Thursday, 2 June 2011

Journey of You art Journal class page 3

(Not Black or White but Grey)
Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments about pages 1 and 2 in my Journey of You Art Journal.  I really don't have much of a clue what I'm doing but I'm enjoying it anyway.

Here is page 3.
Not THAT kind of page 3.
Unlike page 1 there are no nipples,  real or otherwise,
sorry to disappoint.
I still think I'm being too literal in my choice of images.
Think OUT of the box, Joanna!

The new Claudine Hellmuth Composition in Collage online course has just started too and I've got 
to do, eek!
There'll have to be a little LESS blogging 
so I can get on with a little MORE arting!

Bye for now.



Jane Housham said...

I like it, it's sweet and funny. I think the more pages you do the further you'll venture over your boundaries.

missy k said...

Sweet, funny AND true!

I don't think you 'need to know what you're doing' - just do what you want!

Love Kx

Monica said...

I love it because it is literal. I just do not get all the writing of journal stuff with the visual having no relationship to written. it sort of is like running your mouth off without knowing what you are talking about. I just cannot write for writings sake. In fact i have resorted to Googling old poetry that i remember lines of from school. So far John Masefield is supplying stuff.

craftattack said...

Lovely journal. My suggestion: leave the h*******k, make more time for art and blogging! Valerie

Crafty Gal Linda said...

What wonderful journal pages. I need to get back to working in mine.

Irish3 said...

You're doing fantastic work! Alot of us have a very critical eye for our own work, but I think your journal pages have been ever so cool!!! Have a beautiful day!!

Susan T said...

A an original Urbani again, wonderful stuff. Just like life neither Black nor White but endless shades of grey.

Heavens2Betsy said...

I love your choice of images and I think they ARE outta the box! Maybe we just have different boxes. I think page 3 is brilliant and the lack of nipples hardly detracts at all! Just saw your lovely books displayed at Lenna's too ... gorgeous little masterpieces they are too. pen x

Susan Norwood said...

This page is adorable! I love the image!!I'm starting Claudine Hellmuth's class today too. It should be fun!

Ann's Art said...

Hi Joanna, I am now listed as a Follower (couldn't alter the exclaret thing...sorry about that) - it'll be great to follow your blog from my site and I will let William know all the news!! regards, ann.