Saturday, 13 August 2011

Summer of Colour 2011 Finale

This is my

Catch up
Finish up

First of all, I must catch up
with the colour

(Orange pages)

More orange in reality than it appears in the scan,
these pages have a ripped paper background, gesso'd and painted,
and then sprayed with copper spray for richness.
Kristin suggested using a quote or saying in this week's artwork
and I particularly like this by the late, great
John Lennon,

'Life is what happens to you
while you're busy
making other plans'

I love the photo, bought in an Ebay job lot,
and the expression on the lady's face seems to be saying,
"Oh my goodness, how did this happen?!"


Next,  it's time to finish up.
Kristin gave us a free rein to end this year's 
Summer of Colour.
I pinched Lisa's idea (and if you haven't seen her artwork, 
click on her name and have a look at her brilliant pages)
and used many colours for my final 

(Rainbow pages)
I made a patchwork of inch squares cut from vintage papers
which I gesso'd and then used water soluble crayons.
I gesso'd lightly again to mute the colours.
The cute image of the tiny tots (with evacuee labels)
was from a book - how sweet are their little hats?!


Finally,  Kristin thought we might like to 
present a round up of the artwork produced over the past few weeks.

(Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow pages)
(Blue, Green and Brown pages)
I will really miss Kristin's weekly challenge :o(
I have so enjoyed taking part,
'meeting' other bloggers
and seeing so much brilliant artwork.

The good news is that Kristin will be running a

Summer of Colour 2012!



Susan T said...

It is not until you see it all together that you realise how much work you have put in Jo. I bet Tracy Emin doesn't put as much effort into her supposedly world class pieces. You need a gallery.

Joanna said...

ha ha ha :oD


SusieJ said...

Love them all Jo but the evacuees are gorgeous.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

The last pages are beautiful, and the whole summer's work is great, it will be a keepsake to treasure! Hugs, Valerie

Kristin said...

And you are already ahead of the game with your ice cream page!! Well, I am so enamored by your work - and LOVE your orange and rainbow pages. Wonderful layouts and I love the vintage images and quotes. You are such a talent and it has been such a pleasure playing with you this Summer. Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward to staying in touch. Thank you! xoxo

Monica said...

Really going for it Joanna, really cool pages.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Fantastic pages........... great to see your pieces together

Those hats are so sweet :)


Virginia said...

and I for one will be jumping on board and joining in next time because the work that's come out is fantastic, I love all the pieces you've done!

And yes that bottle or two of wine whilst pot painting would be absolutely awesome - hope you've had a good day I've worked all day and then helped put the utility back together so just relaxing now - absolutely shattered, mentally and physically!



sugar Creek said...

Ok first I love your orange and that picture! I need to remember that quote, that's a good one!
For your second one, I love love the patchwork!! I really like how it's muted and soft, very pretty!
Thank you for the link to my page!:)
I love all your work together and I Still just love the pink! It's my favorite one!

Jewels said...

Wonderful stuff Jo! I need to mark my calendar for next year (LOL). So what are you going to do now :>. I think we have some postcards to get finished for Lenna...

Mandy said...

Wonderful work...your images have been perfect picks for your work...I have enjoyed them

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Your display is just so wonderful. It really does justice to your artwork! Really a lovely body of work and I enjoyed viewing it very much! *smiles* Norma

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Beautiful work,Jo!! Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful start of the week.

Bad Penny said...

Jo your work is an inspiration to me & I hope to get crafting again very soon xx

Heather Henry said...

What awesome collage pages. I love them. So creative and beautiful. I bet your scrapbooks are an absolute work of art.