Friday, 19 August 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday

It's been a lovely busy week
 with lots to be thankful for.

Luke's 17th birthday was fun when we 
all went to the cinema to see 
Rise of Planet of the Apes.
(Blog post about it here)

I REALLY enjoyed my day out with 
blogging friend Penny when we 
went to the 
Tracey Emin exhibition.
(Blog post about that here)


We ALL had a super time at
Karen and Barry's lovely new home
when we went to the annual
Urbani Family Day.
I enjoyed catching up with the
extended family.
Karen and Barry were wonderful hosts
providing delicious food and drinks
 throughout the day.
Thank you, guys!


I'm really pleased for Luke that he passed his 'A' levels.
He doesn't enjoy studying and
we are so proud of him and his achievement.
He starts work full time next week in the barbers
and his day release college course starts in September.

Onwards and upwards, Luke!

Many many congratulations to my niece, Olivia
(Karen and Barry's daughter).
She achieved fantastic 'A' level grades which has
earned her a place at Bournemouth University,
her first choice uni.


Darling Rosie Mae survived having a general anesthetic.
She's an old girl and her breath was seriously evil.
The vet said she needed her teeth cleaned, especially as
all the bacteria in her mouth could go into her blood stream
and cause major problems.
Unfortunately, she has a heart murmur
so we were really worried.

But all is well.
She had to have a tooth out as well
but now has the sweetest breath a girl can have.

(Rosie Mae convalescing)
Against all the odds Susie Cat is still with us.

Because she was refusing to take her tablets 
the vet put her on a medicated food, 
which initially Susie deigned to eat.
But now she's stopped eating it, no 
matter how I try and disguise it.
Back to the drawing board, I guess :o(
Animals, who'd have them?!


Luke survived his first driving lesson!
He really enjoyed it and
'only went off the road once'.
Apparently his instructor (who deserves a medal)
had to brace himself a few times with 
repeated requests for
"More brake, more brake!"

We're going to let him have a couple more lessons
 before we let him practice in our car :D

Carmen is back in Blogland, hurrah!
Many of us have missed her and we're all 
pleased she's back on the internet
and blogging from her lovely new home.

I told you I had a lot to be thankful for 
this week, didn't I?
I'm going to post this with Virginia
and then visit the other Rockers.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.



SusieJ said...

A great week Joanna - you've been busy!
Luke's driving lesson reminds me of mine (except I was 30!lol).
Good news about his exam results too.
And as for Rosie-Mae - give her a hug from Max.
As you say Pets...? Max used to eat his worming tablets, no problem but he's now started spitting them out...
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs xx

Susan T said...

What a week, filled with ups and downs. Well done Luke. Glad to hear that Rosie Mae is on the up and is more fragrant. Prince sends a special woof, and I send a kiss and a cuddle. Have a great weekend xx

craftattack said...

Glad your week had lot of positive things to it. Hope your 4 footed kids are soon on the mend, give them some hugs and strokes from me. Valerie

Monica said...

We received a liquid cat medication from the vet . It worked with one of them but not spunky who somehow was able to spit it out. last time we left him with the vet when he had bad gums and they medicated him for the week; as a result he has not had a problem.

Serenata said...

A great week Jo :-)

Glad Rosie May's mouth op went well.

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I always enjoy reading about what has rocked your week.

Glad we got a mention or two!!!

Woody and I managed between us to get a worming tablet into Beattie... normally I am ashamed to say we have taken her to the vets because she has always been a refuser. No more!

I'm glad Rosie doesn't have 'dog breath' anymore ....... she is the sweetest dog I know, especially when she had on the kerchief for a family day once!

Good luck to Luke for next week and exam congrats - how exciting it must be for him.

Enjoy the weekend sunshine while it lasts :) Love to you all

Love Karenx

Virginia said...

Hi Sweetie

Thank you for your comments on my blog post, much appreciated from said 10 year old perspective! Top hubby just stopped having put in no less than 5 blinds together with cutting one down! Bless him!

Your lists are great WTG Luke on his achievements and surviving his first driving lesson.

Also glad that Rosie Mae survived her ordeal, goodness knows what you'll have to resort to to get the medication into your poor cat, what is she like!

Loving all the other links to previous blog posts, all of which I've thoroughly enjoyed this week!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a week you've had, and what fun you've had too!! I'm so glad that your girl Rosie Mae is doing well, and hope that you get it all figured out for Susie!!

Take care, and enjoy your weekend!!

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Another full rocking week!
Well done to Luke!
Awww, at your fur babies!! Glad Rosie Mae has sweet breath again :)
Jan x

Bad Penny said...

lots & lots of goings on. Congratulations to Luke ! "More breaks ! more breaks !" what a laugh !
I really enjoyed our trip to London too xx