Saturday, 16 July 2011

Art Journal Every Day - 13th-15th July

(Look About You)
Using the prompt 
'Vacation at Home'
from the
'In the Sun' e-course 
I chose to highlight some
of the many reasons for having a holiday at home,
or to have a 

Image clipped from magazine,
map background, gessoed.
"Look About You" taken from a book - 
there's so much to see and enjoy locally
but we're so often too busy.



Susan T said...

Just brilliant Jo. I agee with every line, done with the Urbani style of course. I love going away - but I love coming back home too. That first cup of proper tea when you walk though the door is just bliss - and your own bed.

SusieJ said...

Ooh, I love this one Joanna - fabulous image and great reasons for staying @ home (esp. our beloved pets!).
Hugs xx

marigold jam said...

Exactly what I think. Today it's pouring with rain but Thursday it was a beautiful day on a staycation you can go places when you want to on a whim and stay in and do some crafting when it's wet - can't do that on a package tour!! Like you I am not keen to go far just now anyway and would prefer to be home with my "baby"!

missy k said...

What beautiful pages......there's no place like home!


Monica said...

Great composition !

Carin said...

Great page! Love the map background and how it works overall.

Sabrina said...

Again, so impressed with your versatility! You have such an eye, beautiful image you found and I love how you worked with it!!

sugar Creek said...

Great work! I love a kids...not so much!They always want to go somewhere that I gotta where a bathing suit in front of a million people!!LOL!!

Letticeleaf said...

We're on a permanent staycation for the time being. The reason? Lettice our much loved rescue dog who has been my constant companion for the last thirteen years. She has had a couple of doggie strokes (not the nice ones!) The stress of a change of routine, (even though she adored the elderly couple she has always stayed with) would be too much for her. It's not hard, living in a beautiful part of the world, in a home you love, with the things around you giving you so much pleasure.

I love your work Jo. Sewing with glue is it? LLX

craftattack said...

Lovely spread, Jo, and staycation is sometimes really good! Valerie

bad penny said...

I was in my friend's cafe this morning & she asked some customers if they were on holiday. They said no they lived here. I giggled " Hell ! someone has to what a hardship !!! "

Great journal page

Virginia said...

I love this page it's gorgeous! Hope you've had a great day!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love the muted map background and those wobbly edges make my heart pitter-patter! Love that you are doing this, Joanna!! xo lenna

Amelia said...

what a great image you've created. You've inspired me to have a staycation and also go and make a lovely cup of tea on this wet, windy sunday afternoon too :)


JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Fabulous pages, you put everything together so well Jo!
..and some great reasons for a staycation too :)
Jan x

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Absolutely Wonderful darling Jo! I love all the reasons why! I adore all of your journal art! I notice the new Mollie Creates in your side bar. We have to wait longer here for ours ~ and it is a favorite of mine now, thanks to your introduction!
Sending you loving blessings ~ me

mariasangel said...

what a great layout! everyone loves to get away, but staycations are so less stressful! LOL!

Irish3 said...

Love this spread! And.. I agree with each and every reason on your list! Although my 21 and 18 year old sons think I should happily leave the house and animals to them and go away for weeks at a time.. it's just not happening! Nice work! Love to Susie and a pat for Rosie!

bad penny said...

Nursery Rhymes usually have a dark meaning. I gave mum a book about them once & last time I stayed with her, I looked a few up !

Fabulous Ladybird...hurry home now !