Friday, 22 July 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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What a week!
Busy busy busy at work
(end of school term)
and revolving doors at home.

One of those weeks, 
y'know what I mean?

But it's Friday
and I've got some positives 
to put under the spotlight.

In no particular order.....

Schools out for summer!

Tom won The Apprentice.

It was a real nail biter of a final
and I really felt for Helen who had done so well throughout,
BUT with so many ideas up his sleeve
Tom was the best candidate and he won!

It made me smile when I got a happy dance email from Carmen
within minutes of the winner being announced.

DS Luke has finished with school.
That's it.
What happened to the little boy wearing cute little shorts,
not wanting me to leave him in Reception class?
Where did this long lanky bean pole come from?

For that matter, 
who is that old woman grimacing at me in the mirror?!

I WON the 100+ post giveaway
on Susan T's lovely blog

Sue generously offered up a Chanel frippery of choice.
A luxury that would not usually be purchased.
As I usually only buy cosmetics that are on special offer
in Boots I enjoyed poring over that Chanel website, 
like I was one of those ladies that lunches, and finally
chose a gorgeous 'nude' lip gloss.

I'm going to look absolutely GORGEOUS, dahling! 

Thank you so much, Sue.
Here's to the next 100+ posts.


Lovely Ken, the oven cleaning man, came yesterday.
(ok, this isn't Ken but I as I didn't have a photo of him I put Colin here instead)
Whistling along to Radio 2 as he worked, 
he has restored my oven to it's full shiny glory.
Trouble is, when it's just been 'done', 
I can't bear to cook a roastie in it,
so it's salad for tea until the novelty wears off.

Susie Cat,
hanging on in there
She and I have a daily battle
when I hide her tablet medication in her food
and she finds it, and shakes it out. 

At the moment I have an
8/10 success rate.
Not perfect but the best I can do.

'Pawly' patient catching up on some R and R.

Nurse Rosie also catching up on some R and R!

I had my hair cut yesterday.
That always lifts my spirits and 
makes me feel 3 stone lighter.


Finally, all 26 children in my class
made me a little card
thanking me for working with them
(the teacher's idea).

Out of them all this one in particular caught my eye.
Made by a sweet little girl (8 or 9 years old) who isn't, 
maybe, academically gifted
but look at this lovely drawing.
It's of her talking to me
under a flowery arch.

Look at the simplicity of the drawing,
the freedom in those lines.
And actually, that does look rather like me!

She should start Art Journalling now!


Have a great weekend
and if you can,
try and focus on the POSITIVE!



Serenata said...

Thanks for your last sentence. :-) After having a bit of a too do with DS2 last night and then having a night filled with bad dreams, dreading the summer holidays with him, always difficult... I will focus on the positive. It is a gorgeous SUNNY day out there! :-)

I love the card, it is beautiful and a real treasure.

craftattack said...

Well, your week was evidently full but good! LOve all the pics, too, especially the one from that little girl. Congrats on winning something from Chanel, a bit of luxury here and there is great! Hugs, Valerie

bad penny said...

It does look like you & I should know as I've met you in the flesh - well not quite as much flesh as you showed in your blogging position picture but for real !

What a wonderful picture & lovely of the teacher to organise this for you. So exciting for Luke to start the next stage of his life but very emotional for you.

Have a fab weekend & a good break from school filled with lots of fun things to do xx

Virginia said...

Wow another fabulous list to read, WTG you on school finishing and I know what you mean about children growing up so quickly, we popped to a pub in the local village last Friday for an hour to chat and catch up on the day and noticed said 10 year old (almost 11 don't ya know) being far too big for most of the play equipment - when the hell did that happen! He's still got one more year at primary school so I'm holiding onto every morsel of that at the moment - truly I am!

Giggled at the old woman grimacing comment - I sooooo know that feeling not helped by hubby finding the first photo he had of me - I was 17 at the time - he's put it next to the computer so there it is waving at me 17 year old no weight issues - grrrrrrrrr

Congrats on the Chanel win, I had my make up done by Chanel when I got married and adore their make up with such difficult skin there foundation is my saviour!

Intrigued at the idea of an Oven man, we got a new oven when we had the kitchen redone a couple of years ago and it's got a self clean button, basically gets up to 500 degree and turns everything into white dust, I can't clean the metal shelves this way but I do so love it when it's all sparkly clean inside - bliss!

