Sunday, 3 July 2011

Summer of Colour - Yellow

(Think Happy Thoughts)

I'm really enjoying Kristin's 
'Summer of Colour'

and this week's colour prompt is 

You get a bonus point for including metal 
somewhere in your artwork.

Like last week, I chose to do the background first and 
THEN decide what that 'said' to me.
I did a torn paper background (deliberately using 
some thicker cardstock for raised definition)
and I gessoed, inked, sanded, distressed, 
water colour crayoned, and sprayed over a mask.
Most of this you can't actually see, 
but I know it's there.

The background pages looked happy to me and 
I love the bit in Peter Pan when the children 
are told to 'think happy thoughts' 
and then they will be able to fly 
(which doesn't work, btw!).
I've been waiting for an excuse to use my 
TH game spinner 
and here was the perfect opportunity 
(fulfilling the bonus metal requirement).

I now wish I hadn't coloured in the brain sections 
but once I'd started I had to finish really.
I'll bear that in mind for future pages.

DD Hope immediately noticed that in the photograph I'd pointed the spinner to 'cake'.
Funny that, what was I thinking of ?

I'll post this with Kristin tomorrow and then go and visit 
as many of the other participants as possible 
(there are quite a few!).
Thank you for visiting me and please comment, 
all opinions gratefully received.

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PS I'm posting this early because I don't know if I'll be up to it tomorrow.  Our dear little cat, Susie, is very unwell and we'll be taking her to the vets first thing in the morning.  It isn't looking good for her, so please keep her in your thoughts and send her positive wishes.

Edit Monday 4.30pm : Susie spent the morning at the vets and has had blood taken for tests.  We'll get the results Wednesday, but the vet suspects kidney failure, which can possibly be managed with diet (if only she will eat).  She's very wobbly on her feet right now, and is feeling very sorry for herself but hopefully once the anesthetic totally wears off she'll feel a bit brighter.  
She's also had a steroid injection which may boost her appetite.
Thank you everyone for your kind and understanding comments.


SusieJ said...

Stunning Joanna. Love the techniques and the humour.I wonder why the spinner is pointing to cake too?
Speaking of which I've just had a slice of the lemon cake I mentioned on Friday and it's still wonderful and fresh.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Love it, especially having a cake section in the brain! My pics are finished too, and will be revealed tomorrow! Hugs, Valerie

Jane Housham said...

That is really lovely -- and very happy, but I've just seen your PS. Poor little Susie. Good luck.

sugar Creek said...

I absolutaly love this!! I love the softness of the background and the spinner!!! Love that spinner and really...who doesn't want cake??

Georgie Horn said...

Love this image!

Susan T said...

Have you seen my e-mail? Sent BEFORE I saw this. OOH ER!

Carin said...

Great page Jo! Love the spinner idea! Hope Susie is ok.

Letticeleaf said...

Thinking positive thoughts for little Susie. Don't you just love them to bits! LLX

Jewels said...

Hi Jo - the sunny yellow is wonderful - I'll be thinking of you and Susie - I can completely empathize - take care. Hugs. J

Marian said...

I love this. It makes me happy seeing it and I love, love yellow.

Jill said...

Popped in for the first time today and am your newest follower. I am sending good wishes and prayers for your kitty.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Love evrything about it,Jo!! Thanks for sharing.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Poor Susie..... let us know how she gets on.

Love your journal page.....well done to you for actually USING one of your fave bits! Too often we just stroke them and put them away again. Or perhaps that is just me!!!!

I have to confess I haven't done mine yet!!!! Shh don't tell!


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Great image...and very inspiring journal page! I hope your cat is doing better today. It's always hard to see animals who are not doing well.

Alis Clair said...

Great piece. Really inspires those happy, comfy thoughts.

Sending love to you and your kitty.

linda said...

Beautiful journal page. Love the spinner and the words you have chosen.

Carmen said...

I love the coloured sections of the brain :D This is fabby - I bet the texture up close is lush!

Netty said...

Divine decadence having cake in the brain.....brill piece. Hope your cat will be OK, xx

NatashaMay said...

Awesome piece! Love the symbolism behind it. :)

Nan said...

Just love the spinner set to cake. Mine is permanently set there I think! I really like the way you used the colors and the brain sections being colored is a nice bit of contrast. :) Nan

JessiVille said...

