Saturday, 27 August 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday, late

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I know, I know, I'm late Rocking.
I do have a good excuse/reason though.
DD Hope and I have been away for a couple 
of days, enjoying some girlie time in Bath.

It was a hideous and long journey there, 
taking 4 hours, ugh!  
We were plagued with torrential rain and traffic jams
but we finally arrived at lunchtime, and dodging 
the rain as best we could, 
we wandered round Bath.

Bath is so beautiful.

There are many false windows around Bath,
 harking back to the days of the Window Tax, 
imposed in 1696 and in force until 1851.
Owners of many large houses simply bricked 
up their windows to avoid paying this levy.
But some, like this more modern example, 
painted tableaux to give the 
appearance of a real window.
Fun, huh?

Hope and I really enjoyed The Roman Baths.
They have been extensively excavated and are
really well presented bringing them alive for the visitor.
In the photo above, the pillars and the upper terrace
with the statues are a late 19th Century addition.

(I dig the wig!)
There were actors giving a realistic living 
image of the time,
walking the walk and talking the talk.

Beautiful August skies!

The underground springs - 
don't you love that orange colour?

(Do you think Hope enjoyed herself?)
Hope and I treated ourselves to a trip in 
a horse drawn carriage
around Bath.  It was great fun and 
loads of people took photos 
of us as we went past!

(Masking tape extravagance for future 'projects')
We wanted to find as many of the shops 
we could that were recommended in 
issue 2 of the Mollie Makes magazine.

(Click on pic for information)
(they have 2 shops in Bath, the other one 
- where they run classes -
was closed when we went.  
We should have gone back on Friday 
when they serve CAKE!).

We also found
which is full of beautifully reworked, 
recycled, and upcycled things.
Everything was very gorgeous, 
but unfortunately a bit, 
or rather a lot, 
beyond our budget :o(

There are so many lovely vintage, 
funky and arty shops in Bath.
We both stocked up on some art supplies 
including a huge tub of gesso 
which was SO heavy - by the end of the 
afternoon my right arm was 3ft longer than my left! 

Hope wanted to find Bijoux Beads
and she stocked up with some 
beautiful beads courtesy of my purse.

We stayed in a Premier Inn just outside 
Chippenham (cheap and cheerful),
and we had a really lovely time together.

We want to go back to Bath
and also investigate 
which is where lots of British period dramas 
are filmed as well as 
Harry Potter (Hogwarts).

Carrying on with What else Rocked my week then.....

DH Grant.
Poor love is working 12 hour days as a result of the
recent riots in London and will be for the
foreseeable future.  We're snatching 5 minutes together
here and there, and he's getting pretty tired.
But he's still as happy and upbeat as usual
and was very happy for Hope and me to have 
a couple of days away together.
He held the fort back at home with the 
various demands of 'the girls',
Rosie Mae and Susie Tu.


I was so happy to receive a huge bundle of
collage goodies from Lenna, from her recent
prize draw.

I am so inspired by everything she has sent 
(you can only see a tiny amount of it in the photo).
So inspired that I have signed up for 
her new ATC swap 
- haiku ATC's -
pop along to creative swaps for details.

DS is now full-time at the barbers,
with his college course starting next week.
He has to work long hours, always on his feet,
and for very little money.
And he loves it!
His boss is sorting out the equipment he needs
for his course (which is quite a relief, ££££££)
and I think he's getting used to the early mornings.

I'm going to post this with Rocking Queen Virginia
and later I'll visit the other Rockers to see
what's been great for them this week.

Have a super weekend!



Sabrina said...

I always love checking in with you and your family each week. I'm quite envious of your Bath getaway. I always think about those period pieces I enjoy reading, and the very conservative families retreating to Bath for a respite.

Things sound very busy for everyone in your house. It's wonderful that you and Hope made time to spend with one another.

I spied in your stash of goodies you won, a napkin with the statement "I dreamed my whole house was clean". I have the exact image and statement on a ceramic mug and I cherish it deeply. Sums up so much.

Thanks again for sharing!

marigold jam said...

Sounds like a fabulous few days - I wish I could do that with my daughter but we don't enjoy the same things so guess it wouldn't work too well! Hope that DH soon gets some time off - I guess now it is no longer front page news we tend to forget that it is ongoing and likely to be for ages yet behind the scenes. Hope you enjoy your BH weekend even if it is forecast to be wet!

craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a really good time in Bath. It's great that you 2 get on so well and do things together as a family or girls team! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Valerie

SusieJ said...

