Friday, 8 July 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

It's been a funny old week with one thing or another
there were quite a few 'YES!' moments for 
which I am thankful.

Susie Cat
(blurred, as usual, because she doesn't stay still for even a nano second)
We were desperately worried about our dear little feline 
girl and when we took her to the vets on Monday 
morning we really didn't know if we would be bringing her home with us. The vet kept her in for the morning, 
knocked her out to take, as Susie puts it, "an armful of 
blood" from her jugular (ow!), then she was pumped full of vitamins, minerals and steroids. She was rolling around 
like a drunkard for the rest of the day but was showing 
some interest in food by the next morning.
The blood results have come back and she has an 
'old cat liver', which is basically functioning in a limited 
and reducing way.  We are going to try and manage the decline with tablets and a high protein diet. 
Cats and tablets.  
Not easy.
So far I have been able to get them down her but 
she's getting wise to my devious ways.
I'm so grateful to have this extra time with her.
I am realistic, I know she's quite an old girl (14+) but 
we are determined to keep her 
with us as long as we can as long as she is happy.

Guess what she now will, and won't, eat?!

Just doin' as she's told!


DD Hope for being extra supportive during the weekend,
which was the first anniversary of my Dad's death.
Grant had to work, so Hope stuck with me and she kept me busy, loved and entertained in equal measure.


Great post from Nathalie at

Look at these sweet bunnies - she designed them 
for Hallmark Cards, no less!
Nathalie is a brilliant artist and great fun too.
I love them ALL but I confess to having a favourite 
(which I can only whisper because I don't want the 
others to be sad), 
and that's the one at the front, which is a wonderful coppery/verdigris colour.
I might allow some of the other bunnies to be given to very deserving friends, but the verdigris one is definitely staying!


I am enjoying spending time on my art journal every day
as part of my commitment to

Click on the button on my side bar for details about it.
I have been very inspired by the prompts given by 
In The Sun

I have also been enjoying 
The Summer of Colour,
(see blinking button on sidebar, not 'blinking' as in a swear word, but as in 'flashing').
some of the colours chosen by Kristin were not my 
'go to' colours by any means (yellow, for example, ugh!)
BUT I am happy to have now rediscovered them thanks to


Inspirational reading material....

I popped into Urban Outfitters yesterday 
(the big SALE signs lured me in!).
They have such cool 'stuff' and I was drawn 
to the sale books table.

These were all VERY reduced, and I am LOVING them.

I also went into a couple of charity (thrift) shops 
and found these

I am looking forward to my inner artistic genius being awakened
and 10-minute housekeeping?
That's got to be worth 50p of anybody's money!

And it's also THAT time of the month.
No, not THAT time, THAT time........

This is now also available as a digital issue.........
Click on the pic above for details of what this delicious 
magazine is all about and for information
about all subscriptions.
I can't recommend it enough, I love it so much.

Thank you so much for your messages of support
about Susie Cat.
I really appreciated them all.

I'm off to post this with Virginia 
and then I'll catch up with the other Rockers 
over a cup of tea and maybe a (very little) slice of cake.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend
and hope you get some sunshine.

Oh, I nearly forgot that I am really looking forward to meeting up with a couple of fab bloggers 
(SusieJ and Letticeleaf, so far) 
to go to the Tracey Emin exhibition in London. 
She and her artwork both fascinate and repulse me 
- but she does get a strong response from me so 
I feel her work's got to be worth seeing.
Details here,
let me know if you fancy coming too 
- the more the merrier!

Thank you for reading.



Susan T said...

Hello sweet one. I am so glad that your little cat is hanging on in there. Hope sounds a daughter and a half for her support during your sad week. Let me know if that Ten Minute Housekeeping guide comes up with anything good. I like the sound of that! they should pass a law, no more than half an hour a week TOPS. We wouldn't be tidy but everyone would look the same, so it wouldn't matter.

Have a lovely weekend - we are in the middle of a thunderstorm. Alan has taken Prince out for his run, who will need the shower first I wonder.

SusieJ said...

Great news about Susie - good luck with the tablets. Love the photo of her "doing" as she's told.
And well done to Hope - I know it will have been a difficult day for you.
Loving your book finds - that 10 mins. housekeeping is definitely my kind of book!
Hugs xx
p.s. there will be an update on my blog shortly - my halo is somewhat tarnished. :(

SusieJ said...
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JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

So glad to hear that lil Susie is ok (Bless her little paws!)..and living the life of luxury with her chicken and cushions :) _ I've had to turn my Barney Boys head away from the computer, has he will want to come and live with you Jo!!
Wonderful book finds -..OMG, you mean to say we should be spending 10 minutes on housekeeping!! (Has much as that ALOL!)
I've just seen your post about the Tracey Emin exhibition (I'm not a fan) but it would be cool to meet you and the other arty ladies in 'real life' Jo. Have you got a date in mind?
Jan x

Jill said...

I'm so glad about Susie! I hope the new diet helps out and that you have many more years together. I'll be thinking of you this weekend. I know how hard those anniversaries are.

JATunnell said...

Good luck with Susie Cat. I know what it's like to have an"elderly"cat around. We had our Trouble kitty for 19 years.
Your Susie Cat looks a lot like the neighbor cat that has adopted us. We started calling her Miss Kitty.

Have a wonderful week-end!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love your posts joanna, and 10 minute housekeeping????? I'm IN!! xoxo lenna

Georgie Horn said...

Sookie Horn wishes the best for Susie....(hope this picture shows up)

Joanna said...

Aaahh, thank You Sookie Horn! You really are very beautiful (and I wonder how many times a day you get told that?!).

missy k said...

Hi Jo
Glad Susie is taking it easy!

Have a good weekend

Love Karenx

Virginia said...

Oh I'm so pleased that your cat is taking all the necessary advice and that she got to come home and relax and chill out again!

DD Hope for keeping you busy during what is always a difficult time for anyone!

Hope you are having a grand weekend


Carmen said...

Ummm she wont touch chicken witha bargepole but is gobbling cat food like there's no tomorrow? Nah - didn't think so :) Glad she is still well enough to make her demands known :) Have been thinking of her.

Love your book haul - extremely jealous.

Just noticed behind Susie that stag cushion - we just bought a couple of those very same ones! Me because they weirdly remind me of Scotland and Craig because he wants union jacks everywhere and I have up until now been declaring NO! But gave in to these *g*

Still writing my Rocking Post - can't post my most exciting bit on my blog but... let me know if you want to hear it and I'll email you :P