Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Collection Show 'n' Tell - Hearts, Money boxes and Dr Who

Privet and Holly
(click pic to see all the other collections)
I really shouldn't be doing this.
I should be packing our suitcases
ready for a week on this,


I can't resist joining in Suzanne's show 'n' tell
and I'm feeling sorry for myself.
I've had 4 injections into my gum this afternoon
because I managed to pull out a very old dental filling
(eating a stupid chocolate eclair toffee sweet)
and so it had to be removed and refilled.
Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!

Anyway, back to collections......


They're everywhere here.
This is just a selection of them.

This one is very finely cut wood.

Metal hearts, fabric hearts, wooden hearts........

an antique crystal heart given to me by 
DH Grant last wedding anniversary.
It sits in a printers block tray full of some of the inchies
 I've made (and a few altered dominoes)

A tree of hearts.

This hanging heart candle was a birthday 
gift from a dear friend.

The large wire heart was found in a shop in 
Lyme Regis (hands up who LOVES Lyme Regis!!).

A spiced Christmas hanger from 
Christmas too lovely to put away.

Above the stove in the sitting room.

Found heart shaped stones 
(and teeny tiny rubber duckie)
in the bathroom under a photograph 
of the children taken many years ago
at a family holiday at Branscombe, in Devon.
Happy days :o)

Naughty Mr and Mrs
have 3 hearts between them.

Money boxes

I started off gathering money boxes that looked like

old fashioned British pillar boxes 

but this seems to have grown to include others,
including Random Cow and Zebra (best of friends).

Doctor Who stuff

as previously modelled by DH Grant,
a Dalek head
with fully functioning voice, 
lights and 'plunger'.

A Dalek (which opens to reveal Tom Baker as 
The Doctor and Davros),
a fully posable David Tennant doll as The Doctor,
a strange character from one of the episodes,
a mini Dalek encased in a plastic box to 
ensure it can't take over the world,
a smaller David Tennant Doctor Who Doll.

Also getting in on the act,
a ninja
a painted tile by DS Luke from when he was 10
2 random creatures with goggle eyes
and the rat from 'Flushed Away'.
Why, you may ask?
Well, they all have a place in my heart
and so have earned a place on the dresser.

I'm aware that I have many more collections
but I really must go and pack.
Another time maybe.........



craftattack said...

You sure have collected a lot! And I thought I was bad!! Hope your case is now packed and wish you all a good holiday! Hugs,

MrCachet said...

LOL. Your 'inventory'. Does it know any bounds? This is fabulous. As I get further and further into my miniature arrangements of things to portray, I find it very difficult not to become an accumulator. I don't have much shell space left, and it appears that neither do you!

SusieJ said...

Wow! You don't do things by halves do you! Some fabulous collections there Joanna.
Hugs xx
p.s. really like the David Tennant doll. sigh..

Katie said...

I love your heart collection! That tray of inchies is soooo awesome!! Have fun on the cruise. weee!

Linda said...

I love all your hearts and I agree...that tray of inchies is wonderful! Have fun on your cruise...where are you going?

Susan T said...

If you are going swanning about on a boat all week, who is going to dust your lovelies? I have just considered the fact that sounds rude.

Ah your little tray of inchies is beyond lovely.

Have the best fun dear one. I expect to see a photo of you looking very glam, complete with lip gloss.

bad penny said...

Jo I've just caught up with your recent posts & sorry I missed so many. What a lovely home you have packed with wonderful things . I love them all !!!

Sorry about your tooth -sore. Go & have a simply wonderful holiday & come back to show & tell us all !


missy k said...

Thank goodness you didn't have your tooth problem on holiday though!!!

I love your collections especially the heart shaped stones.... I love beach combing and I'm sure I will love Lyme Regis when I get there!

Now get packing!!!!! Don't forget your sea legs:)


Miss Iowa said...

I love your printers box with the inchies! So colorful and fun to look at all your creations together. The "naughty Mr. and Mrs" are a real hoot. Have fun on your trip. Don't miss the midnight buffet!

Privet and Holly said...

YES, I'm chuckling
and smiling AGAIN!
Absolutely smitten
with the heart rocks
under that dear pics
of your kids. I don't
know Dr. Who but one
of my BFF's, Fiona,
who lives in Chicago
is married to a man
who loves the doctor
and I know he'd get
a kick out of seeing
your collection! Can't
believe you are off
on a cruise. I'd be
jealous if you weren't
my pal. Instead, I'm
flying some love over
for you to take with
you. Enjoy and thanks
for taking the time to
do another collections
post; FUN!
xx Suzanne

Emakesart said...

I love that printers tray! And what a nice collection of hearts!! Just have to say that my husband and I love "Flushed Away" and have watched it too many times to count! Makes me laugh every time ;-) Enjoy your vacation!!


JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

You have some fabby collections Jo ! ...but I also adore the printers block tray full of those teeny tiny inchies!
Jan x