Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Day of School 1969

I am following Crafty Moira's 
Falling For You online Art Journal course 
(see button on side bar for information), 
and the first prompt is
'First Day of School'

I'm surprised how many memories I have of my early years, 
and even remember going to playgroup (pre-school).

I distinctly remember my first school teacher,
Mrs Gibbs.  
My friend Rebecca and I used to play a game where
we would have a dolly in a push along trolley, 
which was the pram,
and we would rush up repeatedly to Mrs Gibbs 
saying each and every time, 
"Do you like my baby?"
We would then rush off, swap over the 'mummy'
and back we'd go.
We never seemed to tire of this stupid game, 
which always culminated in lots of giggles.

Mrs Gibbs seemed to have infinite patience!

Doing these pages reminded me about -
school dinners (smelly),
swimming lessons (smelly and wet, 
AND someone stole my navy blue school knickers),
games in the playground (British Bulldog, later banned),
Music and Movement (I was a wonderful Autumn leaf),
squealing with my friends about David Cassidy,
white knee length socks (forever falling down so rubber 
bands were used to hold them up - 
remember that blue/red itchy mark?),
walking to and from school in my own little dream world,
wearing a balaclava 
(practicality won over style in those days),
and singing hymns in assembly.

Happy memories.


I'm also working on another of Moira's prompts,
'Apple of My Eye'................



SusieJ said...

What happy memories and a lovely journal page.
Hugs xx
p.s. you make me feel old...I did my O Levels in 1969 - admittedly a year early but still....

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

awww wonderful memories :)...Oh, and lovely pages too!

sugar Creek said...

Those are wonderful pages and memories! Shoot I remember my kindergarten teacher scared me! She was mean and reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West!! I'm 41 and I still remember that lady!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh, Joanna. Love reading about your school days. Good thing to write about and preserve your memories....
Gosh, you are so good about taking various classes! more power to you, I say! xoxox

Katie said...

What wonderful memories! I remember holidays in Kindergarten- mom making homemade chocolates of ghosts and stuff. Mom tells me she had to watch me walk off to school because I would try to sneak back home. ha! (Maybe even then I wanted to crawl back in bed?)

Printed Material said...

Jo, Like Susie, your memories make me realise the passage of time. I too was doing my 'O' levels when you were in the first year of primary school. I still remember my primary school in the 50's. I loved it and it made me want to be a teacher. Lovely memories. I suspect there are a few choices for 'apple of my eye'.... Lesley x

Menopausalmusing said...

YES! School dinners were smelly, weren't they? Wonderful post.

Virginia said...

Oh this made me giggle somewhat because it's amazing what you remember from back then, what a gorgeous prompt, I giggled at the idea of keeping socks up with elastic bands, by the time I hit primary school we just let them sit around our ankles LOL! Made me giggle at Susie's comment about feeling old because she was doing 0 levels when you started school - I was minus 3 years - best not mention that to her tee hee! Hope you have fun with this online course!


missy k said...

Hi Jo

Loved your 'Happy Memories' and I can tell you have done your 'bestest' hand writing! Mrs Gibbs would be proud!

Our school knickers were brown and very thick!!!!

I love the sweet picture - simpler times


Susan T said...

1969 was the year I ventured out into the big world of senior school, yes I am truly ancient. We were still in Kent then, so many happy memories, including incredibly thick navy blue knickers, but they kept you warm in winter. Riding to school on my bike, trying hard to keep my hat on. Sensible shoes. Lovely caring teachers. Sunshine streaming through the windows of the school hall in the morning. Giggling in biology at rude words! Running down to the sea after a hot afternoon in the classroom, with Rosemary Burwash. One of the happiest times of my life.

Susan T said...

PS I do apologise, you really sent me into the past there. Your journal is lovely, one for the family treasures I would say.

craftattack said...

Just lovely. This has reminded me off those navy blue knickers and woolly, scratchy swimsuits which smelt like wet dog....Great start to your journal! Valerie

Monica said...

That must have been a drafty ride home from school with no knickers.