Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Coaster Art

Back in March Nathalie from An Artists Legacy asked if I would alter a coaster with an oriental theme.  A few people would be doing this for her and she would alter a box for them to be kept in.  What a lovely idea, thought I, and Nathalie sent me the coaster (plus a spare), and some collage materials.  This packet was put on a pile (one of many) and it was gradually buried and hidden from view.  I managed to find it again a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed altering these coasters (I couldn't resist doing them both).  The first one, with its soft muted colours, has a vintage geisha theme and the other one is far more modern with clashing vibrant colours.

I popped them in a Mail Art jiffy bag which amusingly the US Customs people were suspicious of it and opened it for investigation (Nathalie is convinced it was the slightly unstuck Fortune Cookie that worried the officials, maybe they couldn't bear for it to become detached!).  Anyway, having decided that it was not a risk to National Security or contraband, they resealed the envelope with the brightest green tape you could imagine.  I'm really pleased that they have unwittingly joined in with some collaborative art (in the Post Office in the UK the post clerk stuck the Air Mail sticker on upside down and I congratulated him on contributing to my Mail Art - information which he met with silence).

Thank you, Nathalie, for this fun project.
Please consider me for any more - 
I promise I'll be quicker next time!



Susan T said...

It made me laugh that they sealed the envelope with bright green tape. You would like to think it was deliberate in this corporate world we live in.

missy k said...

What gorgeous coaster Jo.... I especially love the envelope with the smiley face in the corner....

and is that a cocktail umbrella I spy?!

Have a good day!


ps hope you are wearing your badge!!!

craftattack said...

Lovely coasters, Why are the posties of this world always so strange? But yesterday there was a young man in ours and he LIKED my mail art! Valerie

Jane Housham said...

I think US Customs have you marked down now! Lovely coasters.

Things Hand Made said...

What a great idea, that the mail art is altered as it travels through the system!

Jewels said...

Jo you get to do the coolest things - coasters, who knew. As for Posties, well it sure is amazing the stories I continue to hear - what will they do if they ever go out of business? J

SusieJ said...

Love the coasters and the story of your mail art's journey is wonderful.
Hugs xx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Jo,
beautiful coasters!! My fave. is the vintage one.Have a wonderful day.

The Altered Paper said...

Beautiful project and a great post! Tee

MrCachet said...

LOL. Fabulous Green Tape. Did they add a stamp that said they had opened it? That would have made it even more special!

Lorraine said...

excellent artwork love the colours and what a funny tale

sugar Creek said...

Wow those are so cool!! What kind of coasters did you use? So neat!

Joanna said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments!

Lisa, they were just round cardboard coasters, like beer/drinks mats (know the sort I mean?).

Mr Cachet, the tape had big black lettering saying 'EXAMINED BY US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROT....' and I couldn't read any more. There was a super US Department of Homeland Security emblem also on the tape. Cool, huh?!

Dezinaworld said...

Ohh i love your gorgeous oriental pieces they are stunning and love the mail art too, trust customs hehe.
Also just wanted to mention
I have a collage and background giveaway on my Dezinaworld if you fancy adding yourself to have a chance to win the prizes.
Hugs June x

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

What a fab idea with the mum (knowing the magpie I am), has just given me a bundle of about 30 beer mats!! So, you have inspired me to alter one or two now!! ;)
Your oriental coasters are wonderful, i particulary like the first one!
...and your mail-art is WOW!...I think the customs were most probably being naughty, intrigued by your awesome packaging...Nosey blighters!!

Jan x

Sabrina said...

I'm always impressed with the number of swaps and classes you are able to complete. Wowie Zowie.

I adore the first one. It speaks to me.

I recently had a nice postal person who did not want to cover my artsy envelope with the priority mail stickers. Only I DID want her to, because I paid extra for that service and she was SO careful I'm sure it will get overlooked on the journal.

Katie said...

Those coasters are pretty darn neat! Great idea.
The joy of mail art and its journey. love hearing the mail's adventure.