Having a yellow cake brain is soooo much better than a blue brain, ha! Great piece. I like that you colored in the brain sections too.
Jessi xox

Kristin said...

This is brilliant! I LOVE the brain image, the spinner is fabulous and I DO see all the beautiful texture and interest you have in that background. I will be thinking good thoughts for your cat too ;) xo

WrightStuff said...

There's something very good about thinking happy thoughts and being positive.

Wonderful piece. Lots of get well wishes for your pussycat.

Kindred Spirit said...

I simply LOVE this piece! I think I need to make a mental picture of this artwork & cary it around with me everywhere I go :D

Kindred Spirit said...

I just want to say that your Kitty will be in my thoughts & prayers as well xoxo joanna

joanna said...

I love this piece Joanna!! the spinner is such a smart addition! good luck with ur kitty :)

Linda said...

I love this journal spread! The background is gorgeous and I actually like the colored in brain bits. And cake DOES make me happy. All good thoughts for Susie.

Sesenarts said...

I can see the texture created by all your playing on the background. It works! And I actually dont mind the coloured brain segments, adds an extra element of interest. I am very sorry about your pet, I love cats and have a lost a few to kidney failure. It seems to be one of their main issues. My last pet died at the grand old age of 27! Julie (funny thing just there. I had miss-spelt *sorry* and my cats name *sooty* came up in the spellcheck!)

Lesley said...

Love this piece. Thanks for explaining how you did the background.
I hope Susie gets better soon as well.
Keep us posted.
I will return to future colours, I am trying to visit all participants but it gets hard at times.
Happy Creating.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really like this joanna -the texture of "the brain", the grungy background colour (happy) and words you chose. it really says a lot.
my best wishes for Susie . . .
xo lenna

Carmen said...

Was just popping back to see if there was any news. Give Susie a gentle cuddle from me xxx

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

'Think Happy Thoughts' is perfect for yellow.
Fab journal pages...and I think the colured in brain looks great! ...and my spinner would point to cake too LOL.
Gentle kitty cuddles for poor Susie, hope she feels better soon! x

Melinda said...

I love your yellow piece. Hope your cat gets better soon I know it can be upsetting when they're ill. I'm terrible when anything happens to my pumpkin.

Kathy said...

Beautiful I love all the brain parts.. the background is gorgeous.. love all the bits (and of course the cake part) spinner is perfect on it.... hope Susie is feeling better.. lots of thots and prayers for her..

Sharon said...

This is a great piece and I like the brain parts too. Hope your kitty is doing better now.

Elis. ;o) said...

I love your page! It is so inspiring to me! And I appreciate that you tell us which techniques you used! Good ideas to pick up on! :-)

bad penny said...

Thinking of your dear little kittie.

Loving your journal - Jo you go from strength to strength creatively xxxx

Irish3 said...

Best wishes to Susie!!! It's so difficult when you can't explain to them what's going on. I'll keep all good thoughts for her to start eating and feeling better.
I like your yellow piece, gave me an immediate craving for yellow cake.. I hope your week goes well!

Katie said...

Hi. Hope Susie is okay.
I really love what you're doing with your art journal. You have taken to it so easily...or so it seems. Maybe i need to try again. ha!

Liette alias Pixelle said...

very nice page for your art journal, we will meet on art journal every day because I will try for july again...I like your background so much...see you later xxx

Linda R. said...

Your page looks wonderful.. I just love what you have done. Very cool!!

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

One more person to love it to pieces! The wisely picked words spread as thoughts (from cake to family), the dial that turns and picks the next happy thought, and the different colours of a happy brain! You got it all, and did a marvelous job, Joanna! Love it, love it!!

Sandi said...

Your page makes me feel happy!

Heather Henry said...

This is a wonderful YELLOW, I love it. I like that you colored in the sections of the brain, it's subtle but adds to the happiness of it. And I love that cake is one of your happy thoughts. What a great piece. :) I will think happy thoughts all day long!

creatingme said...

oh this is so cool! I love that you added Cake!

Virginia said...

The page is gorgeous as always

Thinking of Susie


Noemi said...

Cake is always a happy thought unless there is none at home and the shops are all closed, then it becomes a very sad one...
Your page is lovely. Love the idea of being so much done behind the scenes so the final product is so much better.