Sunday, 21 August 2011

Postman's Knock - sent and received (for the last time)

(Click on pic to see all the postcards)
Postman's Knock is a group of 12 bloggers 
with different interests
and living in different parts of the UK.
Back in April we started a process in which we
 created a postcard to send out every other week
to a participant, using their theme as a prompt.

The list was varied;
Coast/Seaside, Rust, Taking Flight, Water, 
Concealment and Revelation, Tea, New York New York!,  
Overhead, Angels, Windows, Collecting/Collections, 
and mine - Yee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy.

Some of these prompts seemed easier than others
but I really enjoyed having to think about them
and learned a lot from the research I did
along the way.

In return, I have received 11
works of art.  Each one a mini masterpiece,
and I will treasure them all.

But the time has come for the final swap.
The final theme I was making for was 
and was for Joanna.
It seemed appropriate to use her collection
of Postman's Knock postcards
as my inspiration.

(I popped the postcard in a Mail Art envelope)
Jane made a postcard for me
with my chosen theme of
'Yee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy'
and this fragrant beauty is what she sent me.

I really like the tooled leather background paper,
 it goes so well with those bathing cowboys
(hats 'n' all!).
The spa like towels and soaps are a perfect
colour match with the photograph.

Thank you so much Jane.
Your final postcard is a wonderful 
last card for my collection.

I will miss Postman's Knock
but I'm very ready for a break from it.
My brain is exhausted!



marigold jam said...

Like you I have enjoyed doing the swaps but am not sorry it is finished now and my brain is looking forward to having a rest too! Glad you liked my cowboy card - the photo is authentic and is from a book about cowboys belonging to my husband - when I saw it I just loved the thought of bathing with your hat on and also wondered what they do in the winter!!

SusieJ said...

Love them both Joanna but especially the cowboys. :) You've converted me and I am now reading erotic cowboy stories instead of erotic sci-fi. lol
Hugs xx

SusieJ said...

Love them both Joanna but especially the cowboys. :) You've converted me and I am now reading erotic cowboy stories instead of erotic sci-fi. lol
Hugs xx

Jewels said...

But Jo what are you going to do in your spare time (LOL)...I've enjoyed seeing all your creations and what you recieved from your group - they were all just lovely. J

craftattack said...

Beautiful work again. I love the idea of wearing hats while bathing! Hugs, Valerie PS - Give your brain a rest!

missy k said...

What lovelies.... I especially like the top one.

Rest your brain!!!! but I am sure it won't be long before you have a new project. Looking forward to it already :)


Katie said...

these are so must be sad to see it ending.Hope you'll do it again! xo

Irish3 said...

What a great way to finish things up!! I've enjoyed seeing your style shine through each and every one.
I know what you mean about needing a break from the deadlines and stuff for a little bit. Enjoy yourself!!

Bad Penny said...

for some reason I've started singing , " You can leave your hat on" !!!
Brilliant cards. I have no idea how you made the tiny postcards Jo,
they're very sweet & the lady looks very pleased with them !

Lenna Young Andrews said...

How very clever, Joanna. I love what you conjured up! And what you received is lovely too ; ) yeeha!

Linda R. said...

Oh wow.. That sounds like a wonderful swap.. When you get your postcard is it in an envelope or is it just sent like a post card.. They all look wonderful.