I like the sound of the girlie weekend and Bath looks so interesting - esp. all those different shops.
Well done to Luke with his job (managing the early mornings especially).
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s. a hug for DH Grant for doing a fantastic job - I'll let you pass it on. :)
You had me laughing with your comments on my blog - I no longer have a fringe and I don't iron bedding!!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking me back to Bath. It really is a breath-takingly beautiful place. My bestie and I visited twice in the early 1980s, loved it!
enJOY a lovely weekend,

Gina said...

It sounds like a fabulous trip to Bath. It's over 30 years since I've been there. I love the painted in windows!

Monica said...

What a super write up of your trip to Bath. Love all those shops. Laycock is fabulous, we stayed in a B&B years ago, we had never heard of harry potter and everyone was there to visit the place they filmed something in! the pub was lovely and had great food and atmosphere.
Sending some sunshine

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What fun!!! Bath looks like an amazing place to visit!! I had no idea it was a town that was beautiful with great shops and lots of character! I'm glad you had a great time!!

I love your mail!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh joanna, so nice to hear from you again and how marvelous you were having a 'girls' holiday with your daughter! : ^ ) That is just so lovely. I have heard of Bath before, but only in books like 'jane eyre' or similar. How great you went in person!!! And I was ever so honored that the collage pack you won from my 1000 post drawing on creative swaps was in your rockin' list - whoo hoo!
: ^ ) I am so pleased you have been inspired by it! much love, lenna

Printed Material said...

Glad you loved Bath. Go back and do Lacock, it will be worth it I promise you! So you've signed up for something else eh? You are a devil for punishment but they are in for a treat to be on the receiving end of your lovely work. Have fun! Lesleyx

Jane Housham said...

I don't believe it -- my daughter and I were ALSO in Bath on Friday and Saturday!! If only we'd known you were there too. Wasn't it gorgeous, in spite of the rain. Back home now :-(

Bad Penny said...

I knew you'd love Bath. Great photos. I love the faux window !
We should organise a Bloggers' holiday in Bath !

Letticeleaf said...

Wow! I'm off on a girly break in October to Bath, seeing your photo's I can't wait. And I love Bad Penny's idea for us all to have a Bloggers' bash in Bath. LLX

Irish3 said...

Loved reading about your trip! Inspired me to think about taking my 15 year old daughter someplace exciting for an overnight before school starts back up. Only problem she'd probably want to go to NYC and I'm not going there with just the two of us!! Visiting where Harry Potter filmed sounds exciting as well!
Coming home with all your goodies makes the trip even better!! Enjoy!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Dearest Jo~
What a delightful trip to Bath (just the mention brings all sorts of Jane Austen scenes to my mind) And thanks to you I now own Molly Creates 2 and I adore it! Keep it right by my bedside. Oh how I adore traveling over to visit you! Blesssings ~ Katie

Linda Gilbert said...

I have very early steps in Crochet on my blog if you want to make a tentative start on the road to getting hooked on hooking! Hope this link works or else got to my blog. Chalky's World and use the search button and enter Crochet Chains I have done aboout 4 early tutorials which may help you get going

Lorraine said...

great photos I have never been to Bath but when I do I will now know where to shop..that makery shop looks good

Gaby Bee said...

What a beautiful post. Loved reading about your trip! Your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing.

Have a lovely week!

Jill said...

Many years since I've went to Bath. Enjoyed sharing your trip!

Bunty said...

I love Bath and have been many times but will have to go again soon just to check out the shops you mention. I, too, have seen them advertised in Mollie Makes and need to flex my purse muscles!


Katie said...

Bath looks beautiful...and hey, gotta do some shopping too along w/ that historical stuff! hee!
I'm so excited about your son doing barber school- I just love to hear when kids try something really interesting and cool. Take care,Jo. see you soon!

Privet and Holly said...

Love your
girl's weekend...
I've never been
to Bath but think
I'd adore it. Your
daughter is such
a cutie!
xx Suzanne

Margaret said...

Oh what a wonderful trip to Bath, you totally took me back in time, sigh...
love all your finds, masking tape from Cath Kidston eek! I was in the UK in March and that shop was one of my first stops, I am now a proud owner of a Union Jack pincushion amongst other things! The Makery is siuch a brilliant name, kind of does what it says Mx

Kristin said...

Oh wow! Your pictures are beautiful! I hope to go to Bath one day - I have always wanted to - and if I do, I would want to check out those shops too - I bet you got yourself into trouble there ;) Thank you too for your sweet message - and YES I did go through my share of tissues, xoxo

Kristin said...

Awe, thank you for your sweet congratulations! Shopping in London - love it! xoxo

Virginia said...

I'm back sshh but don't tell anyone, just catching up on a couple of blog postings I didn't see last week!

Hope you've had another great week, your visit to Bath looks wonderful, glad you got some girlie time!