Susie the cat being the usual highly intelligent being that all cats are - persevere to keep her going she doesn't know you are doing it for her health LOL and loving Rosie all curled up too and finally the card - beautiful and awesome, lets hope the student finds her niche in life and discovers that inner art journal goddess!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend

marigold jam said...

Lovely post - it's always good to accentuate the positive isn't it? Love the drawing and the bit about the old lady in the mirror. I find the odd occasion when I happen to see myself in the mirror when wearing my reading glasses a real shock as all the lines and wrinkles which I normally don't see are there in glorious technicolour! Enjoy your summer break and hope Susie Cat feels better - I have difficulty in ensuring that my too eat the food containing their own medication and not each others!!

Susan T said...

I really need an oven man. I will have to e-mail and discuss. I am so glad you won the give - away Jo. Your little gift is being posted off today, so it may reach you by Monday.

The bye bye card melted my heart, done with such love and care. I can remember crying at a school end of term concert when I helped at school. I knew the work that had gone into it, and it was so important for the little ones. Happy Days.

SusieJ said...

I need an oven man and just love the gratuitous photo of Colin - thanks for that!
Pleased to hear that Susie is managing most of her tablets - keep it up kitten. And Nurse Rosie...aah.
Sounds like a good, if busy, week for you.
I had a little sniffle over the card - it's to be treasured.
Hugs xx
p.s. your surprise will be sent off today....

missy k said...

Happy Holidays :)


Monica said...

When you spoke about the oven man I thought you were referring to your DH. how do you find such a person, is it a common job description. School in US finishes around May 30 and they return to school mid August. they do have a 6 week summer school for those failing and/or those wanting to get ahead.
The card is a treasure. happy holidays. Don't forget a journal piece at the end of summer is required called "how I spent my summer"

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
I've been away for far too long. I do hope your beautiful Susie does well on the meds, we do love our furry family members don't we?
I was looking at your past posts, as well, your journal pages are wonderful, just love them!
enJOY a lovely weekend,
ps-I haven't ever had a serviceman who looked like Colin either. I think if they did, my husband would start fixing more things himself.

sugar Creek said...

Yes your week was full! Schools just out there and here it begins again in about 3 weeks! REally I can't wait, I can have a moment to myself!!
Oh I wouldn't want to cook in a clean oven either, but if the cleaner looked like that...I say dirty it up!!LOL!!

Privet and Holly said...

Just love you.
Thanks for making
me smile every Friday.
I WILL do one of these
posts....maybe even
next week when I'm on
holiday, too : ) You
might remember that I'm
quite the COLIN F. fan,
so thanks for the eye
candy. And I must say,
you are quite the willowy
blonde teacher in the
eyes of your student; just
xx Suzanne

Lenna Young Andrews said...

thank you, Joanna for your lovely post. I cannot believe your school is just ending?! wow! And please send me your oven man!!!!!!!! xoxo lenna

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Schools out for Summer.. Yay!!
House full of kids...let the bedlam begin! Love it!!
Sweet pet pics!!
Now, I'm doing something wrong here!! cleaning my own oven! ..and especially if the oven man looks like Mr Firth!! ;)
..and how sweet is the little card :) Now, I know who to look out for, when we get to meet up!! :)
A lovely positive post Jo.

Clarky J said...

spill the beans where does one find an oven cleaning man??? Mine is disgusting! LOL at the Colin firth pic - still any excuse for an ogle I say :0)
Love your list and especially that gorgeous card at the end - i do hope her natural artistic flair continues she should start art journalling now and I would be first in line for a set of her stamps too! What a talent x
Hope the weekend continues in this oh so positive way and thanks for sharing. Sorry i am such a slack commentor but on the positive i am here today :0) and loving what I am reading xx

Gina said...

Haha! Totally got me with the oven cleaner photo....I'm not good at actors :D That picture from the little girl is a real treasure, and aren't you slim!! When the kids draw me they start with a circle :D XXX

Carmen said...

Every morning when I fall out of bed and havbe to hold on to the wall to get my balance and then hobble around for the first hour and first couple of cuppa's... I wonder what the hell happened - espesh as am only 34 and my brain is about... 16? On a good day - 6 on a bad *snort* Toilet humour coupled with sarcasm is the best!

TOM! Yay! Tom - I forgot to include him in mine! Oh I was so pleased, I so wanted him to win but would've put money on Helen - she lost major points with me sucking up and changing her pitch. Not classy. Oh no. Tom's jump as he came out the door! YAY!

And if my oven man looked like that I'd be takimng a sledgehammer to the oven every week! Haha!