Friday, 27 May 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

OK, girls and boys.

It's Friday.
I'm sitting here ready to write my Friday post
when I pause to reflect on the positive things from the week.

And my mind is a complete blank.

So I'll go slowly and try to build up a head of steam.



  I met my long time friend Dawn for a coffee yesterday.

Time flew.
We met at 9.30am and stopped to pause 
for breath at 11.45am!
I love her to bits and really enjoy it when we can 
get together to catch up with our lives.

My work and Zumba friend, Lyndsey.
Totally crackers but thankfully she knows it.
We get uncontrollable giggles at the most 
inappropriate times

and because she can keep a straight face and I can't, 
she gets me into lots of trouble :o)



I'm so pleased for DD Hope that she has finished 
her end of year exams.
She gets her knickers into such a twist about 
them and my heart goes out to her.

She's celebrating after school by going into town with her daft but lovely friends and having a chocolate frappe.
With cream.


Half term.

Nothing exciting planned, apart from next Saturday.
 I may have mentioned that
Hope and I are going to see

David Tennant (!)


Catherine Tate (!)

(I'm not swooning, but she's fab)

in Shakespeare's
Much Ado About Nothing.

But that'll be in next Friday's list because it is a 
whole 8 sleeps
before that excitement.


The Apprentice 2011.

We all watch it together and tut and judge 
and pontificate from the comfort of our armchairs.

Our favourite to watch is Tom.
I think the others in the process might have dismissed him as Mr Notebook-Calculator 
butI think he might be the dark horse, 
the one to watch.


New challenge.

I've just embarked on the
'Journey of You' 
online Journaling Course.

(click on this picture for information)
I read about it on Monica's blog Material Pleasures and was interested to read about this new e-course that she has just started.  I'm at the early stage of having downloaded the info, printed it off and reading through before I get started.

The only materials I need are paper, pictures torn from magazines and newspapers, and a gluestick!


Well, that wasn't so difficult in the end.
Oh, and now the sun has come out so I must dash into the garden and pot up some fuchsias that have been
 begging to be rehomed all week.

I'll post this with Virginia, Rocking Friday Queen and visit the other Rockers later.

You wanna join in? 

Please do
just link to Virginia and we can come and visit you and see what has rocked your week.



Jane Housham said...

Nooo, JIM to win! Although Tom was right this week to say that the beauty stall and the treatment room were too far apart, wasn't he?

Susan T said...

That is one lovely shot of David Tennant. I want ALL the details. Hope that you have a front row seat.

Glad Hope got through her exams OK, Paddy doesn't worry - nor does he revise!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

craftattack said...

Sounds like you had an eventful week. I must admit to not knowing who David Tennant is! But I have heard of Sgakespeare and Much ado about nothing, so I suppose he is an actor. Looks dishy, anyway! Glad your DD has finished her exams, and will now have some time to relax. Havea great weekend, Hugs, Valerie

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Awesome, joanna! Even when your mind is blank (so you say) you come up with a sumptuous gratitude list!! Love reading these, especially the part where your friend keeps a straight face and you burst into giggles, appropriately illustrated ;^0
xoxoxo your friend, lenna

Monica said...

I need a drink like that; sounds like a great week ahead. thanks

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Love the cat pic.... wish I had my camera when I spotted Beattie drinking out of the toilet the other day! Gross! Everyone will now make sure they put the lid down!!!! Never seen THAT before.

Has Luke started at the hairdressers yet? I had a great idea today btw.... a hairdressers -salo(o)n with a Western theme.... that would be so cool (ok maybe its just me - see what Luke thinks.... he can use it when he goes it alone!!!!)

I spied Kellys class a few weeks back and had totally forgotten about it... everything has been so busy - thanks for reminder :)

Love Kx

Serenata said...

Pretty good reasons for rocking on Friday! Have a fabulous weekend Jo.

Tracy said...

Great to catch up with you...Have a fabulous weekend!

Virginia said...

You sound like me this morning, I scratched my head saying it hadn't been a great week and before i knew it I'd got this amazing list - honestly love it I tell you when I start thinking!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO envious of your Shakespeare jaunt coming up, I love Shakespearean plays and with two great stars in it - it's bound to be awesome!

Glad you enjoyed your meet up with your friend, and giggling at the thought of you and your Zumba pal misbehaving!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend

PS Glad Hope has managed to finish those exams - time to chill for half term me thinks!

Carmen said...

Oh I so want pictures! Of Mr Tennant. I don't care if you get chucked out of the theatre. At least one picture please!

The journalling course looks fab, I shall investigate.

I thinkout of a weird looking bunch Tom is the cutest in his geeky way of course - I also think he's the one to watch.

Have a fab half term missus :)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

I cannot think of anything better to brighten a week than a visit with a giggly friend! And I am happy for Hope. I bet she are those tests with a spoon!

Clarky J said...

Wow David Tennant? you lucky gal - My teenager is jumping up and down at the thought - she was devastated when he dropped Dr Who! Fab RYWF post isnt it funny when all seems bleak there are always a few moments to smile about? Hue hugs x Janet