Friday, 24 June 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Friday Greetings!
I missed Rocking last week for one reason or another but I'm back with a vengeance today, ready to pick out 
the good from the bad and the ugly 
from the past week.

DS Luke and I had such a funny time yesterday buying 
him a suit, shirt, tie and shoes for his
 6th Form Leavers Masked Ball which is tonight 
(there's nothing like leaving it to the last minute 
for focusing the mind!).
He was great company and after a couple of hours it was mission accomplished with coffee and cake as reward.

He had a strange experience in the changing rooms 
in Marks and Spencers.
We'd sorted out the suit and he was just trying on the 
shirt that he'd chosen.
He came out to show me, yes fine, 
go back and get changed Luke.
This took all of 20 seconds.
20 seconds later he's back still wearing the shirt, 
saying, "My t-shirt's gone."
"Go back and check, Luke.  Has it fallen on the floor?"
10 seconds later he's back, shaking his head.
I couldn't go and look because ladies were not allowed in.
So in a loud voice (I can be quite assertive when I need to be!) I said to the already less than helpful changing 
room assistant (he seemed to have forgotten the assisting 
part of his job description!), 
"My son's t-shirt has been taken, will you please help?"
Off the two of them went - 
turns out it had 'somehow' ended up with some old guy in the cubicle next to Luke's,
who as cool as a cucumber handed it over with no explanation as to how it had ended up with him.
Hmmmmmm, weirdo.
We can laugh about it now ;o)

Anyway, I digress.
I had one of 'those' moments today when Luke 
was getting ready for his 'do'.
You know when your heart is in your mouth and 
you realise that this is a moment that will be 
etched on your memory for ever, 
along with his first day at school?  

Luke, 16, is usually polo-shirted, 
be-trainered and be-jeaned.
Here he is wearing a suit.  
He insisted on having a shirt with double cuffs and cufflinks.

All of a sudden I was looking at a grown up young man.


DH Grant and I enjoyed walking Rosie Mae today 
when we caught the best sunshine of the day.

On the trail of something disgusting no doubt.

Oh no, the swamp monster!



I'm loving Lady Gaga!

I think I'm rather fashionably late to the Lady Gaga appreciation party - but better late than never, eh?!
I got this cd from a charity shop and have 
hardly stopped playing it since.
I love it.

I'm also really enjoying Eliza Doolittle, having seen her on this youtube clip on the blog Destination Unknown.

(I bought this cd today)
She's uber cute and has a quirky style which is
maybe more grown up than the cover of her cd infers.

June at Creative Dreamer sent me some sweet notecards
printed from her own design as part of her birthday celebrations.

I love their vibrant colours and that very cheeky mermaid!
Thank you, June!

I'm looking forward to a school trip I'm going on next week.
We're off to The British Museum to see an 
Egyptian exhibition (the children are doing a project 
about the Ancient Egyptians).

Thomas on The Apprentice 

has got through another week, 
even if it was by the skin of his teeth!

I have to admit that Helen is probably the better 
candidate but I LOVE Thomas, he's so sweet!

Grant was on the tv this week
on The One Show!
(Grant is on the left)
It was only for a second or two but it is his moment of fame!
Signed photographs upon request.

OK, you've probably fallen asleep with boredom 
by now so I'm going to say 
"Good Night!"
I'm linking this to the Head Rocker Virginia over
at Celtic House - if you're still awake come on over with me 
and if you wanted to you could join in.
It's all about taking notice of the good things in life.


Ann's Art said...

Goodness Joanna...when you said you were back with a vengeance you really meant it...did you take breath during all this typing. What a great post, it makes mine look so tame!

The Scrappy Tree said...

Your boy looks so handsome :)

SO glad that someone feels the same as me about the Apprentice! lol

craftattack said...

Ooooooooooh, what a long post! Your week seems to have been more eventful than mine. Your son looks gorgeous in his new suit, what a hip young man, Very elegant, but what did that old bugger in the cubicle next door want with his Tee shirt? The mind boggles! The pics of your dog are, as ussual, the absolute stars, Lady Gaga and the other young lady can't compete! Havea nice weekend, hugs, Valerie

sugar Creek said...

What a handsome young man you have there!!
Seems like you've been busy!

SusieJ said...

