Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Collection Show 'n' Tell - Birds

Privet and Holly

Do you know Suzanne at
Holly and Privet?
Well, you might just want to click
on the pic above and pop over there.
Her lovely posts, 
always accompanied with
great music,
are beautifully written.
She has brought tears to my eyes and
a lump to my throat
on many occasions.
She has also made me laugh out loud.
She has the knack of making you feel
like you're one of her very special friends.

She has a way with words.
A wonderful way with words.

 Suzanne is hosting a
Collections Show 'n' Tell.

Previously, Jane at
recently amazed me with 50 of her
wonderful collections
(I suspect she could have kept on going too).
I had always intended to join in and show some of
my collections but didn't get around to it.
And then I read about Suzanne's link-up.....

My first collection is

My dresser in the dining room is home to most 
of my sweet birdies, who have often been 
rescued from charity shops.
The deep red card one with button, however,
 was made for me by
a souvenir of when we met up at 
The Victoria and Albert Museum last year.
The gorgeous card with the bird and letter 'B'
was made and sent to me by Lesley.

A mini sub-collection of owls huddle together.
The soapstone swan was a gift from DD Hope 
many years ago from a school trip.

I don't know how the knitted cake got in on the act
or the cuddling couple!

On the window ledge at the side of my dining room
(guarded sternly by the shadowy figure of 
Annie Oakley - with gun!).

An Easter chick who didn't want to be packed away.
One of his feet frequently falls off :o(

This little chap is on a springy wire
and is, I think, designed for the garden.
He prefers to be indoors with all the other birdies.

We picked up this Cardinal screen print in 
a charity (thrift) shop.
I LOVE his bright red colour.

This blackbird is a potato print,
I bought it last year at The Country Living Fair.

I make sure this bird cage door is always open so
the birdies can come and go as they please.

A Christmas decoration that I couldn't bear to
pack away.  I love that this birdie is in a heart
(another of my collections......).

I made the little 'hope' bird in a wire cage.
He can slip in and out should he wish to.

DH Grant gave me these 2 many years ago.
They sit happily on the fireplace hearth
 in the sitting room.

This Swallow is, again, from a charity shop,
and flies over photographs of the children
 when they were very young
(Luke on left, Hope on right).

If I have time (I'm running round like a 
headless chicken getting ready for our holiday)
I'll come back again with my next collection,
No broken ones :o)



SusieJ said...

Amazing collection Joanna - very quirky. So nice to hear the "back stories" too.
Hugs xx

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed hearing about your birds. Quite a collection with stories to tell.

craftattack said...

What a beautiful collection of birds! Thanks for sharing! Valerie

Susan T said...

I love all your birds Jo, especially the little collection framing the gorgeous photos of Luke and Hope. I can see your artistic eye in all the arrangements. If I did it it would merely be a collection of THINGS, you make it look so inviting. I have a thing about owls too.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I enjoyed your bird collection and the pics of Luke and Hope are amazing. I don't remember ever seeing those before at yours.

Happy packing!


Jane Housham said...

Oh how lovely! I love seeing all these places in your home. Sweet birds -- and beautiful photos of Luke and Hope.
I think I might have to do a link myself -- can't resist...


Your sweet collections are displayed so beautifully.

I am coming over from Suzanne's at Privet and Holly.

Glenda (link #27)

Olive Cooper said...

The owls are adorable. We love birds here and feed them at several feeders and actually have two great horned owls in the woods by us...so we got birds aplenty! Visiting from Suzanne's. ♠O

Privet and Holly said...

Joanna, I
almost always
laugh and leave
with a smile on
my face when I
visit you. Today
my chest is puffed
out a bit like some
of your lovely
birdies at the sweet
and kind words that
prefaced your shown-n-
tell : ) Thank you
for that!! Also, loved
seeing those things
that reflect YOU. I
also have a weakness
for birds. I didn't
show my collection of
bird plates as my post
grew too long. So glad
that you are in my
collection of dear bloggy
friends! Thanks for the
peek into your flock.
I'll be back to check
out the hearts!
xx Suzanne

bad penny said...

Just had to pop back for another peek ! Hope & Luke look so alike in those photos !