Thursday, 15 September 2011

Creative Swaps - Haiku ATC's.

'haiku ATC's'. 

A haiku is a poem consisting of 17 syllables,
usually 3 lines with the first and last
being 5 syllables each, and the middle
line being 7 syllables.

All the bugs are gel medium transfers which have
been put on a blended paper background, 
distressed, gessoed and tinted 
with watercolour crayons.

They've all got some sparkle on their wings.

I enjoyed making up the haiku's although
DH Grant would like you to know that he
takes the credit for the word 
'laden' in the bee haiku, 
 'surveying' in the butterfly haiku.

I'm glad we got that sorted.

I'll get these in the post tomorrow so they
arrive with Lenna in USA by October 8th.



craftattack said...

Well, I'm VERY glad you cleared that! You have both done a good job, the ATCs are very pretty and the Haikus, thanks to those 2 words, fit wonderfully! Valerie

SusieJ said...

WTG Grant!!! lol
I'm sure those two words made all the difference Joanna.
Gorgeous ATCs and I love the haikus.
Hugs xx

missy k said...

Well done to you both then!!!!

Loving your transfers and the sparkles just the right touch!


Susan T said...

What beauties, and the family affair poetry what can I say, clearly artistic inclination runs through the family.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

These ATCs are beautiful, Joanna. I love the combination of the distressed and the sparkley bits on their wings, it is just right! What kind of sparkly did you use?? The translucence of it is what I like.
The haiku itself on each one is very top-notch, give Grant a high 5 for me for his 'help'!
xoxo lenna

Joanna said...

Hi, the glitter is 'glitz it' glitter glue. It comes in so many colours, I just want one of each. The one I used here is the one i use the most, though, and it is called 'irrid sparkle'.

Hope that helps!


Miss Iowa said...

Beautiful ATCs, Joanna. Isn't it nice that DH takes an interest in your art and has such a way with words? LOL!

Alix said...

I love these - both the art work and the haikus. Love the way the creatures have real depth to them - lovely.

Carmen said...

The sparkle is just perfect - just bring the whole thing(s) to life. Love these - I wouldn't even know where to start with a haiku!

Monica said...

In the Raw Art Journaling class we have a lesson on haiku and i find my self lying in bed making them up. It is like doing limericks only simpler you get very hooked easily on words. Tell DH we eagerly anticipate his appointment as the next poet laureate!

Virginia said...

Gorgeous art and fabulous Haiku's I read some to DS who loves all things oriental once but we weren't sure of them, but yours fit the bill and abide by the 'rules' and are gorgeous!

Bad Penny said...

I love the sparkle ! These are gorgeous.

trisha too said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

These are beautiful, Joanna!


Printed Material said...

I recognise that bee! He - or something very similar - is on one of my very, very favourite postcards! Lovely pieces Jo and reminds me that I have a book of haiku's. Must search it out. Beautiful work , as ever. You are such a star! Lesley x

Heavens2Betsy said...

These are stunning Jo and your Haiku's a marvellous combined effort! I knew these would be lovely before I got here. Very clever, Lady. pen x