Friday, 2 September 2011

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

Whoops, where has that week gone?!
I seem to have been rushing around a lot
but don't have much to show for it :o(
I've picked out a couple of goodies for me to remember.....


Arty stuff.

I've signed up for a couple of arty things to 
keep my little brain ticking over.
First, the 
I really enjoyed following Lenna's pages last year when 
she took part in the 2011 version of this project,
so when she mentioned she was taking part 
this year it reminded me to sign up.
I will be sent a sketchbook to be completed
 by the end of the year
(last year nearly 30,000 books were sent out 
and around 10,000 returned),
it will be digitized so it can be viewed online 
(I paid a bit more for that) 
and then from the Spring of 2012 onwards
 it will go on a WORLD TOUR
(including London), WOW!
At every venue, the visitors will be given a 
ticket and a record will be kept of the 
sketchbooks looked at - 
I will be able to see if anyone looks at my sketchbook.
There are quite a few themes to choose from 
when signing up, and I chose 'Encyclopedia of', 
because I thought that could be quite 
broad in its subject matter 
(these themes are very flexible).

Secondly, the
online course run by Gina Armfield.
In her own words 
"This is an art journaling, goal setting, writing, 
idea making, sketching, watercoloring 
and collage journal!" 
This sounds right up my street and I'm
 looking forward to getting started
(I got the required 2012 desk diary today).

And, of course, I'm taking part in 
Lenna's Haiku ATC swap as well.
I've made a start on them and in the words of my old friend Wallace  from Wallace and Gromit
"Everything's under control, Gromit!"

I'm looking forward to going to 
with DD Hope tomorrow.

I've been promised that the 
Hospice in the Weald refreshment ladies 
will be there again with their delicious

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that DH Grant
will have a day off tomorrow. He's been 
working silly long hours since the riots with
no time off allowed.  It's not definite, but he's 
hopeful that he'll be off tomorrow.  
If he is we'll spend the afternoon in 
the garden (when Hope and I get back
from the K+S Fair), and enjoy a glass or two of wine, 
I suspect. He'll be back to work on Sunday :o(


Charity shop purchases.

I had to buy this book, published in 1958, 
it brought back such memories.
DD Hope was mortified when I insisted on singing 
the theme tune to the man at the till
(I must admit, he did look rather bemused), 
but I just had to do it.

Go on then, who else remembers the theme song?
Oh dear, you're showing your age, girls and boys!

This Youtube clip will take you back 40 odd years too!

I also bought this sweet 1930's portable typewriter,
 in super condition.

Isn't it a thing of beauty?
Luke and Hope see it as something of a novelty item and
Hope was hammering away for ages on it last night 
(I think she's started yet another novel).
I've got to get another ribbon for it because it's a bit dry.

My family are, as ever, my rocks.
DH Grant, how he's kept so bright and chirpy 
when he's so tired is beyond me.  
I'm really missing him with his long working hours.
DS Luke, he's joined the working world running. 
 and he's clearly a very happy bunny.
DD Hope, my friend as well as my daughter.  
We had a moment this week when
she 'ruined' some arty homework just 
at the last moment, but together we dragged 
it back from the jaws of disaster and she's
learned a lot from the experience.
(I'm quite used to dragging my art back 
from the jaws of disaster!)


That's all for now, folks!

Wishing you all a super weekend
(shhh, apparently the sun might come out 
this weekend in the UK!!)



Serenata said...

Oh wow, typewriter envy! I saw two in the CS today, but nothing as wonderful as this. I bought that book for my hubby some years ago now when I saw it in the CS. He certainly remembers it well!

Good luck with your art project sounds really interesting.

Enjoy the fair tomorrow and have a fabulous weekend.

Ann's Art said...

You have certainly brought back memories....what, Champion the Wonder Horse!.. (I remembered the tune) but glad you added the clip! As for the typewriter....another memory, I used to especially love it when the letters got tangled up in front of your eyes because they couldn't keep up with my fingers!! LOL.

craftattack said...

That's all! Sounds like a great week! Glad you are doing the sketchbook challenge, too! Love your charity shop finds, the typewriter is fantastic, and I, too, started singing as I saw *Champion*. It's been a lovely day here, I'm wondering if it's a mistake....Have a good weekend, hugs, Valerie

SusieJ said...

Love the typewriter..... a slight case of envy here!
And thanks to you I've got the Champion the Wonder Horse theme on a loop in my brain...yes, I remember it!!
Have a wonderful weekend..I really hope that DH Grant does get some time off.
Hugs xx

Monica said...

