Saturday, 20 August 2011

Creative Swaps -Mail Art Postcards

Lenna is running a 
Mail Art Postcard Swap
from her 
Creative Swaps Blog site.

I really enjoy Lenna's swaps.
They are very well organised and she prepares
superb information booklets ensuring you
know exactly what to do and what is expected.
The standard of these swaps, as a result,
 is always very high.

For this swap the theme is 'A Summer Day'.

I created 4 identical postcards 
(3 for swapping, 1 as a gift for Lenna)
with a blended paper background, which I gessoed, 
coloured with spritz spray and 
Distress Stain and then rubber stamped 
with the vintage butterfly image.
The little girl is a gel medium transfer.

The quote
'to be
once more
a little child
for one bright
summer day'
is by Lewis Carroll.

Weren't summers always long, hot and sunny 
when we were children?
(unlike the summers we have now, grrrrr!).



craftattack said...

Love your postcard, this is a real fun swap! I'm slowly forgetting what summer is like - is it old age or just no summers any more? Valerie

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow, love your postcard Jo, just adore the way you layer everything :) Mmmm what is Summer?! LOL
Jan x

Susan T said...

Oh yes please. I spent my early summers in Ireland and Kent, Lancashire skies are now nearly always grey and leaky.

Miss Iowa said...

What an adorable postcard! Love the combination of images and media. When I was a kid I lived at the pool; I even swam competitively for several years. Now you wouldn't catch me dead in a swimsuit. LOL

SusieJ said...

Gorgeous postcard Joanna and a lovely quote.
I'm sure we had those things called "summer" when I was growing up!lol
Hugs xx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Gorgeous postcard,Jo!! I love the quote too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

missy k said...

Great postcard Jo, I love the transfer.

Summer? I was promised sun today and have three loads of washing on the line and now it is RAINING!!!!


Jewels said...

Heh Jo looks like you and I will BOTH make the deadline (LOL). I just posted about my cards. Yours is lovely (as usual) - you have a real knack (better then me) doing the medium transfers. Great quote too! This was a fun swap to work on. J

Monica said...

And right now summer is VERY hot and VEERY long.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh my! I am being very spoiled with an extra one of these postcards being for me, Joanna. thank you ever so much. I love your style always -- and this beautifully muted blended paper background you have done really speaks to me. I will let you know when they arrive!!
whoo hoo! lenna

sugar Creek said...

I just love her! I love summer, it's my favorite part of the year! Wish it could be summer year round!

Virginia said...

Gorgeous mail art and I love the saying - simply gorgeous!

Alix said...

It's lovely! What a happy-looking soul the child is, and I love the quotation.

Bad Penny said...

ooh this is lovely. Very delicate. I must try some of these techniques & wish we could get together to play !

Nancy said...

Love the nostalgia of these!

Sandra L. said...

Very lovely! I sometimes do not have good luck with gel medium transfers but perhaps I should give them another try.

I have a bunny, too. His name is Bunsen and he is a year and a half. He's a Polish/Britannia petite.

Clifford is adorable!

Leslie said...

These are excellent. That particular look is a favorite of mine - a little patchy, old and faded. Very nice.