Friday, 12 August 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday

It's been such a whirlwind week
since our return from holiday,
and there has been such a lot to be happy about.

DH Grant, a Metropolitan Police Officer,
came home safe and sound after the 
sickeningly violent riots in London.
He worked a 24 hour shift (ugh!)
but I was so relieved that he was based inside the Control Centre
and not having to face those thugs.
My heart went out to the officers (and their partners)
out on the streets, having to work in extraordinarily
difficult circumstances.


DD Hope and I enjoyed our day out to 
The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy,
you can read the post about it here.


Having eaten my own body weight every 2 hours
when we were away (ok, maybe not quite that much!)
I have enjoyed a couple of sessions of Zumba.
It's been a battle, but worth it.
So far I think I've Zumba'd off one mouthful of ice cream......


Our darling pets,
Rosie Mae, Susie Tu, and Clifford,
have all returned from their holiday homes safely.
Poorly Susie is now off the tablets (I couldn't get her to take them)
and is on a special food which assists her liver function.
She's looking GREAT and is back to her usual self,
attitude firmly restored!
Rosie Mae had a wonderful time with our dear friends
Jan and Brian.  With them she gets lots of walks and lots of love
and she is a lucky girl.  
Clifford the bunny seems fluffier than ever.


DH Grant, DD Hope and I enjoyed a trip to the coast today.
As part of Hope's holiday homework for Photography, she has to submit
30+ photographs with a coastal theme.
We went to Winchelsea Beach, which is close to Rye in East Sussex
and she took 200+ photos so hopefully there'll be some she can use.

It was lovely and quiet and the weather was perfect - quite windy,
some warm sunshine and NO RAIN!
(Hope in photographer mode)

Afterwards we went into Rye and sat at the Harbour
eating some delicious fish and chips while being watched by some 
very big and rather intimidating seagulls.

("No pressure, but give me a chip NOW."
Photo by Hope)
(Seagull reading the 'Do not feed the birds' sign,
the words somewhat rearranged!
Photo by Hope)
I've got some lovely things to look forward to next week:

 DS Luke's 17th birthday.
The 4 of us are going to go to the cinema to see the new
Planet of the Apes film. 

Trip to London to go to the Tracey Emin exhibition
with blogging friends Sue and Penny.

Luke will be having his first driving lesson,
So keep off the roads between 1pm and 3pm.
You have been warned.

The Urbani annual family day.
This is being hosted this year by 
Grant's sister Karen and her husband Barry,
and I'm looking forward to a day out in Romsey
catching up with everyone and 
finally getting to see their lovely new home.

Luke gets his 'A' level results *gulp*.

Coffee with dear friend and colleague Lyndsey.

That's about it from me today.
Wishing you all have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

I'm off to Virginia to catch up with her Rocking post
and to link up with the other Rockers.




marigold jam said...

So glad Grant came home safe and sound even if tired and no doubt sickened by it all. Sounds as though you have a busy week lined up next week but your trip to Winchelsea no doubt set you up ready for it all! Have a good weekend.

craftattack said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Glad the animals all enjoyed their vacations, too, it's good to know they are being well cared for. It must have been awful for the police during the riots, what a situations caused by those stupid, brainless hooligans, Have a good weekend, and enjoy your art gallery visit next week, I am very envious! hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh what a lovely list of things to go at there, glad DH Grant is safe and sound. I'm sure Hope will have got some fabulous coastal theme photos with 200+, loving both your photos on here.

Fingers and toes crossed for the A level results, hope Monday is fabulous and that you're now thoroughly caught up on all washing etc. You are good hitting Zumba since you returned I seem to have taken on the mission of eating the contents of Asda at the minute, have a feeling I'm comfort eating!

Hope you have a great weekend, I'm off to do some scrapbooking now and I will actually do some I will I will - mantra to be repeated until a page is completed!

Serenata said...

Great list of a good week to be thankful for (especially Grant being safe and NO RAIN today!) ;-) A good list for next week as well. Have a fab day in London.

SusieJ said...

What a great week and more to come next week. :)
Pleased Grant was in the control centre and not out on the streets.
Hugs xx

Gina said...

Glad to hear hubby came home safe and sound. Must have been awful for you!! But so much to look forward to this week :D I think I'm way past Zumba, I'd have to amputate something to lose weight now ;S Fingers crossed for ds's exam results. Have a lovely week :D XXX

Bad Penny said...

You've been so busy ! Hope's photos are great.
I've eaten all the goodies brought back every night from Cowes' week... not god at all. See you Monday xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

lovely to hear all the things you are thankful for Joanna, it always keeps me on track. Sending love, your far-away friend! ; ) lenna

Monica said...

happy to hear grant was not in the war zone. Enjoy the week ahead.

Privet and Holly said...

So happy that
Grant wasn't in
the thick of it.
I've an aunt and
uncle living in
London and I was
worried sick about
them this week. My
aunt says the tube
stations near them
have double security,
but STILL....yowzer!
Loved your weekly
recap and next week
sounds full of good
things. Have a lovely
weekend, Joanna!
xx Suzanne

missy k said...

Photography homework must be the best! I love your beachy photos.

Hope can be the official photographer next Wednesday! Realy looking forward to seeing you all.

Goodness knows what the weather will be like but who cares.... it will be just great to catch up with everyone.

Sounds like a great upcoming week too....

ps soz I sent Luke's card SO early but was scared in all the mess and mayhem at home I'd forget!!!!

Hsve fun at the exhibition.

ps again (!) don't forget to bring some show and tell for Wed! I have nothing as I have had no craft space and have only been using paint on walls and not been feeling at all arty :(

Love to you all


Menopausalmusing said...

The riots were appalling, just appalling, so I am very pleased to hear that your very own policeman was unscathed.

Have a wonderful week. So much for you to look forward to.