Sunday, 24 July 2011

Great Day Out with (a) Letticeleaf

How many of you have met up with other bloggers?
I have been lucky to meet a few.

At the point of meeting I wonder what 
impression I have given on my blog.
Will they think I'm very different and will 
we struggle to find things to talk about.

Well this was certainly not a problem 
with those I have met,
and, of course, my sister-in-law, 

I met up with another blogger today,
Did we struggle for topics of conversation?
Nah!  Did we heck!
What a lovely time I had.

We met up at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 
because I had read that there was going to be a 
Vintage Fair and Flea Market 
with a 1940's/'50's theme at
The Pantiles
(which is an area of gorgeous shops).

Letticeleaf (aka Linda)
is such fun, 
lovely to talk to
and I immediately felt relaxed with her.

We enjoyed a coffee in the sunshine
and talked.
We wandered around a super selection of stalls
and talked.
We popped into a couple of shops
and talked.
We had a cold drink in the shade
and talked.

We watched a 1940's dance display
-no, we didn't talk because that would have been rude!-
but afterwards we talked.

It's a small world.
It turns out Linda and I lived in the same 
small village in Kent at the same time.
I still work there (it's only just up the road from me)
so was able to tell her about some of the changes.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photograph 
of Linda, maybe next time ;o)

I really enjoyed my day,
great company,
super stalls,
hold onto your hats,

Thank you, Linda.
I do hope we can meet up again soon.


And don't forget 

(Linda's joint venture with Debs)


Letticeleaf said...

Crumbs! Am I pleased you didn't get to take a photo of moi! As soon as you took your camera out, I was poised ready to dive under the nearest stall. When you get to my age, all you can see is the double chins, the wrinkles and laughter lines, not forgetting the fat bott! Laughter lines I am proud of, cos I've had a blooming ball and feel I've earned every cotton-picking one.

Jo, it really was a pleasure for me to meet you too and yes I s'pose we did gossalot. Here's to the next time!


missy k said...

Sounds like a fun day, glad you had fun in the sun :)

craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good day out! How nice to be able to meet up with other bloggers! Hugs, Valerie

hensteeth said...

You, Linda and T W's Pantiles/vintage fair, how good is that?
Glad you both had such a lovely time.

Carmen said...

Oh now. Let me see. Have been lucky to meet a fair few at Ally Pally bit that's always fleeting and in passing, snatched hello's. And my shyness as me running off at speed quite sharpish.

Proper meeting up... well, the Jane Dean class had me meeting up with a group of 6 girls not bloggers but we yap on UKScrappers and have done for ages now. They came all the way from Bristol and it was lovely... I was only a bit shy with them.

Donna of Doone's blog came to the house and got attacked by a slobbery love struck Cooper. I was terribly awe struck and shy with her, don't know why but had a lovely day nonetheless. And Gail - well, for some reason we just clicked straight away and I travel up to Yorkshire twice a year to see her now and we cackle away like witches.

Sounds like your day was mahhhhvelous! I can't wait to hear about the London trip when it happens! You know that Susie is a bit kinky don't you?

SusieJ said...

Thanks Carmen!!! Just wait, I'll have my revenge! lol
Seriously, so pleased you had a good day and I'm looking forward to 15th!
Hugs xx
p.s. if you didn't already know what Carmen hinted at, yesterday's parcel no doubt alerted you! lol

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

You lucky you!! I've never had the pleasure of meeting with any of my blog friends.

It does seem you both had a great time, and that is so precious!

I would be concerned/afraid the person would not like the whole "me". And I am shy. It takes a while for me to relax and loosen up.

Linda said...

This sounds like such a fun day and what a treat to get to meet a blog pal!

Katie said...

That sounds so fun! I would love to meet up w/ blogger friends. Take care,Jo.

Jewels said...

Man I would LOVE to meet up with my Blogger Peeps but everyone lives so far away! I'll have to save my pennies to try and visit. You know what they say about like minds - no wonder you had lots to talk about (and no men who don't get it hanging around - my idea of perfection LOL)....


How lovely! And I would like to meet you and Karen ... one day ... I hope!

Have a lovely week xo

Linda R. said...

Well it sounds like you two hit it off.. How fun.. I have got the chance to meet a fellow blogger.. She lived in NYC, And then moved to Vegas. That where I live.. So we meet up every once in awhile.. she is a sweet heart..

Susan T said...

I have only met one, dear Penny and as you know I was related to her. Yes I was nervous that we wouldn't find anything to talk about Imagine!

Virginia said...

Oh what's in the parcel I want to know I want to know - my parcel had things that meant I had to stay away from hot drinks - and she wasn't kidding!