Friday, 3 June 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Wow, it's flaming June already.
And flaming Friday.
So here's my list when I stop, look at my week and make note of the things that have been good.

Half Term holiday.

We've just been chillin'.

Here's my darling Rosie Mae soaking up the sun's rays on the patio. 

Dreaming of bunnies, perchance?
So what have we done this week?
We've had friends here, we have met up with friends, and we've been going to friends houses.
Luke had an interview at the college where he'll be learning how to be a barber, and came home with a list of required equipment which adds up to over £200.  How is that right for an apprentice who is only earning £30 a week 
from his Saturday job?
I took Luke, Hope and Hope's friend Tabby to see the
 new X-Men film.

Films about mutants aren't generally my thing 
but the kids really enjoyed it.
'Erik' (Michael Fassbender), however, 
was quite pleasant to watch, 

and I'm not often attracted to men 
wearing capes and helmets.

But of course, this all pales into insignificance
 because you know what's happening tomorrow, don't you?


Row K
in the stalls
to see

Mmmm,  DT in a uniform.

Hope and I are going to have a girlie mooch round Covent Garden (she's got her eye on a bikini in Cath Kidston), have a trolley dash round Blade Rubber, a bit of lunch and 
then we'll go to the theatre.
I think we'll do the hanging around the stage door 
thing afterwards too. 
You never know, we might get some autographs.


Great Mail.

Do you remember the ATC swap I did with Kristin
when I thought my ATC's had gone missing en route and 
then they turned up 6 weeks later?
Well, Kristin's arrived this week having been returned 
to her once because the packaging had 
mysteriously come undone.
Funny how often packaging of interesting looking 
things comes undone, isn't it?!
I love the fabric ATC 'envelope' she made.

Her ATC's (we had the themes of 'Women' and 'Travel') are lovely and I'm so glad they finally got here.

Thank you, Kristin!


 I have been really enjoying doing my 'Journey of You' art journal (class button on sidebar), which  is fun.  I can already see how I'd like to develop this but I'll continue these
 pages as per the course 
before starting on the new style.

I have also just started the new 
Composition in Collage Claudine Hellmuth course.
I love her style but have no ambitions to copy 
what she does, just learn from her.
I've got homework to do and I'm going to 
make a start on that tonight.

I'm also keen to have a go with my new Lumiere paints 
bought online this week.
Lenna uses them to great effect (skip over to her site by clicking on her name, she is so wonderfully creative) so I thought I'd have a go too.


Sunny wishes to you all this weekend.
I'll post this Virginia at Celtic House and visit the 
other Rockin' chicks later.



craftattack said...

Sounds like you need 10 days a week with so much to do! Your week was def, more eventful than mine! Valerie

SusieJ said...

Great week and even more to come!!! Give DT a hug from me pls.if he does come to the stage door. :)
Love the pics of Rosie-Mae - she's really chilling there.
Hugs xx
p.s. if we get stuck on our homework tonight can we confer? lol
Love the images provided and was going to buy the book she recommended ..until I saw the price (and that was on Amazon)- couldn't justify it for the reading of one section. :(

missy k said...


Rosie is looking gorgeous as ever.

The film of choice this week over here is Hangover 2.......

Sounds like a great day planned for London..... good luck back stage!

Try before hand too.... you might get to see them go in ......

Lovely mail art......

I haven't even gotten around to LOOKING at the CH class... this weekend for sure :)

Love Karenx

Susan T said...

How many really really really's would it take to convince you I would just love to come to the theatre to see DT with you and Hope.

I would be very well behaved. I wouldn't try and run onto the stage at all - honest!

Give Rosie Mae a big hug from me, that gal knows how to chill bless her.

sugar Creek said...

Looks like you've had a busy week as well!
Plus it looks like at least your doggy stays out of the mud! If mine see one little puddle they get in it!
Have fun at the show! That would be awesome to go see!

Virginia said...

Crikey you've been a busy girl this week! The £200 list doesn't sound much fun - although it does sound typical LOL!

Still green with envy over your trip tomorrow I hope you have a fabulous time!

Rosie Mae looks like she's been enjoying the sun!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


Relyn said...

Hello, my friend. I haven't been around the blog block in ages what with the end of the school year craziness. I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I've missed you and this inspiring place you have created here. It's good to be back. And, oh. That's really great mail!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hey Jo, lucky you and hope and Row K too! You'll have a lovely view of DT smouldering away. Sounds like a lovely week you've had. Can't wait to see your collage creations and am really enjoying your pages. Not fair about Lukes outlay ... totally unreasonable if you ask me. Have you met his young lady yet? I'm dying to know ...
Have fun tomorrow and all the rest of next week too. Pen x

Irish3 said...

Well, you're staying busy with all your crafting endeavors! I love the picture you posted of Rosie Mae, she looks so content soaking up the sun!! My Riley won't lay or sit while outside for some reason.. I've seen him do it twice and I have one picture of it because it was such a one off occasion! Well, enjoy your weekend and keep rocking along!!

Jane Housham said...

Sounds like a great week -- looking forward to hearing about the theatre trip.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

At the end of a busy week, I think I should take a cue from Rosie Mae! I appreciate your kind thoughts you've left on my blog, and hope you also have a great weekend Jo!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

A good and busy week you had, my friend. I am happy for you.

The picture of Rosie Mae sun bathing is the cutest thing, Joanna.

I am anxious to see all the new art that you are going to create, after the special classes!
Love ya!

trisha too said...

Well you're a busy lady, right? You always get the best mail--where do you find all these amazing swaps?!

Have a wonderful weekend; you WILL give us the update, right??


Carmen said...

So I guess you've been to see DT now? ooh I hope he was as fabulous as hoped. Did you get to meet him afterwards?

Fabby week this week, love all the artilicious stuff going on... keep meaning to ask you. What should I call you if not lurker eh? Loveable stalker?

I felt the same about Pinterest when I first joined, sit down with a cuppa and really look through it, check out Sians post here too you'll get it :P Not complicated at all - I recommend adding the button to your bookmarks bar and I also leave the Pinterest page open most of the day so I can nosy at what people are adding :P

The inspiration on there is unbvelievabubble.

William the Lurcher said...

Whoops!! mum tried to sign me up as a follower of your blog, but somehow it all went wrong - looks like 'exclaret' came up by mistake with my photo - mum isn't a techo person and can't seem to remove it. She apologises prefusely for this error. She is going to try again so you get William the Lurcher properly as a follower (perhaps you can remove the exclaret one from your end?!!) love william.

Katie said...

Lucky Jo---livin the good life this week! So many fun things! Where to begin? love love love...all of it!