Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy Birthday Luke

DS Luke is 17 today!

We went to the cinema to see
The Rise of Planet of the Apes

which was brilliant.
(For his birthday, Hope gave him the dvd of 
the original Planet of the Apes).

It is a bit of a Luke tradition that he has a caterpillar 
birthday cake every year.  
Do I bake it lovingly for him?
Hell, no!  
This way it both looks and tastes good.
It is, for some reason, always called Colin.

(age 5)
(age 9)
(age 14)
He starts his driving lessons on Tuesday.
Am I ready for this......?!

Happy Birthday, Top Son!



Kath said...

Happy Birthday Luke!
It was a wonderful moment when our son passed his test. Husband said he had only paid for the lessons, so we could get a lift home from the pub LOL
Love the cake, what a fab tradition!

Ann's Art said...

Where on earth do the years go I wonder. All the best to your son and his forthcoming driving lessons.

SusieJ said...

Happy Birthday Luke! Love Colin the caterpillar!
Good luck with the driving lessons.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Happy Birthday dear Luke....happy birthday to you! I hope the area has been planted with rubber trees and that all other travellers keep well away while the first lesson is going on. But I am sure, if he is as clever as his Mum, he won't have any problems! Valerie

trisha too said...

Aww, your little man is growing up!
We recently had one turn 19, no Colin for him, but I DID make him an ice cream cake. No baking involved!!


TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Drive with care lad. Always. Watch out for the other folk out there; for they are out there. So so glad you are going for it! Congratulations and happy birthday. My daughter's birthday was yesterday. She turned 40. I am baking a chocolate honey cheesecake to celebrate as we speak. (She was busy yesterday)! *smiles* Norma

sugar Creek said...

Oh my HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!!
Love that cake, mime wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie for her b-day. It was good and she hasn't ate any of it!!
I didn't bake it either!!

Jewels said...

Happy Birthday to Luke and Rise of the Planet of the Apes WAS brilliant. After we saw it hubby gave me the whole storyline of the original movies (who new he was into POA lore!). Good luck with the driving lessons - I failed the first time I tested because I hit the parked car I was parallel parking with (I say lightly nudged but the Tester did not feel that way as it turned out to be his car). Probably should not tell you that story, LOL. J

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

Happy Birthday Luke! The cake looks tempting, and the tradition of a caterpillar one is so neat. (I was going to say cute, but a 17 years old young man wouldn't like it, right?)

I wish him a life of great health, plenty of success, and open roads for him to fulfill his dreams!

For you, proud mom, I send a huge hug!

Virginia said...

Happy Birthday Luke, hope he had a great day so how was Draco Malfoy in the Planet film?

Loving the caterpillar cake story, have you scrapbooked that?

Have a brilliant day,


Serenata said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! Fancy eating poor Colin?! Poor caterpillar...

Serenata said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! Fancy eating poor Colin?! Poor caterpillar...

MaygreenFairies said...

How lovely that he's always had the same style cake, it was wonderful to see the photo's over the years... thanks for sharing! And Happy Birthday Luke.

Menopausalmusing said...

Loving the sound of a "Colin The Caterpillar" cake.......... Hope your son had the most brilliant of birthdays and that his results are what he wishes for this week.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Happy Birthday,Luke!!
X) Marie

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Luke. Good luck with the driving lessons and results... we are in the midst of both too!

Irish3 said...

How sweet that he still let's you make the caterpillar cake!!! lol Good luck with the lessons.. I have 2 driving and one to go ..

Bad Penny said...

Het Luke Happy ( belated birthday ) Joe loves the same cake as you !!! Good luck with your first driving lesson !

missy k said...

Glad Luke had a great birthday.... it sounds like a lot of fun.

Love Colin!

Good luck with the driving lessons :)

Miss Iowa said...

Hi! Happy Birthday to Luke. I love the tradition of the caterpillar cake. Does the caterpillar grow longer each year, in order to accommodate more candles? lol