Now you will have to be one of the 10,000 who finish the book. You have a busy year planned.

Katie said...

I am sooo jealous of your beautiful typewriter!! I have been looking to get one too.some day.
And I've never seen that show but I think, now, every time I see a horse I will be singing "champion, the wonder horse!" ha!

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Love the vintage typewriter!
I do wish you a beautiful sunny weekend with your lovely family.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

so happy to read your grateful friday report. I really missed your posts while you were busy this past week, truly I did! And I am so smitten that you have signed on for the sketchbook project and you have chosen the same theme as me for the same reasons!! wahhoo!! that really does please me, Joanna. We can compare notes. I don't know what 'encyclopedia of' mine will be, but I liked the rather "loose" terms of it. I am grateful as well that you signed up for my Haiku ATCs -YAY!
And just look at that typewriter! i am jealous beyond compare!!!!!!! Maybe I can bribe you to type some stuff for me?? chocolate? american goodies?/ you tell me!! xoxoxoxo lenna

Virginia said...

wow that's an awesome list of gratefuls - sheer bliss, keeping fingers and toes crossed that DH manages a day off, the grabbing artwork back from the brink is definitely something I do frequently, glad for the learning curve and the 'saving' of said artwork!

Will have to look at some of these brilliant things you join in with just worried I won't have enough time to achieve. The sketchbook one sounds awesome!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend as always


Miss Iowa said...

OOOOOH, you lucky girl! I tried to bid on a similar typewriter at a friend's mother's estate sale a couple of weeks ago. The bidding jumped up pretty fast and it went for more than I was willing to spend, especially without having had the chance to test to see how well it worked. Enjoy yours! It's adorable.

Bad Penny said...

Oh Jo I sing to sales assistants too & luckily for me one lad in the co op sings back or tells a funny joke. It does make me smile & Jess cringe !
Busy girl...pencil in a Bloggy trip to Highgate cemetry after Christmas. ( oops I said the "C" word !)

Printed Material said...

I used to have a typewriter like yours Jo when I was a little girl. I imagined myself as a journalist on Bunty or June and School Friend comics. Sadly, I disposed of it and would love to get my hands on one now. I know the ribbons can be found on ebay if that helps the dryness problem. I see you're still signed up for copious swaps. I just don't know where you get the stamina from.... but it's great to read about and see what you're up to. Have a great week. Lesley PS Thanks for that Champion video. I used to love it and happily hummed along.

Jennie Louise said...

Hi there, just browsing your blog and it's lovely. I'm gonna foollow for sure. Right up my street indeed! I live in Manchester and I love gifts, crafts, vintage, art, photography. I look forward to browsing your blog.
Just starting out on the blog scene and looking for bit of support... maybe you would consider a look at my blog too? (or anyone else for that matter, Heheeeehee.)

Let's hope the sun comes out this week eh?
Jennie. x

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your typewriter brings back memories! I learned to type on a manual typewriter and have good memories of the use of white out and sheets of carbon paper! Kids today will never know any of that, will they? :-)

Carmen said...

Ah yes, the Jaws of Disaster and I are well aquainted, why at this very moment we are in a tense tussle ofover a canvas. Jaws was winning for a few months there, I wrestled back yesterday, triumphantly "HA HAAAAA"ing all afternoon and then tonight a bit of heavy handidness with the paint had Jaws whispering a sly "Check Mate, my friend" *sigh* We will see what tomorrow brings...

I don't know a single word of Champion The Wonder Horse. *swishes 34 year old, admittedly coloured to hide the premature grey, hair happily*

Love the typewriter.

STOP with the classes. Almost, got me there with the sketchbook everyday one, wrestled my finger away from the sign up button in time I did! Ooh you temptress!

Fingers crossed hubby got the day off!

Menopausalmusing said...

Playing "catchup" with you Jo........ what a wonderful find that typewriter was! It will come as no surprise that I knew the words to "Champion The Wonder Horse" ;O))))))))))

Looking forward to seeing all of your creative pursuits.

Privet and Holly said...

I hope you and
Grant got your
glasses of wine
in the garden : )
Love your enthusiasm
for your crafts and
LOVE that typewriter!
I hope to have one
like it, some day!
xx Suzanne

Kristin said...

Good luck with all of your new adventures! Hopefully we will get to be the lucky ones who see the results, xoxo

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your arty agenda sounds fantastic but I would be in a complete headspin having so many things to do! Champion the Wonder What? teehee. Its September now and I fear we in the UK have seen the back of anything resembling summer ... but the upside is that I can claim the leaves in my garden are from this autumn rather than last! pen x