Thursday, 30 June 2011

Little Books Received

I've received my return 'Little Books' from 

Just to remind you, these are the ones I sent to Lenna...

and what a lucky girl I have been..........

a BEAUTIFUL altered domino book from

A lace ribbon binding, and
the accordion pages are so lovely.

I love the images Terri has used on both sides of the pages.

I adore the crackle glaze on the outside 'covers'.

Thank you, Terri.  
This Little Book is just SO gorgeous!


Next up is this beauty from Jewels.
"Lovely Ladies"

Jewels has created a beautiful vintage themed Little Book,
having upcycled and altered a notecard she found 
at a Church Rummage Sale.

She used a 'napkin' technique for the inside covers.

Jewels made an ATC for each of the four ladies
and lined each facing page with beautifully stamped and gessoed music score. 

An original vintage stamp on the back!

You'll know how much I adore this, Jewels!
I love your style and I'm so lucky to have some of 
your artwork.


Then, what an absolute bonus -  Lenna included one of 
her Little Books too!

She made it out of an old pair of her husband's jeans -
I hope she asked you first, Steven!
A cute dog bone twill edging......

the inside front cover has this sweet quote;

Be still,
and hold
Your heart

And then on the inside back cover.....

It is the
that create
      the most

(Lenna has some fab rubber stamps).

Lenna added some lace on the back, 
which she assures me has not also been worn 
by Steven!


Sorry this post is a bit long, but I wanted to include photos which would show these superb Little Books to their best advantage.

Thank you, ladies for putting such work into these 
wonderful books.
Thank you, Lenna, for choosing these books for me - I ADORE them!

Lenna has put together another swap for her Creative Swaps. 
Pop over to Creative Swaps to find out about it.
Join in, it's such fun!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

These books are all beautiful,Jo!!
You are so lucky.TFS.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Menopausalmusing said...

Lovely little books. I enjoyed clicking on them to get a closer look. A lot of work and thought has obviously gone into the making of them.

SusieJ said...

Beautiful little books Joanna - I kow you'll treasure them.
Hugs xx

Jane Housham said...

That was my first thought too: you're so lucky! They're lovely and perfect for you.

Georgie Horn said...

those are adorable!!

Terri said...

Oh you received some gorgeous books! This was such a fun swap for me and I hope to do another little book swap with Lenna.
I adore, and I really mean it, ADORE the book I received from you! I love each and every page, every thing!
Thank you so much!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am so happy you love your little book swaps, Joanna! I so adore the royal book you made for me, thank you!! lenna