Thursday, 7 July 2011

Anyone Want to Go To Tracey Emin Exhibition?

Does anyone fancy going with me to the 
Tracey Emin Exhibition
"Love is What You Want"
at The Hayward Gallery at The Southbank Centre in London?

I've got a few dates I can do and it is on until the end of August.

There is information and a link to a youtube clip about the exhibition if you click on the (very long!) link below



Susan T said...

Oh If only I lived nearer I would love to go with you. Not to keen on Tracy Emin but the good company would more than make up for it.

Letticeleaf said...

Yes please I'd love to go. She always makes me laugh when she says she hasn't the time to work. Then lo and behold she always features in the party pages of the weekend papers! That's my girl! LLX

Joanna said...

Brilliant! Anyone else want to join the party?!

SusieJ said...

Yes please Joanna! This sounds like a fun, girls day out. :)
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Not a fan!!!

Hope you all have a great time though :)


craftattack said...

I would love to, but it's too far for a day out! Hope you have a good time though! Valerie

Carmen said...

Would love to have gone but due to some stuff we found out today pennies will be short for the forseeable. Happy stuff though.

Shall expect lots of piccies!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Sweet Joanna, I would if I could!

I hope you have a great, fantastic time!

Are you supposed to go bare naked as the girl in the picture?

Love ya, my friend.

Joanna said...

Oh to be the girl in the picture with a pert bot like that!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

meee, me!! oops! I think it is too far for me right now . . . a mere hop, skip & a jump across the pond. I would if I could! have fun and be sure to tell us all about it. xoxo