Friday, 1 July 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Hello to you on the first Friday of July.
It's the time of the week when I look back at the week 
and pick out the bits that have made 
it better than it would otherwise have been.


On Wednesday, Grant and I celebrated our 
16 year Wedding Anniversary.
It's been a very easy and lovely 16 years with him.
We didn't do anything spectacular, just a 
quiet night in with a glass of wine 
and Lord Sugar (we watched The Apprentice).

Hope is happy now she's made some 'fork biscuits' 
to replace others eaten by The Dog.
Long story cut short - 
DD Hope made some biscuits at school, 
and she was very proud of them.
We said we'd have some later.
DS Luke sneaked downstairs, opened the box, 
took a couple, and just laid the lid on top.
Grant, Hope and I were at the bottom of the garden, 
chatting in the early evening sun.
The Dog went indoors.
After 5 minutes, rest of family went indoors.
NO biscuits left in box.
Not one.
Not a crumb.
Sheepish looking dog, licking lips.
Bad Dog, Rosie Mae,
(but extremely happy dog, Rosie Mae).


I enjoyed a school trip to The British Museum,
where we went to look at the Egyptian artefacts.

(mummified young bull)
(website for this image
The covered central court area, completed in 2000,  
is absolutely stunning.

I had a group of just 5 children, who were very well 
behaved, interested and well informed.
I was so proud of them.
And I didn't lose any of them, phew!
It was an extremely tiring day 
(long journeys and scary responsibility in 
such a busy place).

(mummified cat)
Susie the cat tried to remind me how cats 
were revered in Ancient Egypt
but then I showed her the picture of the mummified cat.
She's been strangely quiet since!


I have signed up for Lenna's new Postcard Mail Art Swap.
Pop over to Creative Swaps for details.
Lenna is also running an ATC Swap, which looks fun too.


Well that's about it for today.
A shorter list than usual, maybe.
I will be raising a glass in memory of my Dad tomorrow,
the first anniversary of his death.

OK, I'm off to Virginia to post this link and then I'll visit the other Rockers for a catch up.
Wanna come with me?  
Come on then, click here...........

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.



William the Lurcher said...

I would have joined the 'party' had I known about the biscuits!! william.

craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good week, Daisy Mae too!! Hugs, Valerie
PS I've signed for postcard art too!

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Hope our card arrived.... I just had a totally mad panic when I read your post that I had forgotten - then I remembered I sent it early.... I am 99% sure I posted it! Please confirm :)

I was walking to the post box tonight when Barry came home in the car... we stopped for a chat and I waved my envelope at him and told him I was off to catch the post..... and he spotted that I hadn't actually put a stamp on it!!!

Obviously I had stamped it with a little mouse and made it pretty - but I don't think Royal Mail would be that impressed!!!!

Lucky Rosie poor Hope. What is a 'fork' biscuit btw?

I love the British Museum.... I bet you were wishing you could just pop into Blade Rubber for a few minutes!

Hope none of your kids got told off for touching.... my mum did when we went!!!

Sending you love for tomorrow ... I'm sure it will be a difficult day.

Lots of love


sugar Creek said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! My hubby and I have been married for 16 yrs also!!

Yea, we can't leave anything on the counters here,our dog Ray reaches up and grabs stuff. He grabbed a whole pizza one time and ate it before I got out of the bathroom!! yea..he didn't feel to hot after that!!

Lucky you, that would be an awesome trip to see all of that Egyptian artifacts!

K said...

Congratulations to you both on your anniversary :-)

We cant leave biscuits etc out either, because the cats eat them!!!

(((Big hugs))) for tomorrow.

SusieJ said...

Big hugs for tomorrow Joanna - I'll be thinking of you.
Clever (if somewhat naughty) Rosie-Mae. :)
I'm not surprised Susie's quiet - that mummified cat looks gruesome!
Hugs xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Jo! CONGRATS on your anniversary and not losing any children at the museum! :-))

I hope you have a good weekend and I'm sending good, comforting thoughts as you remember your Father.

Serenata said...

Have a lovely weekend Jo.

Menopausalmusing said...

Happy Anniversary.

The entrance to the British Museum is fantastic, isn't it? Your images of mummified animals are fascinating, and I so remember how nerve wracking it is to take a bunch of school children to London. Such a responsibility but so exciting for them..............

Susan T said...

Congratulations, dear one, I bet all of those sixteen years have been good ones. Yep Prince stole a Cinnamon swirl french pastry yesterday, he didn't even look sheepish - just licked his lips and wagged his tail - we expected him to be sick, he was after scoffing half a contraband custard tart, he is a greedy little boot!

bad penny said...

Happy Anniversary Jo !
It's the bad cats who steal things in this house but Dillon steals their food sometimes !

Have a lovely weekend x

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

A great week for everyone, Joanna!

Including Rosie Mae - giggles.

The trip to the Museum must have been such fun. I would love to be able to see all the things you did.

Susie the cat will behave good for a long time, after seeing that mummy.
Love ya! Have a great weekend.

Bunty said...

Hope you had a good anniversary - congratulations on 16 years of marriage!


Terry said...

Well Happy Anniversary! You will love the Postcard mail art swap. I don't do that, but have seen some incredible art!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love your posts joanna. Very happy wedding anniversary! And I see you signed up for art journal every day! How exciting, both for you & for me!!!!

I am thinking too of your dad, even though I did not know him. I want to support you in your thoughts. You are a smart woman to say what you are feeling. sending love, lenna

missy k said...

Glad it arrived and also that we now have a date! 17th :)

Have a super Sunday!


Dezinaworld said...

Congratulations ! beautiful art and thanks for sharing the photos too.
thanks so much too for playing along with the giveaway on my blog
hugs June xxxxx

carole brungar said...

great photos!! Thanks for sharing :)

Carmen said...

I have never been to the british museum, I hope to rectify that this summer hols - we say every year we will go and then the time just flies. We aren't one of these wishing the hols would go faster, we wish they'd slow down *g*

Love the photos - that cat is amazing!

Cooper is the same with anything - you can't drop ANYTHING. He's pooped out batteries and screws before now!

Sending you big hugs, hope you are OK.

Virginia said...

Can you tell I'm on catchup. The list is awesome, loving the 16 year anniversary side of things, glad you had a quiet evening. Glad DD Hope managed to make some more biscuits, when I read 'fork biscuits' I thought you meant shaped like a fork which would be pretty damn difficult - do you mean shortbread because you usually use forks to make the holes in the top? Loving the images from the museum - wtg you for not losing any of your 'charges' on the day!

Hope you've had a good week, thinking about you on the anniversary of your Dad, hope it gave you time to reflect...

Biggest hugs