna - those curtains are beautiful (and a bargain!). Ignore DS - they're "tasteful" not old lady!lol
Have fun eating cake and spending time with Hope.
Hugs xx

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I love this post! And yes YES I certainly do want that recipe! That looks amazing!

bad penny said...

Very lovely curtains you got there. Have fun at the fayre. I had a piece of cake today - the first for ages yum !

Lovely mail you received. Jess came with me to vote for her first time. Dillon sat outside barking & everyone laughed thank goodness !

sugar Creek said...

I love the cartoon at the top of your blog!! Even though I don't let my cat outside it's still so funny!
I love those curtains. Very pretty!
Really, who doesn't want cake? Have a great weekend! xo

Serenata said...

Gorgeous curtains and what a bargain! Definitely worth buying the new pole for :-)

Thanks for the recipe, will definitely try that one out.

Have a great weekend!

K said...

I'm hungry now, lol

Fab fab fab bargain! I really wish I had some charity shops closer by, I am always envious of peoples finds.

Carmen said...

I hope the tadpoles are OK! Bad frog, cannibalistic frog!

Blimey I've missed loads of your posts - you really should inform me when you intend to post - 'tis only polite you know!