Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

We went to the cinema this evening, to see
(if you click on the link it takes you to the film's website -
I put in 3 random 'entry codes' and then it just put it in for me.
It's just for fun!)
Gary Oldman
Colin Firth
Tom Hardy
John Hurt
Toby Jones
Mark Strong
Benedict Cumberbatch
Ciaran Hinds
amongst many other familiar faces.

It is the one time that I was happy not to have read the 
book nor seen the previous screen version,
so I didn't know who was the 'baddy'!

Set in the 1970's, 
the clothes, colours and habits of the time 
were so well observed. 
It really was a 'blast from the past' for an old girl like me!
The filming was very '1970's' - often grainy,
with few special effects and, from what I could make out, 
no CGI!
Each scene was brilliantly arranged, slowly and carefully
peeling back the layers of this complex thriller.
The tension gradually increased - 
the bead of sweat on the brow, 
the pen placed carefully on the table,
the sideways glance, the top lip slight tremor -
red herrings thrown in our path,
our doubts about each character increasing 
but then confused.

The acting was superb.
Gary Oldman was brilliant in
his very believable portrayal of George Smiley.

The supporting cast, all acting heavyweights in their
own right, totally owned their roles.

We all really enjoyed this film,
and if you like an intelligent and well made thriller 
that doesn't necessarily have to be sprinkled 
with flashy explosions and improbable stunts,
then I think you'll enjoy it too.



SusieJ said...

So good to read your review Joanna - was just saying to D (there was an ad on TV for the film) it might be worth getting on DVD. I've read the book and seen the original (with Alec Guinness)but love the list of actors in this version.
Thanks for posting this.
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Sounds good, I don't know if it's started here, but if i can afford it, I will go! Hugs,Valerie

Virginia said...

Ah it's one we fancy seeing - glad it's lived up to your hopes and expectations - I've always been a Gary Oldman fan and the cast is serious heavy weight in acting ability so I assumed they could pull it off! Hope you're having a good weekend!

Susan T said...

I am still working on Alan to take me to see Jane Eyre, something tells me this is more up his street, so, If I agree to watch this one with him, he can hardly refuse taking me to oggle Mr Rochester can he.

Letticeleaf said...

I'm, off to see if it's on at our local flea-pit (and I ought to say it's very stylist picture palace - Why? Cos they let you take in whine'n'stuff AND if the film's not up to much you can quietly get pickled and fall asleep!) LLX

Printed Material said...

I can't wait to see this Jo but it doesn't reach this far west for a couple of weeks yet - the joys of living in the sticks! I have a video copy of the old BBC series with Alec Guinness and watch it for a full day at least one wet Sunday every winter. Knowing who the mole is won't stop me going one iota.What a treat in store!!

Monica said...

great review. Will reserve it on Netflix ASAP. I read the book, saw the other version and look forwards to this. One of the advantages of getting old you forget movies and book plots until about the end.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Can't wait to see this Jo. That cast list is a dream come true and altho I read the original, I can remember so little I'm sure it'll all be new to me again! I'm a big Gary Oldman fan too. pen x

Bad Penny said...

I went to the cinema with Jess when we were in Brighton. There were only a couple of choices to fit in with our times so we saw,
"Friends with benefits" !!! a giggle but I'd like to see Tinker... maybe with Joe ?

Relyn said...

Well, I don't know how I hadn't heard of this one, but I'm off to Netflix now.