What a fabulous post Joanna - very handsome young man there btw.
My mind is boggling over the Tshirt. ??!!
Great photos of Rosie Mae - love her and Max sends hugs - he's been digging again today (burying food which will no doubt reappear in a disgusting state sometime in the future).
I'm late with my post today (but it is still Friday and I have a good excuse:))
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s. can I have Grant's autograph please - he looks so serious and efficient there.

Miss Iowa said...

Hello! Lots of great pics. Almost can't believe the story about the weirdo in the dressing room. Can't be too careful anymore, I guess. Have a great weekend!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

great post, Joanna. I so love reading them. It is always good to appreciate the good things in life!! Like a package that might arrive for you soon??? : ) lenna

Susan T said...

What a grown up handsome chap you have there, he looks so smart in his new suit. IF I ever see Patrick in a suit I will fall over. Prince sends Rosie Mae a woof and deep respect for sneaking a mud bath.

Grant looks super efficient in his shot, he should have been with you when you went to M&S with all the T shirt shenanigans, there are some very strange people about.

K said...

Oh bless, doesnt your lad look spiffingly grown up in a suit.

I quite like Lady gagas music but am a little bit miffed at her at the moment (I'm sure she's gutted to hear that!). I dye my hair red, suddenly loads of people are doing it, then purple & pink, again lots more start doing it so I go totally different & dye it turquoise only to see Lady Gaga wearing a turquoise wig the next day, gah!!! lol.

Letticeleaf said...

I'm still awake, what was the question again?

I'd love a signed photo, I've got a thing about men in uniform. Oh and Hubs was a copper as well, many moons ago.

Thomas to me seems really genuine, that's why he'll not survive. LLX

Virginia said...

Wow that's a full post, the photo of your son made me smile but i know what you mean about them growing up so fast, said 10 year old is almost 11 gulp, one more year at primary and he's off to secondary school double gulp how did that happen!

The photos from your walk look fantastic and loving the photo of hubby on TV!

HOpe your weekend is Rocking also! Hugs

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Great post, Joanna!

Your son looks very handsome. The deal with his T shirt was weird, though... the old pervert!

The walk with Rosie Mae was a pleasure, until I got to the picture of the "swamp monster". I yelled "No Way! Did she really get into the water/mud?" Yep... she did. Who gave her the hose shower back at home?

You had a great week, that I can see. More to come is what I wish to all of you!

bad penny said...

Oh I watch the one show & I missed Grant ! My friend's hubby used to be one of the policemen outside no 10 & I missed every glimpse of him too !!!

Luke looks fabulous in his suit.

I can see that Rosie Mae would get on well with Dillon !

Terri said...

Awww, what a cutie! Yes, they do grow up fast!
You have a lovely blog and I am so glad I have had a chance to "meet" you through Lenna's book swap.

Irish3 said...

Wow! Your son looks so handsome!!! I love it! My middle child just graduated from highschool this past week as well and I love seeing him in suit and tie. I sometimes tell my daughter I'd like to live back in the 50's when all the men wore dress slacks, button down shirts and ties and cool hats.. suspenders. They look so handsome that way! Rosie looks like quite the character once again in this post!! Love her!! And.. it must be nice to be married to a celebrity!! How exciting for you!! Have a great weekend!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo!! It's so good to sit here this evening and catch up on your blog! What a nice looking young man your son is, and how happy Rosie Mae looks!!

I'm also a newer fan of Lady Gaga, and am always stunned by her shoes that I know would never come in my size! :-)

I do hope you're having a good weekend!!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Luke looks great! and I really like his hair like that....

Are you sure Luke being so tall didn't just flip it over the top of the changing room wall when he was getting changed? It's possible!

Really hope he enjoyed the ball.... did he have a special mode of transport.... did Grant arrange a police escort???? Livi went to hers in a VW Orange Camper van!!!!

Am I the only person that has NEVER watched the Apprentice and can't stand Lady Gaga? Woody loves her! Oh well, it's a good job we are not all the same :)

ps love the photo of Grant!

Have a great Sunday..... the sun is
out and I am going in the garden :)

Carmen said...

Ruby is Lady Gaga's no.1 fan. She knows all the words and I don't know how as we don't have the CD. Every time we get in the car "can we have Lala Gaga Mummy?" Er... if it's on the radio... yeah!

Thomas is my favourite in the Apprentice. I don't think he'll win though unfortunately.

Fabulouso post agan :D really made me smile this morning. Don't look at how late I am posting.