Sunday, 5 June 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

(Weeeeeee!  Look, programme signed by Catherine Tate)
Go on, ask me.

Did we enjoy seeing 
in Shakespeare's

What do you think?

(Happy Mrs Sack O' Potatoes)

(So near, yet so far.  David!  David!)

(sorry this is blurry, I was being jostled)

(Back of Catherine Tate, and sideways David)

(Catherine Tate)

(Smiling Catherine Tate, skinny David Tennant)

(Moving away from me.  I'm over here, David!)

(Poor Hope had been waiting for ages for me to take this photo,
hence the "when is she going to take this photo" expression on her face!)

Oh yes!

Wonderful play which, for this production, is set in 
the 1980's in Gibraltar.
David Tennnant made his arrival in a pimped golf buggy and was absolutely fab throughout the play.  Boy, can he do Shakespeare and make it totally understandable!
During one scene he wears denim 
(very) mini skirt and lacy tights
 - he is such a snake hips!
Catherine Tate has brilliant comic timing and was fantastic. 
The entire cast were brilliant and all looked like they were really enjoying themselves.
Funny, very funny.
Who thought Shakespeare could be so much fun?

The queue for the ladies toilet deserves 
a blog post all of its own!

I'm just off to sigh over the programme again.



bad penny said...

YES ! I'm thrilled for you as you had so many sleeps to wait for this !

Jee said...

Green with envy. Which silly person in this family decided to move us when we used to be 15 minutes by train from central London!

SusieJ said...

I'm not jealous, honest I'm not..well, not much!
Sounds fabulous! So pleased you and Hope enjoyed it. :)
Hugs xx

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Hurray, Joanna!!!!! I am soooo thrilled that you had this much fun, my friend.

You look beautiful in the picture. And so does Hope! Yes, indeed, you girls had a heck of a good time!

Gina said...

Am I envious... heck, I am! Would love to see this production. Sounds like you had an amazing time.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

This sounds so wonderful, Joanna! I would have love to have gone with you & Hope : ^ ))

Jewels said...

Well Jo you are a lucky Gal - I showed my hubby the pics (he is a big Dr. Who fan) and even he was a little green. While not quite on par with your show, we are off to Stratford Ontario next weekend to see the Merry Wives of Windsor with the actor Brian Dennehy (I don't think I will be trying as hard to get autographs from him - I'd much rather see slurpy (thats my term for delicious) David)...what fun!

craftattack said...

Sounds like it really rocked! Hugs, Valerie

Susan T said...

Jo I love the photos of you and Hope - you are two natural beauties you really are. Sack of potatoes my eye!

I am glad it was good, how could it not be. You are right about David Tennant, he speaks Shakespearian verse in such a natural way. Have you seen his version of Hamlet, we have it on DVD, he is brilliant in it, and I understood every word ( well nearly!)

Lucky lucky you. Why can't they open an offshoot of the RSC in Manchester.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Glad you had fun!


Jane Housham said...

You both look great. How nice of the two of them to come and see their fans. All looks such a good time.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Lucky, lucky girlies ... are Catherine Tate's cheekbones really as they look on the poster? Sorry, I know we're all concentrating on DT. Sounds like you and Hope (doesn't she look just like you?) had a ball .... so happy for you. pen x

William the Lurcher said...

Hi Joanna, William the lurcher dropping by to say I think mum has managed to get me as a Follower on your blog:) Whoopy do, she can be a bit slow. Oh and by the way, I really like the look of Rosie Mae, what a cutey. love william.

Carmen said...

I'll have what your having! :D

Looks like a right scrum - needed to sharpen your elbows methinks :D Looks like a brill time was had - are you still flying high?

Carmen said...

I'll have what your having! :D

Looks like a right scrum - needed to sharpen your elbows methinks :D Looks like a brill time was had - are you still flying high?

Susan Allan said...

I enjoyed reading this post. How amazing to get up so close to your favourite stars!!
The theatre can give such amazing and unexpected pleasures!
Have a lovely evening!
Sue xxx

Virginia said...

Jealous so very very jealous but you sound like you had a fabulous time, I'm so glad it was as good as you'd hoped and more and look at you getting all the photos afterwards - fabulous stuff!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Lucky, lucky ladies :)
So glad you had a fabby time!!